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Defenderdawg : 11/8/2019 10:27 am

RV SNY: Who has the edge? Breaking down matchups as Giants face Jets in Battle of New York

Raanan/Cimini ESPN: Misery loves company: Woeful Jets, Giants meet in Week 10

Lombardo 3 changes Giants could make if they lose to Jets | Would John Mara fire Pat Shurmur midseason?

Raanan ESPN NY: Breaking Big Blue Podcast: ESPN Giants reporter Jordan Raanan and Establish The's Evan Silva give a State of the Giants, from Dave Gettleman to talking best and worst moves of the season so far (Audio)

Schneier Big Blue Banter Podcast: Dan Schneier and Nick Falato dive into arguably the sloppiest football game the Giants have played this season -- and that's saying a lot. The All-22 spells a Cowboys defensive game plan daring the Giants to run the ball with Daniel Jones or Saquon Barkley, but why was only Jones successful? Dan and Nick dive into a surprising number of penalties, mishaps in attention detail, and odd play calls all while circling back to find some hope in the play of Leonard Williams, Saquon Barkley in open space, and other Giants before circling back to answer all listener questions (Audio)


Eisen Coach's Corner: Heading into bye on a high note

Willie NYP: Pat Shurmur ramps up ‘urgency’ talk with Giants’ jobs on line


Pflum BBV: Giants vs. Jets: Can Giants’ offense move the ball vs. Jets’ defense?


Schwartz NYP: Giants desperately need Daniel Jones to be his own protector

Slater Why you should listen to Phil Simms, Ken O’Brien as Giants’ Daniel Jones vs. Jets’ Sam Darnold looms | ‘Who’s going to be the lucky one?’


Traina SI Giantsmaven: This Isn't a Broken Thumb | Why the Giants Should Shut Down Sterling Shepard

Duggan The Athletic: As Sterling Shepard grapples with his future, former Giants tight end Kevin Boss serves as a cautionary tale


Leonard NYDN: Nick Gates may start at right tackle as Giants offensive line sees two changes coming Sunday


Pflum BBV: What went wrong with the Giants’ run defense against Dallas?


Slater How Leonard Williams is helping Giants learn which Jets offensive linemen have weakest attitudes | Will he get to pop Sam Darnold?

McDonald NYDN: Leonard Williams can’t wait to sack Sam Darnold

Botte NYP: Leonard Williams won’t spare Sam Darnold if opportunity arises

Matt Lombardo (@MattLombardoNFL)
11/7/19, 11:48 AM
Leonard Williams was a virtual non-factor in his Giants debut Monday night against the Cowboys, finishing with 3 tackles and a 48.8 overall grade from PFF; finishing the game as the Giants’ 21st rated defensive player. He was also NYG's 5th highest graded pass rusher.

Nick Falato (@nickfalato)
11/7/19, 1:44 PM
He also led the Giants with 5 pressures and beat Tyron Smith cleanly in a 1v1...the grade suffers cause he wasn’t stout at the point of attack against the run, but I felt like he generated pressure from multiple positions along the DLine


DeAndre Baker

Carl Banks (@CarlBanksGIII)
11/6/19, 9:04 PM
Folks do not cast this young talent off.. his acknowledgement is the first step in the right direction.. and it shows he wants to get better.. Draft Analyst are NOT the voice.. they have spent exactly ZERO time with the players they analyze.. they quote sources

Dan Schneier (@DanSchneierNFL)
11/7/19, 1:02 PM
CarlBanks; Completely agree with Carl on this. Biggest BS are those nonsense reports from “sources” who I don’t trust and probably never met the player.
Baker has actually done a really strong job of staying in phase in coverage which is a trait that most young cornerbacks struggle with...

Falato BBV: Giants’ CB Corey Ballentine had good, bad moments in first NFL start


Alex Wilson (@AlexWilsonESM)
11/7/19, 9:47 AM
Jabrill Peppers is on pace to have his best season BY FAR with the Giants.

Compared to last season, he's on pace to record 115 combined tackles (79 in '18), 7 passes defended (5 last), and 3 Forced Fumbles (never had one before this year).


