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Thursday Media Transcript: S Antoine Bethea

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/21/2019 3:44 pm
S Antoine Bethea -- November 21, 2019

Q: Trubisky doesnít mind running the ball, does he?
A: No, definitely. So, we have to be aware for it and be aware of that. Heís definitely athletic, they like to get him out of the pocket, get him moving and things like that. They used to get him off the spot, so weíve got to be aware of that as well.

Q: Coach Bettcher was talking to us and he was talking about the plays the defense isnít making because eyes arenít in the right spot, not getting enough leverageó how much of it is a technical thing and how much of it is that guys are just missing their assignments? Or is that considered part of the assignment?
A: Thatís considered part of it. When you have bad eyes, and you lose your leverage, or you donít come off for the right guy or whatever the case may be, thatís all part of it. I think itís been, going back and watching the film, thatís happened too many times this year. Theyíve obviously been turning into some big plays. Thatís one thing we have to get corrected.

Q: How do you stop it?
A: The onus is really on the players. Obviously, you can point your fingers at different people, but really, itís just on the players. Week in and week out, during the week, getting in your playbook, understanding what the other teams are trying to do, what they are trying to get to. Like I said, the onus is on us.

Q: Does it ever create a trust issue in a sense that so and so has been missing his assignments so Iím covering for him, but at the same time, Iím losing my man?
A: No, at the end of the day, you talk about it at the beginning. Like I said, youíve got to believe in the guys that youíre going out there to play with. As far as the trust, itís just one of the things where youíve got to grab the guy and be like, Ďlook, this is what we need to do.í Youíve got to be together through the good and through the bad. We canít let the circumstance change who we are. We said at the beginning we were going to go through this thing together, regardless of how we look. Obviously, itís not the situation we wanted to be in, but you canít change who you are, and weíve still got to ride for one another.

Q: How do you prevent the splintering? It would be easy to do in these situations.
A: Yeah, it would be. That would be cowardly, though. Like I said, at the beginning of this thing, when we all got together, we talked about how we were going to be together. Whether it was good, whether it was bad, whether it was ugly, or whatever the case may be. If youíre a type of guy that likes to point fingers or whatever the case may be, youíre not built for this because at the end of the day, itís not always going to be good, itís not always going to be pretty.

Q: Whatís the appropriate level of pissed-offed-ness that this team needs to be at?
A: Yeah, it should be high. It should be high because, again, there are times out there where we go out there and look like a team capable of doing some really great things. Then there are times where it doesnít look as such. You should be mad, you should be pissed off. But at the end of the day, that doesnít mean that youíre out here pointing fingers or whatever the case may be. Everyone should be upset.

Q: I look at Tom Brady and he looks like he wants to punch somebody in the face because he feels like heís struggling because theyíve not won. Are the people in this locker room, do you feel they are at the right level of sick of the losing?
A: Yeah. But I mean, again, youíre not going to come to work and want to punch somebody in the face. But no, people are frustrated. People handle situations differently, but people are frustrated. Obviously, if itís not a situation where this guy isnít walking around here with his fist balled up or he doesnít care, thatís not the case. Guys are frustrated, guys do want to get this thing turned around.

Q: As a veteran, do you at times think when youíre 2-8 theyíre going to want to start looking at younger guys?
A: Thatís part of the business. Iíve been around, so that could be the situation.

Q: Tarik Cohen has done a lot of good things in this league with his speed. As a defensive player, as you look at his versatility and his skillset, how difficult is he to deal with?
A: Itís difficult. Heís one of their playmakers, they like to get the ball in his hands. Heís very dangerous in the open field, so youíve got to be aware of that. Then when he does get the ball, thereís got to be 11 guys to the football.
he's an experienced vet and comes across well....  
Torrag : 11/21/2019 3:49 pm : link
unfortunately his wheels are shot and in a game that is more and more speed reliant every year he just isn't effective anymore.
this guy  
broadbandz : 11/21/2019 5:42 pm : link
and Baker have cost the giants so many yards and games this year. It's almost comical.
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