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Transcript: DL Dexter Lawrence II Conference Call

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/2/2019 3:36 pm
DL Dexter Lawrence II Conference Call -- December 2, 2019

Q: Can you talk about the job you guys have done the last couple of games stopping the run?
A: Weíve made that an emphasis on the defense. We have to stop the run, then stop the pass kind of deal. Our mindset is stop the run so we can be able to pass rush. Itís just one of the emphasis we have made in the room.

Q: Are you frustrated that as good as you guys have played the run, it doesnít seem to have translated into stopping the pass? Even though you are stopping the run, they still seem to be having great success passing the ball?
A: That goes with the whole defense. Up front has to rush well and keep the quarterback contained and put pressure on him and the back end has to cover well. Itís not just one dimensional, itís all of us working well together and trying to get the job done.

Q: When do top prospects in college start paying attention to who is at the top of the NFL draft?
A: Honestly, the guys I was around, we paid no attention to any of that. We didnít have any control of that process. We all knew we were going to go where whoever selected us. I guess itís different with different people. If youíre not going to the playoffs (College Football Playoff), then I guess thatís when people might start looking at that. I honestly canít answer that question for everybody but the people I was around were so locked in on finishing our job.

Q: You have a lot of first- and second-year players. How comfortable are you guys with standing up and talking to veterans and saying hey this isnít working or making suggestions?
A: I can say there is not hostility around. Everybody is very humble and willing to learn from anybody in the room. In my room, I coach or get on some of the older guys in my room and Iím pretty sure in the DB room the same thing is going to happen, even in the linebacker room too. Itís all coming from a genuine place, we know we are all trying to help each other in the long run, feed our families and stuff.

Q: Thereís no apprehension? Itís not to the point where you see something wrong and then finally you reach that boiling point and you have to speak up for yourself?
A: Of course, you address it. Some things get repetitive but itís just something you have to keep working. Maybe find another way to address it, find another way to handle whatís going on. There is a lot of different things you can do. Youíre not sitting there yelling at each other or cursing each other out. You are encouraging and trying to get each other better.

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