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suicide pool anecdote

mpinmaine : 12/2/2019 7:07 pm
My wife and I WERE in one of these pools where one can only pick a team once...pool started out with 25 guys and entering this passed week there were just 5 of us left.
She wanted to be in this pool so for the most part she was making the picks but each week as it happened I was thinking the same team as she before we submitted our pick.

In this pool you pick the losers, and midweek she said we should pick NYG...
I was on the fence between Miami and lose.

We agreed on picking the Giants.

Then it was bugging me that I would be rooting for Green Bay, I mean really bugging me.

Late Sat night I changed our pick to Miami- {nice husband eh?}- as I felt the Eagles would be motivated to tie for first in the division and destroy the Dolphins...but no dice.

Now I feel bad and she isn't happy that we are out of the pool....sigh.

I thought I would share this to say something along the lines of even with the draft position question and my disdain for PS as the coach, I still HAVE to root the way I have since I was a teen...


Been there  
exiled : 12/2/2019 9:39 pm : link
I canít root against the Giants either, so I stopped doing those pools.

BUT, in March 2007, my husband was in Vegas and, on a whim, put down $50 for the Giants to win the Super Bowl at 50-1 odds. Yup.
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