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Monday Media Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/18/2019 2:03 pm
TE Evan Engram -- November 18, 2019

Q: Howís your foot?
A: Iím feeling really good, progress is going along really well. The trainers are doing a really good job, itís definitely on the upward trend of getting back soon.

Q: How much have you run? What have you been able to do?
A: Iím doing a lot of stuff in the pool, taking some weight off. We have a Alter G machine that kind of varies your body weight, Iíve been running and moving around. Iím gradually working on that and like I said, itís a day by day thing, improving and getting better. Like I said, the trainers are doing a really good job, we are doing everything we can to get back.

Q: Is there a timetable?
A: Yeah, this week, towards the end of this week, thatís the plan. Just keep building on that.

Q: Has it taken a little longer than you thought?
A: No, it was a two to four week diagnosis, so it was kind of in between there. Two weeks is today, I honestly think I am a little bit ahead of schedule. Like I said, I just have to keep building off that and keep building good days.

Q: You like your chances for this week? You think itís possible?
A: Itís definitely possible, I feel good. Weíll see where weíre at (in the) middle to the end of this week. Iím staying locked in in meetings, game plans and stuff like that, thatís very important as well. I think as long as I stay prepared mentally and continue to do what I do with my foot, I could be ready to go.

Q: When did you come out of the boot?
A: Today actually. Today was the first day, I have been doing rehab without it obviously. Today is the full retirement of the boot.

Q: Were you able to get away during the bye or did you have to stay here?
A: I stayed here. I had plans to go back to Ole Miss, but the injury happened. I just had to stay up here and do everything I can to get back.

Q: What is the new goal you have set for the final six games of the season?
A: Go win this one. I think it was good to get away, reflect and to relax and watch some other guys go out there and play. Our goal is to win this ballgame this week. Take it week by week and keep fighting, keep working and go get a win.

Q: When you get a chance to sit back and see where you are personally and as a team, what did you see?
A: Personally, I feel like I did some good things. I put a lot of good things on tape, put some things on tape that I still have to work on. I think the biggest thing is staying sharp on my routes and trying to stay on blocks is something Iím going to try to continue to improve on that I got to reflect on. As a team, we just have to take care of the football on offense, the turnovers are hurting us. We have to keep fighting and playing with strong energy. Throughout the game, there is a lot of ups and downs and sometimes that can get the best of you. I think we have to take care of the football offensively, but as a team I think we just have to continue to play with more positive energy. Believe in each other and go out there and compete for a full 60 minutes.

Q: What would finishing strong mean to you and this team?
A: Itís huge, itís football, this is what we do. Our record is not where we want it to be. We still have six games left. Six opportunities to go do what we love, go do it at a high level, and go do things that we plan on doing each and every week. Obviously, our record is tough and not where we want it to be, but we have six more opportunities to go play winning football, and weíre going to take advantage of that.
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Thatís Gold, Jerry : 11/18/2019 2:18 pm : link

No good to us if you are not on the field. Either get healthy and stop missing games or see ya!
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