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Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Thomas McGaughey

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/29/2019 5:02 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Thomas McGaughey -- November 29, 2019

Q: Why yesterday with Zak (DeOssie)?
A: He just wasnít out there. The thing about Zak is, weíll handle that situation as it comes. It is what it is.

Q: Have the injuries contributed to his inconsistency do you think?
A: Iím not going to talk about injuries, heís just been inconsistent. If youíre out there as a pro youíve got to do your job.

Q: Why shut him down though?
A: Who said he was shut down?

Q: Itís reported you guys are putting him on IR.
A: Thatís something youíd have to talk to the head coach about. I donít know, weíre just working.

Q: What have you seen from (Colin) Holba, the guy you brought in?
A: Heís a veteran guy whoís done it before. Heís been in a game, heís been on the practice squad, heís worked. He knows what heís doing.

Q: Is Aldrick (Rosas) your kicker for Sunday?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Whatís the balance of sticking with the young guy through struggles, like Aldrick, but also you need results on Sundays?
A: Itís tough. Itís always hard because this is a results business, so you want to have the results. In the process, when you have a guy like Aldrick, whoís been a Pro Bowler, whoís had success in this league, you just got to keep working. And youíre right, thereís a fine line. He knows itís a results business and youíve got to get it done.

Q: Why does it seem like that position, maybe more than others, can be up, down, up, down, throughout his career?
A: When you look at kickers around the league, and people are talking about the numbers are down, itís experience. There are not a lot of double-digit guys in the league anymore as far as experience and thereís a lot of young guys. With young guys, young players make mistakes. A lot of times youíve got to work your way through those rough patches and just keep going.

Q: Do you blame the snaps for his misses?
A: I donít blame anything on anybody. Again, if the ball is up youíve got to kick it.

Q: You think it has been?
A: Itís been inconsistent. Itís like what we talked about, the thing you have to have is consistency between those three guys. Itís like I told you guys a couple weeks ago, better snap, better hold, better kick. Itís an old adage in football and you have to have those three things working in that order.

Q: Can you explain the end of the game punt safe?
A: We just moved up Antoine Bethea to the corner and dropped back Jackrabbit. Jackrabbit has returned punts in this league for years and had success. He probably should have fielded the ball in a perfect situation. DeAndre Baker should have blocked [Cordarrelle] Patterson more, he didnít get anything on him. Weíre talking about Jackrabbit possibly getting in his way or blocking Cordarrelle and the same thing with Baker. If we get a little bit of him the ball goes into the end zone. Itís just a matter of execution and we didnít execute.

Q: Why not when they sub in you just sub in your whole punt team so it tightens up the execution?
A: Itís just a decision we made. Players have to do their jobs. Regardless of how we would have switched it, we would have put our gray team in and itís basically the same exact people minus the returner, just a different returner. Itís just a matter of getting hands on people and stopping them from being able to get to the ball.

Q: Why DaíMari Scott for punt returner?
A: Heís a talented kid, very talented.

Q: It didnít seem like he did it a lot in college, I know he did it a little bit with you guys in the offseason. Just curious what he has shown you.
A: Heís very talented, he has very good open field run skills. Heís a talented kid, trust me on that.
He sounds like  
Jerry K : 11/29/2019 6:00 pm : link
he's the one with a concussion. What a bunch of gibberish that was.
With the exception of Rosa' funk,  
Since1965 : 11/30/2019 10:56 pm : link
the special teams have been much more dependable than they were under Quinn.
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