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Thursday Media Transcript: DL Leonard Williams

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/7/2019 4:38 pm
DL Leonard Williams -- November 7, 2019

Q: In a situation like this, they know you, you know them, who do you think has the edge in the matchup?
A: Iím not sure exactly who has an edge or not like that, but Iím still preparing the same way I would any week, except for the fact that I do know them a little bit more. The difference is I know a lot of them, and they know one person over here. I think thatís the biggest difference. Iím definitely going to still prepare the same way and going to prepare with my teammates.

Q: Where is your motivation level, though? Thereís got to be a little something extra, no?
A: I mean Iím obviously excited to play against the team that I once played for and that traded me to this team now. Thereís no extra motivation than last week. Iím still with this team, I still want to win every game like I would every week. The motivation level is still the same.

Q: How much have they been picking your brain about the Jetsí protections and stuff like that?
A: Iím definitely being asked about it from some of the guys on offense. I talked about some of the o-line today with some of the d-line guys in the defensive meeting today. Iím sure theyíre just going to keep picking my brain a little bit up until gameday.

Q: The schemes are evident from the tape and how they block is evident. What intel can you share that can help on a different level? Are you talking about guysí blocking tendencies and stuff?
A: Just tendencies in general. Throughout a game, how they are as a person, how they are on and off the field and stuff like that can sometimes tell you a story on how guys are when they play as well. Just giving as much advice as I can.

Q: How are you doing with picking up the schemes here?
A: I definitely feel a lot fresher and faster and more comfortable with it this week than last week. Last week, not only was I learning a new defense, but I was also adjusting to new teammates, adjusting to new coaches, a new environment, all of the trade stuff happening. Even though I didnít have to move far, it was still an adjustment whereas this week I kind of feel more comfortable. The trade has already happened and now Iím just moving forward.

Q: Are there times where you have to go to another guy before the play and say, Ďtell me what to do hereí? Itís hard to pick up everything in one week.
A: Yeah, definitely. Even if I know it, Iíll just say what I know and be like, Ďright?í

Q: Who do you go to? Whoís that guy?
A: Dex. Big Dex Lawrence, heís been helping me out a lot just because weíre in there a lot together. Even though heís a rookie, heís a smart dude and heís been here for a while now and knows the defense. There are not too many times where I donít know not at all what Iím doing. Just to reiterate it and make sure, Ďhey, I got this right?í and heís like, Ďyeah.Ē

Q: How long after the trade did it take you to realize that you were going to be playing the Jets two weeks after. Was it right away?
A: It basically happened as soon as I got traded. People were like, Ďoh, thatís crazy. Youíre going to play the Jets soon.í Whatís interesting about it is they donít play each other in the regular season often. Itís interesting that it happened this year, that we happen to be playing them right after I got traded to the Giants. Itís going to be fun.

Q: Youíre more knowledgeable about their offensive line than most people. Why do you think their line has struggled so much this year?
A: Iím not sure. I think possibly just because of chemistry. Thatís what Iíve been trying to tell some of the d-line guys here. They have some new pieces, they had some pieces go down, some pieces replaced and stuff like that. As it is with any team, if your guys donít have enough chemistry, itís going to be hard to work together. Thatís one position group that has to work together the most.

Q: Youíve seen LeíVeon Bell much closer than any of us have, what about his skillset makes him special?
A: Thatís hard for me to answer by myself. I think everyone knows who LeíVeon is in this league. No matter what stats or anything he has, every year everyone knows how talented that guy is. Heís one of the best backs in the league.

Q: So, when you were in practice, you were never able to hit Sam (Darnold)Ö
A: Yeah (laughter).

Q: What will that be like?
A: Thatís funny because I randomly thought in my head, what if I beat somebody and go to tackle Sam and I let up because I canít hit him (laughter). But no, that wonít happen, though. Iíll finally get to tackle him, thatís going to be fun. Itís going to be great.

Q: Your defensive coordinator was talking about getting you in more situations where youíll have one on one blocking. I didnít hear a lot about that at the other place. Does that excite you?
A: Yeah, it definitely excites me. It shows me that theyíre excited about me and they value what I bring to the table and they want to set me up with as many good opportunities and matchups for me. That speaks volumes on the staff and me as well. I have to prove to them why they should keep doing that.

Q: How much do you look at that as that might be the missing piece like, Ďokay, this is how Iím going to get to the next level as a player, Iím going to end up getting those sacks and getting the recognition and the guy that other teams say they need to stop?í
A: I obviously donít want to make excuses. Everyone gets double teamed, especially good players in the league. I have to be able to beat double teams as well. Thatís just the nature of the game. I think just keep working hard, keep staying at it, staying persistent, itís just whatís going to make it past that hump.

Q: You keep saying itís going to be fun. Is it going to be strange to play those guys?
A: I donít think itíll be strange. Iíve went to college with people, Iíve grown up and went to high school with people, Iíve played in All-America games with people all my life that Iíve lined up against that Iím friends with off the field. But on the field and in between those lines, we are still going against each other. I donít think it will be totally strange. It might be a little strange just to think that we played together for so long. But at the same time, Iím seeing a different color than what Iím wearing. I think any football player has that mentality that after a while you see a different color and you go at it.

Q: I know you guys do one on one at camp a lot, but during the course of the season we donít get to see a lot of practice. Iím just talking about your familiarity with their starting line. How much one on one stuff happens in practice during the season?
A: Thereíd probably be one period a week where youíd have one on ones. Itís a little different during the week because you donít want to hurt guys. Especially guys getting banged up and stuff at the end of the season, so thereís not too much of it. If there is one on ones happening, itís not really full-tilt all of the time. Itís a little different.

Q: So, you know their line then as personalities than game speed tendencies as players?
A: Yeah exactly, Iíve still never had full game speed, unless we were in camp that was like game speed sometimes going against one on ones. But even in practice near the end of the season, like I said, itís a little more slowed down when you guys are pinning your ones against your ones. Like I said, thatís why Iím still preparing the same way, Iím still watching film, because players that I even know throughout practicing as a person can still be different on film when itís game speed.

Q: When you were with the Jets, even though you only played the Giants in the preseason, did the rivalry hold some juice at all? From this locker room, it doesnít seem to hold much. Did it from their perspective?
A: I definitely felt a little bit of it. Iím not sure if it was a whole organization feeling it, or this side feeling it more than this side or anything like that. I personally felt it myself just because itís two New York teams, we play each other every year in the preseason. Even though itís just preseason, like you said, it still felt like it was a battle of New York type of thing. I just used it as a little extra juice for the game.
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