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Monday Media Transcript: WR Golden Tate

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/18/2019 2:04 pm
WR Golden Tate III -- November 18, 2019

Q: How does it feel being back?
A: Itís good. I think we all needed to just kind of hit the reset button, refocus, kind of evaluate what we all individually can do better. Just try to go on a run.

Q: How much does this team need a win to give itself some confidence again?
A: I think we really need a win. For me, I havenít experienced being in a locker room for a win yet, which is unfortunate. Not how I kind of imagined this going. But I think weíre all hungry for a win each and every week. Weíre going to get it.

Q: What do you do at 2-8? Do you flush it and start over or do you evaluate it?
A: Iíve never been in this situation, so I donít really know how to answer your question, but I can just imagine that at the end of the day we all have a job to do. No matter what the circumstances are, weíre supposed to show up to work and be professionals in what we do, and I canít imagine doing it any other way beside giving it my all and just go 1-0 each week. Besides that, although the record isnít what we want, there are still jobs that are on the line. Iím going to try to set myself up for next year and the year after that. Just continue to show up to work with a positive attitude. Iím excited to play football and see what happens.

Q: From your experience in the league, do teams that come off of a bye start sluggishly or slowly, and if so, how do they avoid doing that?
A: I havenít really thought about it. There is always, I think years ago, there might have been some weird stat that said teams came off sluggish. But Iíve been on teams that have come off the bye and kicked butt, and Iíve been on teams that have lost by six or seven. I think we all relaxed and took care of our bodies and I think weíll be ready to go. Weíre getting some guys back, which is important. So, letís go.

Q: How much of a boost would it be to get Evan (Engram) back, whether thatís this week or the coming weeks in general?
A: We want all hands on deck. We want everybody out there if possible. Iím not sure about Evanís situation. I want him to come back when heís healthy and ready to go on a run.

Q: What did you feel from practice today as far as how players and your teammates came back after the bye?
A: I felt like guys were eager to get back out there. Obviously relaxing is nice, but I think we all love the game of football. Weíre just excited to get back out and run around and be around each other and get back to work.

Q: Going on a run at the end of the seasonó I know that could do good things for individual players, can it actually have an impact on a team heading into a future here? Can you build momentum for the future in the last few games?
A: I definitely believe so. I think when you look at, I guess, when we go on a run, going into next year youíre just kind of building momentum. You can build off of that. The things that you do great, you want to maintain those and be a little bit better at them. The things that you donít do well, going into the offseason, you want to be focused on those things and make sure those things donít role over into next year. I think some good can come from (finishing) strong.
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