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Friday Media Transcript: S Jabrill Peppers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/8/2019 4:14 pm
S Jabrill Peppers -- November 8, 2019

Q: After the Detroit game, you guys were all restless to turn this around. How much more so are you feeling that way and that kind of urgency going into a game like this?
A: Thereís a sense of urgency every week. We still feel the same. Weíll turn this thing around.

Q: Youíre from here. What does Jets-Giants and this kind of opportunity mean to you?
A: Growing up, it was a fun game. But now Iím at this level, week in and week out, the goal is the sameóget a win, prepare like youíre going to win, and go out there and play your best football.

Q: Itís kind of being billed as the battle of ďLetís see who the worst team in New York is,Ē because of the records of both teams. How much does that bother you?
A: I donít pay attention to stuff like that.

Q: (Sam) Darnold has been very inconsistent. When heís going right, how dangerous can he be and what problems does he pose?
A: He has phenomenal arm talent. When things are going right, theyíre going right. When itís not, itís not. But heís a guy youíve got to respect back there. He can change the game, and he has guys around him that can change the game as well.

Q: It looks like (Jamison) Crowder has become his go-to guy, heís certainly a dangerous guy in the slot. Whatís the trouble in trying to deal with him?
A: Heís definitely been a guy for them, but weíve got a good game plan and weíre going to go execute it.

Q: You typically bring a lot of energy in here. You seem different right now. Whatís different?
A: Iím good, baby. Just focused.

Q: Coming off an NFC East loss over this weekend, what message do you want to send to Giants fans playing the Jets this weekend?
A: Weíre preparing like hell to beat the Jets. Thatís really it. We donít really try to talk too much until we start putting good stuff on film.

Q: Has that been a conscious decision of everybody together that, ďHey, we donít want to talk. This is how we want to approach it?Ē
A: You could say that.

Q: Is there still time to turn the season around with a win like this?
A: Weíve got six games left, you tell me.

Q: When you look at the defense, is it simply a matter of getting those big plays under control?
A: Thatís it. In the League, youíve got to win the explosive plays. This is a passing league, weíve got to stop the run first to have the opportunity to rush the passer. Weíve got to limit those big plays and get off the field on third down.

Q: In terms of stopping the run, what kind of different qualities does LeíVeon Bell have than some of the other elite backs in this league?
A: I think weíve played a fair share of some of the best backs in the league. His patience, heís a big guy, people donít think he is as big as he is because of the way he runs. Heís 6-1, 6-2, 230 (pounds) but he moves like heís 5-10, 180 (pounds). His nimbleness, he has a great center of gravity. Thatís a guy you have bring your hips through and wrap up when you go to make the tackle. (We need to) gang tackle, 11 to the ball. His cutback vision is exceptional, so you have to have great gap integrity and be sound with our techniques in our run defense. Heís a great back, but we have played great backs. We know what we have to do, we just have to go out there and do it.

Q: The reality is their offense has struggled, how much do you view this as an opportunity where you say we can get right as a defense?
A: I donít really pay attention to that, itís the National Football league. Thatís the stuff you guys pay attention to. Itís not about who the best team is, itís about who executes the best on that day. They went out and executed well against Dallas and got the win. Last week, they didnít execute as well and didnít get the win. Thatís all it comes down to. We arenít really paying attention to numbers.

Q: When you were a kid, did you ever go to a Jets-Giants game?
A: I did.

Q: What was it like?
A: It was fun.

Q: Who were you rooting for?
A: I didnít really root when I was younger. I was too young. Half my family was Giants fans, the other half was Jets fans. It was cool to go.

Q: You hate losing, donít you?
A: I do.

Q: How do you deal with it personally?
A: I have my methods. Since Iíve been in the league, Iíve been on the short end of the stick too much, so you definitely have to have ways to keep yourself sane, grounded, but keep playing your best football.

Q: How would you describe how you have handled five straight?
A: It hurts, but nobody is going to feel sorry for you, you canít get down on yourself. You have another opportunity week in and week out.

Q: You forced another turnover the other day, you guys had two as a defense. Did you feel like you put your team in a good position at points in that game?
A: We lost, so obviously not in a good enough position.
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