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NFT: The Mighty Quinn

pjcas18 : 11/7/2019 10:01 am
no - not the song - just thought I'd share this story from up here in MA not that far from me.

Child with a cancerous brain tumor - had the tumor removed and going through chemo - can't leave the house, so neighborhood kids and friends, family, etc. began coming to his window to spend time with him. Word spread, the Bruins found out, and Charlie Coyle of the Bruins, from the same town as this kid, made his day.

And once he could leave the house (which was last week) the Bruins had him to the garden for puck drop.

Every time I'm convinced the world is just filled with self-centered, darkened heart, hate mongers stories like this pull me back in.

Well done Charlie Coyle, people of Weymouth Mass, and even the Bruins.

Link below.
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who the fuck is cutting onions in the office today?  
GMAN4LIFE : 11/7/2019 10:04 am : link
my son's name is Quinn  
santacruzom : 11/7/2019 11:30 am : link
so I'm a little afraid of the affect watching this will have on me while in public. Best wait until I'm home.
markky : 11/7/2019 3:36 pm : link
sometimes people are awesome
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