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No Shep. No EE. What is your plan on offense?

AcidTest : 11/7/2019 12:50 pm
No Shep. No EE. Well also likely have two new OL. What is your plan on offense?

Id use Barkley in the slot. Hes being hammered in the backfield. Get him into space before the snap. Id also use Gallman at the same time to create a receiving threat out of the backfield. On the outside, it will be Slayton and Latimer, but Id also try and get the ball to K. Smith. The Giants clearly like him, and the Jets will likely not be expecting us to throw to him.
Run the ball  
Torrag : 11/7/2019 12:52 pm : link
With suckhole halapio out we might actually be able to.
Call me old  
dlauster : 11/7/2019 12:53 pm : link
but it would really be fun to see Gallman and Barkley together in the wishbone.
Not sure how much of a loss EE is  
UConn4523 : 11/7/2019 12:55 pm : link
since Shurmur can't even use him him correctly. I'm looking forward to see more of Slayton and Tate getting peppered with targets.

Ohh, and maybe we will run the ball?
Banks : 11/7/2019 12:55 pm : link
just take knees and hope Darnold throws a couple pick sixes
K Smith has 13 snaps this season  
giants#1 : 11/7/2019 12:57 pm : link
What makes you think the Giants 'clearly like him'? Because they cut Dickerson and Conrad for him? The fact they are still unsigned, even to other practice squads, says more about those players than the Giants love for Smith.
Shotgun 80% of the time.  
shockeyisthebest8056 : 11/7/2019 1:00 pm : link
Handoffs up the center's ass.

7 yard first down runs followed by 5 straight passes.

No help for the left tackle.

No help for the tackles  
Chip : 11/7/2019 1:04 pm : link
is because we are playing a WR Engram at TE. We need real TEs not and put Engram at WR
I think you'll see double tight end sets  
Dinger : 11/7/2019 1:08 pm : link
with Ellison and Smith lighting it least until halfway through the opening drive when Ellison pulls glute and that throws Shurmur for a loop. Then its back to run on 1st run on 2nd and incomplete pass on 3rd punt....rinse repeat.
Larry in Pencilvania : 11/7/2019 1:09 pm : link
and keep punting
broadbandz : 11/7/2019 1:12 pm : link
hardly ever affects the game unless he is dropping a big third down. We might be able to run with a real tight end in the game.
RE: Punt  
PatersonPlank : 11/7/2019 1:14 pm : link
In comment 14668355 Larry in Pencilvania said:
and keep punting

and wait for Darnold to throw his inevitable interceptions. Then kick a FG
RE: Not sure how much of a loss EE is  
AcidTest : 11/7/2019 1:26 pm : link
In comment 14668334 UConn4523 said:
since Shurmur can't even use him him correctly. I'm looking forward to see more of Slayton and Tate getting peppered with targets.

Ohh, and maybe we will run the ball?

I think Tate will get even more targets than usual, but the Jets will likely have him well covered. We need to do the unexpected.
Get that black cat suited up  
penkap75 : 11/7/2019 1:29 pm : link
Before the Jets sign him.
Run backwards in small chunks.  
yatqb : 11/7/2019 1:54 pm : link
My guess is  
lecky : 11/7/2019 1:57 pm : link
that you would have had to have a plan with SS and EE to be able to change it up. What in the last 4 years of Giant football ever led you to believe there is a plan? So my plan for this game would be to let the defensive players play offense and the offensive players play defense. Let the special teamers coach and the coaches play special teams. And my biggest move would have Eli Manning kick extra points. Bound to make one
RE: Call me old  
smshmth8690 : 11/7/2019 2:02 pm : link
In comment 14668332 dlauster said:
but it would really be fun to see Gallman and Barkley together in the wishbone.

Since Barkley's return, I've been wondering if they had a package with the two on the field at the same time. I'm not sure if the wishbone is the answer, but it would be interesting.

The wishbone always makes me think of the '87 Giants-49ers replacement game. It worked out well for the 49ers...
Our epic play caller  
mdc1 : 11/7/2019 2:17 pm : link
will figure something out
Ever noticed  
mdc1 : 11/7/2019 2:20 pm : link
that our owners are coddling to QB types?

OCs that can be HCs that can then become OCs again ?

Lame, and subscribes to mismanagement of Eli contract and tenure

reread first sentence and fits Giants owners MO
Spread it around  
allstarjim : 11/7/2019 2:29 pm : link
Take some deep shots with Latimer and Slayton, run the ball, work the screen game. Balanced offense. They just need to execute better.
It;s Gotta Be !  
LeftHook : 11/7/2019 3:17 pm : link
The draw play. Specially 3rd and long.
Did I miss something?  
Matt M. : 11/7/2019 3:32 pm : link
Is Tate not playing?
Plan on offense?  
Canton : 11/7/2019 3:35 pm : link
Retreat maybe? Send Saquon in with a white flag?

Kidding aside..

I know what I'm planning. Call Sanfranfan, or whatever his username is, invite him over, then drink all his beers.

This way he can't come on here to blame his incoherent nonsense on being drunk.

But I can...
Turn off the TV  
Giant John : 11/7/2019 4:18 pm : link
Our offense is built around Barkley....just kidding....  
averagejoe : 11/7/2019 4:29 pm : link
he stinks too. My plan for the offense is have DJ take a horrific beating, turn the ball over a few times, and have Barkley go nowhere. Kinda like every week. Our offenses hinges on how many pick 6's Darnold can throw.
Punt on first down.  
x meadowlander : 11/7/2019 4:30 pm : link
use Penny a lot more  
Dankbeerman : 11/7/2019 6:46 pm : link
traditional FB line him up on the wing or as the single back with Barkley motio ing out to WR.

Also I would try to get Latimer moving around pre snap. maybe help him get open quicker instead of lining him up wide.
All shotgun draws.  
Giantimistic : 11/7/2019 7:09 pm : link
Except with a few play action passes featuring Fowler.
RE: Get that black cat suited up  
Wiggy : 11/7/2019 7:58 pm : link
In comment 14668378 penkap75 said:
Before the Jets sign him.

That made me laugh....
EE out?  
02/03/2008 : 11/7/2019 8:02 pm : link
What did I miss? Can he actually play three consecutive games?
RE: No help for the tackles  
Dave in PA : 11/7/2019 9:26 pm : link
In comment 14668349 Chip said:
is because we are playing a WR Engram at TE. We need real TEs not and put Engram at WR
Engram hasnt proven to have WR hands. Not even close really. Guys has been mostly underwhelming with a few bright spots. He needs to be a major force on this team but hes probably just not good enough
Route 9 : 11/8/2019 5:47 am : link
In correspondence like all the other times Engram is injured, or has stretches of the game where he is nowhere to be found (Arizona) and drops cruical passes.

Nothing changes?
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