Alex Wilson (@AlexWilsonESM)
11/7/19, 9:52 AM
First year ima brand new scheme, Bettcher is using him so much better... imagine they actually had experience and talent in essential positions - linebacker, free safety, cornerback... Bettcher is a good defensive coordinator coaching a band of misfit toys. It takes time


Breer NFL Midseason Report: Team Execs Look Back on the First Half of the Season

Brandt Teams that are better, worse than records

Dallas Morning News: Troy Aikman says problems with penalties and reviews are causing ‘frustration beyond belief’ around the NFL

Treash PFF: PFF Rankings: Highest-graded rookies through Week 9

What 17th overall pick Dexter Lawrence has done against the run as a rookie is incredibly impressive, ranking seventh among interior defensive lineman in PFF run-defense grade, at 86.8. Moreover, Lawrence has quite literally been a brick wall on the line — missing a tackle on just 4% of his tackling attempts. Lawrence plays his fair share of snaps at numerous alignments on the line, but he very well may be one of the five best nose tackles in all of football considering he ranks fourth in overall grade when lined up at 0/1-technique and second in run-defense grade.”

Brandt AP: Cardinals QB Murray making big plays without big blunders utm_source=Twitter& utm_medium=AP_NFL

Odegard The Maturation Of Kyler Murray
Kyler Murray has three wins, zero turnovers and a passer rating of 101.2 over the past five games

McClure ESPN Atlanta: Falcons have nothing to lose in coaching-staff shake-up

Oyefusi Baltimore Sun: Adaptable linebacker Patrick Onwuasor embodiment of Ravens’ shifting defense during rebound

Shaffer Baltimore Sun: For versatile Ravens DB Brandon Carr, ‘knowledge is power’; coaches have confidence in returner Cyrus Jones

Ginsburg AP: Oft-injured Ravens CB Jimmy Smith hopes to be back for good

Maiorana Rochester Democrat: How did the Buffalo Bills get to 6-2? Here are the key moments that have shaped the season

Newton ESPN Charlotte: Brother's death adds 'fuel to fire' for Panthers' Mario Addison

Getzenberg Charlotte Observer: Panthers kicker Joey Slye’s accuracy is dropping; he still wants his game-winning shot

Kane Chicago Tribune: 4 things we heard from the Bears on Thursday, including a potential Cody Whitehair-James Daniels swap and Eddy Pineiro’s newest challenge

Finley Chicago Sun Times: Tired of Bears being criticized, Mitch Trubisky trying to get TVs turned off at Halas Hall

Dickerson ESPN Chicago: Numbers never lie? For Bears' defense, the math is complicated

Potash Chicago Sun Times: Akiem Hicks’ absence looming larger for Bears

Baby ESPN Cincinnati: Bengals' A.J. Green has setback, out indefinitely

Williams Cleveland Plain Dealer: The Browns on 3rd and 4th down: How they’re tipping off opponents and why OBJ isn’t getting the ball more -- Film Review

“Beckham didn’t get enough targets on must-have downs because Mayfield felt more comfortable throwing across the middle and toward one-on-one matchups. Beckham plays mostly on the perimeter, running routes outside the numbers with a safety nearby. Since Kitchens won’t scheme Beckham open, it’s on Mayfield to force-feed him.”

Keith Britton (@KeithBritton86)
11/6/19, 10:54 AM
#Browns HC Freddie Kitchens on Baker Mayfield being at bottom of completion percentage for starting NFL QBs: "There's a lot of factors that go into that. I don't think he's just wildly missing passes. I don't really look at that. I truly do not look at stats."

Patsko Cleveland Plain Dealer: Kareem Hunt is trying to rewrite his story, backed by a family that knows second chances

Cabot Cleveland Plain Dealer: Odell Beckham: Why 2020 ‘will be the best year of my life’, smelling blood in the red zone & ‘people want to see me break

““I’ve grown,’’ Beckham said in his group interview on Thursday. “I’ve come to a different place mentally, emotionally, spiritually, however you want to put it. I think everyone can see that. I think the world, people, whoever you want to call ‘em, that energy still finds its way to get me upset, whether it’s something about a cleat or a visor or all these little stupid things, the only people who are worried about ‘em are people doing and saying something about ‘em.’’
He’s determined not to crack, no matter how hard they try.
“When I line up I don’t sit there and think if I had some highlighted yellow cleats on like I’m really going to be worried about while I’m trying to read a defense and know what assignment and where to line up,’’ he said. “I’m just going to keep getting tested on it. I think people just want to see me break, they want to see that side that was in there with what I was dealing (with) in another situation. I really doubt you’re going to see…
“You can keep trying all you want, tell me to take the cleats off, visor, tell me I can’t wear gloves … I don’t know what will be next, but it will always be something. As long as I know in my heart I’m good with where I’m at, nothing’s ever going to really bother me. I’m going to come here, I’m going to do my job, I’m going to try and give 110 every time I can go and that’s just it.’’

He never meant to be a distraction — by being ordered to change his visor with a TD on the line in the Jets game, or being ordered to change his cleats in the middle of Sunday’s 24-19 loss to the Broncos, or being fined by the NFL for wearing his pants above his knees like so many others do.
“I feel bad, but I really just don't care,’’ he said. “It's not just me. I see players from the last game with pants that are on their thighs, but the tights are underneath so it's like it's all good. I don't want to get anybody else in trouble but I see people wearing lime green and their colors, there's no team in the NFL that's lime green except Seattle. Sorry to my brother, I know you know who I'm talking about. It's just stupid. I really don't care and that's what I said.
“They're going to find a way to try and make me upset. If they're going to talk about cleats and then it's going to be a reflection on my character or whatever it is when really I just didn't have anything else to wear so I'm going to wear whatever's the most comfortable. That's really it. The more I tried to live my life for other people, the more unhappy I was with myself. This is my life, I'm going to make the decision, I'm going to live with it and whatever people say, it's no offense, I really just don't care.

"I’m OK with who I am. I’m not really out here to hurt anybody by the cleats that I’m wearing, like I told you, the schedule changed, there was nothing I could really do. I’ll try my best to be like the other 15 percent of the NFL who follows the rules and then we’ll go from there.’’
He recalls “since the '90s, people weren't even wearing pads. Primetime (Deion Sanders) could wear whatever he wanted, nothing was said. It's tough,’’ he said.
He vowed not to come off the field if the NFL tries to pull him off in the middle of a series.
“It's not going to happen,’’ he said. “We're going to be out there in a stalemate. I don't know what's going to happen then, but I'm not coming off the field for something that everyone else in the league gets to do. When I get to the sideline, if you want to address it, we can do that, but I'm not coming off the field on third downs, it's not happening.’’
The Joker cleats, the watch and other accessories — NFL players have so few opportunities to express themselves, and Beckham takes small chances when he can.

“I’m just being me, I'm not being anybody else and I think that's a problem for people,’’ he said. “Like I always say, I think people have a tough time with someone who's comfortable in their own skin and I'm as comfortable as they come with who I am, I always say I know who I am, I am who I am. There's nothing you could really say that's going to ever bother me.
"I used to get caught up in living in that life because I have a good heart, I care for what the people say, but then it got to the point where I realized, whatever the quote is, talking about a barrel of ink or something like that, I can’t beat you all. There’s no point in trying anymore, y’all got it.’’
Beckham, 31st in the NFL with only 39 receptions this season, did get frustrated on that fourth and 4 in Denver when Baker Mayfield failed to throw him the ball despite the fact he was open, but he didn’t completely lose his cool. What’s more, he’s been targeted only three times in the red zone for No. 126 in the NFL — and the Browns are 25th in the NFL in red zone touchdowns, including 1-for-5 in Denver.

“Doing my job,’’ Beckham said. “I don’t call the plays, I do what I’m told. When it gets down in the red zone for the past four to five years, I don’t know how many targets I’ve really had. I get down there, they’re going to double, they’re going to play two high shell to my side, the safeties locked in on me, so it’s tough.
“The more we get down in the red zone and have more efficiency, the looser teams will have to play, they’ll have to find a way to adjust. Until we do better in the red zone, all of us, it’s going to be tough to feel like I need to get the ball when we get down there.’’
But, he noted, “I can smell blood when I get down there. I’m close to the end zone, I want it. It’s just a matter of finding the right play in the right time.’’
Fortunately for Beckham, Mayfield knows he has to get the ball to his superstar receiver in the second half of the season for the Browns to be successful.
“I think people have this picture perfect thing where it was going to be sunshine and rainbows and he was going to have a whole lot of one on ones,’’ he said. “It is Odell Beckham. He is going to have double coverage and we have to find ways to format things to get him the ball and force-feed him early on to where he can make an impact before we can have the perfect look to have a shot play. That is something we have learned the hard way, but I think as the weeks have gone on, we are continuing to improve on how to get the ball to him.”

Cabot Cleveland Plain Dealer: Jarvis Landry buys Odell Beckham Jr. a scooter for his birthday to replace the one he wrecked at LSU

Cabot Cleveland Plain Dealer: Cleveland Browns and JC Tretter agree on a 3-year extension worth $32.5 million

Labbe Cleveland Plain Dealer: How JC Tretter and the Browns strategized their way through a 'doozy' of a high ankle sprain

Moore Dallas Morning News: Own worst enemy? A Cowboys loss vs. Vikings would force Dallas to admit it has bigger issues

Newman Denver Post: Could Malik Reed be the next elite Broncos linebacker? “That’s the next big step,” undrafted rookie says

Wilson Houston Chronicle: Texans' Nick Martin has delivered on $33 million contract

Wilson Houston Chronicle: Texans' Brennan Scarlett delivers two sacks in first game without J.J. Watt

McClain Houston Chronicle: Texans could use a full, healthy cornerback corps

Frenette Florida Times Union: Jaguars turning back to Foles doesn’t mean forgetting Minshew

DiCecco SI Jaguar Maven: Practice Squad Days: Jaguars Players Discuss Life on the NFL Fringe

Farmer LA Times: Chargers alert! Jets recall when they were second-class citizens at Giants Stadium

Schwab Yahoo Sports: With loss to Raiders, is Chargers QB Philip Rivers' Super Bowl window officially closed?

DiGiovanna LA Times: Injuries made it difficult for Chargers to keep their offense in line against Raiders

Klein LA Times: Rams’ Brandin Cooks won’t play Sunday at Steelers, but Clay Matthews should

Deen Sun Sentinel: Here’s the story behind Jerome Baker finally finding his mother in the stands during Dolphins’ first win of season

Callahan Boston Herald: Lessons from Bill: Patriots share best Belichick sayings

Guregian Boston Herald: Stephon Gilmore’s confidence in Patriots defense remains unshaken

Trotter Saints DC Dennis Allen's star rising again

“A lot has changed with the unit in the four years between then and now -- defensive end Cam Jordan is the only holdover starter from 2015 -- but the sting of those struggles remains constant for Allen, who was reminded of the fickle nature of the game. He had gone from being viewed as a potential Boy Wonder as the league's youngest head coach in 2012 to possibly being ... overrated?
"Anybody that tells you they don't care what the public perception is is filling you with a lot of bulls---," Allen said recently. "Everybody cares to a certain extent. I want to be viewed as one of the better defensive coaches in our league. That's being truthful. That's being honest. Now, you can't let public opinion dictate who you are, but we all want that. And I want our players to get that recognition because I think they deserve that. For so long around here it has been all about the offense -- and rightfully so. They were performing at a high level while the other side of the ball was falling back. But I would argue that that was because there wasn't enough emphasis on getting the right players on the defensive side of the ball. Everybody had good intentions, but unless you've got a clear vision for the player, unless you've clearly identified how this person is going to fit into your scheme, you're not going to have consistent success."
The turnaround has been a collaborative effort that began with Payton and the personnel department bringing in talented players whose skill sets and athletic character fit the system and schemes he wanted to run. For a time the Saints lacked an identity on defense, unsure of whether they wanted to be a 3-4 or a 4-3 base front. They were a 4-3 under coordinator Steve Spagnuolo in 2012, but transitioned to a 3-4 the next year when Ryan took over as coordinator. By 2015 they weren't sure exactly what they were and decided to study the Seahawks and Patriots as possible blueprints for going forward. There was one problem: Although both leaned heavily on single-high safety coverages, each played the defense differently.
"Seattle was strictly a three-deep, zone defense with some matchup principles within it, while New England was all man-to-man across the board," Allen said. "That was two totally different mindsets and thought processes and philosophies of how to play defense. At that point I was like, 'Ooh, we don't really know what we want to be.' "

Ultimately they decided a 4-3 base was the best plan, but even then there had to be agreement on precisely what skill sets the team wanted at each position. That's where trust came into play. Allen had a specific vision of what he needed at each spot, and he voiced that to a receptive audience. It was not enough to say that someone was a highly productive player in college. The question was whether his skills could make him highly productive in the role the Saints envisioned.
Methodically, the organization has hit on many of its selections. In 2016 the Saints used their first-round pick on Sheldon Rankins, a stout defensive tackle who could stop the run and provide interior pressure, and a second-round selection on strong safety Vonn Bell, who could provide a physical presence in the run game. The next year they added a lock-down man-to-man corner in Marshon Lattimore in the first round and versatile safety Marcus Williams in the second round. And in 2018 they gave up a 2019 first-round pick to trade up for the 14th overall selection, which they spent on edge rusher Marcus Davenport.
Each has helped the unit go from "good to great," the challenge Allen laid out to them before the start of the season. The Saints have also strategically hit on their defensive free agents, bypassing bigger names for mid-level signings who could fill specific roles. In each of the previous two years they signed outside linebacker A.J. Klein and middle linebacker Demario Davis, respectively, versatile players whose physicality and agility they believed could help them against the run.
The ultimate decision about whom to bring in belonged to Payton, but Allen was more vocal in expressing his vision for what he needed, in part because of what took place in Oakland.
"The biggest thing I learned about myself, not necessarily while I was there, but after going through it, was that I know what I'm doing," he said. "Don't let somebody else influence you into doing something that you may not agree with. Use your voice. You can say to the personnel people: 'Whatever you give me, I'll make it work.' But that's not always the best thing."
Adds Payton: "We're in one of these industries that, by nature, can be very non-trusting. Dennis has got a tact about him that disarms people in a cordial way, in a very positive way. That goes a long way in any business. He is one of those guys who's secure in his own skin and is going to interject at the right time."

For instance, when weighing whether to bring in a player, he is more mindful of the player's skill set than the player's reputation. For example, Davis bounced between the Jets and Browns in the three years before the Saints signed him as a free agent in 2018, but Allen looked at the circumstances of how Davis' previous clubs were going through a bit of turmoil and didn't offer the most stable environment. So he focused on the player's abilities and landed someone who led the team in tackles last season and has been a model performer on the field, in the locker room and throughout the community.
Same thing with cornerback Eli Apple, a former top-10 pick who was sent to the Saints before the trade deadline last year for fourth- and seventh-round selections. "I heard all the stories about Eli in New York with the Giants," Allen said. "He was supposed to be a bad dude; he and Landon Collins didn't get along; he got suspended and had some problems with the coaching staff. Blah, blah, blah. Well, this guy couldn't be any easier to coach. He comes to work, does the best that he can, and works his ass off for us. He's never been a problem for us. Never. He has been a perfect complement for Lattimore."

Mehta NYDN: Jets CEO Christopher Johnson believes criticism for Adam Gase hire is unfair: sources

Serby NYP: Jets’ Sam Darnold needs to show Giants what they missed

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Domowitch Phil Inquirer: Would Eagles be making a mistake by benching Andre Dillard and putting Jason Peters back at left tackle?

Fittipaldo Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Steelers playing musical chairs on the offensive line

Branch SF Chronicle: 49ers kicker Robbie Gould has quad injury; tight end George Kittle still sidelined

Branch SF Chronicle: Unbeaten 49ers’ offense will be upgraded for matchup with Seahawks

Branch SF Chronicle: 49ers turning sack celebrations into show of their own

Ostler SF Chronicle: 49ers’ D.J. Jones: the unsung hero of a mighty defense

Jude Seattle Times: With the Seahawks, Josh Gordon gets another second chance. Will this time be different?

Condotta Seattle Times: Gary Jennings and the curse of the Seahawks’ mid-round receiver draft picks

Bacharach The Tennessean: Patrick Mahomes’ looming return means a daunting assignment for Titans defense

Carpenter Washington Post: Redskins place Trent Williams on non-football injury list, meaning he won’t play in 2019


Forde SI: Can LSU Finally End Alabama's Home Winning Streak?

Low ESPN: How can LSU beat Nick Saban and Alabama in Tuscaloosa? Only a select few know

Wilson CBS Sports: 2020 NFL Draft prospect rankings: Why Chase Young is our clear No. 1, plus more on our top 30

Holder The Athletic: Burrow vs. Tua: Heisman Trophy voters, NFL GMs and a future Hall of Fame QB will be watching

Zenitz Inside Tua Tagovailoa’s quick recovery from ankle surgery

Mays The Ringer: The Modern NFL Has Never Seen a Draft Prospect Rise Like Joe Burrow

Trapasso CBS Sports: Why the 2020 NFL Draft's best-kept quarterback secret has first-round potential

Stone Red and Black: Lawrence Uncaged: Lawrence Cager paves his own path to dream of playing for Georgia

DiPaola Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Pitt’s Jaylen Twyman feels no pressure living up to Aaron Donald’s No. 97


McGinn The Athletic: The McGinn Files: The talk about Michael Strahan before the 1993 draft

Wolf Buffalo News: All he wanted was a chance: Chuck Crist on hoops at Penn State, 7 seasons in NFL

“Crist played basketball for four seasons at Penn State, was named team captain his junior and senior seasons and was elected team MVP as a senior, after helping lead the Nittany Lions to a 17-8 record in 1971-72.
He averaged 8.8 points per game and shot 40.6 percent from the floor in his three seasons with the varsity team.
“As I look back, I wouldn’t have done it any differently,” Crist said. “I got to play in some of the top arenas – Madison Square Garden, we went to Tennessee, Florida, West Virginia, Georgetown.”
But Crist knew he had no future in professional basketball and took advantage of an opportunity to try out for the Giants, who invited him back for training camp.
Defensive backs coach Emlen Tunnell was blunt.
“At that time, we had 16 defensive back in camp,” Crist said, “and he goes, ‘To be honest with you, you don’t have a chance. But I’ve been around this business for a long time. Stranger things have happened.’
“A couple of days later, a couple of guys got hurt. They traded two defensive backs, they cut a couple more, the first day of the season in 1972, I’m on the roster, basically as a special teams kid.
“Fifth play of the game, Spider Lockhart, our starting free safety, goes down with a shoulder injury. (Defensive coordinator Jim) Garrett goes, ‘You’re in.’
“I said, ‘I’m in what?’ I said, ‘I’m in deep (trouble), because I don’t know what I’m doing.’
“He goes, ‘Just get deep and don’t let anybody behind you.’ ”
Crist recorded 20 interceptions, two forced fumbles and 11 fumble recoveries in seven seasons of pro football, starting 66 of the 92 games he played. He spent three seasons with the Giants, three with the Saints and finished his career with the 49ers.”

Barnwell ESPN: Barnwell ranks the best QBs to never reach a Super Bowl: Could Philip Rivers be No. 1?

Penn Today: A football man: Bert Bell, Penn, and the Philadelphia Eagles

Giants Birthdays 11-08

Charlie Killett HB D16-Memphis 1963 NYG 1963 11-08-1940

Raheem Orr LB W-HOU 2004 NYG 2004 11-08-1980

Rocky Thompson RB/KR D1-West Texas A& M 1971 NYG 1971-1973 11-08-1947

In Memoriam

Henry Davis MLB/LLB D11-Grambling 1968 NYG 1968-1969 Born 11-08-1942 Died 6-11-2000

Billy Lott FB D8-Mississippi 1958 NYG 1958 Born 11-08-1934 Died 5-15-1995

Roy Simmons LG D8-Georgia Tech 1979 NYG 1979-1981 Born 11-08-1956 Died 2-20-2014

Man Dexter Lawrence gets such rave reviews and Im glad to have him  
Jim in Forest Hills : 11/8/2019 1:01 pm : link
but I can't shake that they should have taken Dillard the OT that the Eagles traded up for.
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