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MNF Vikings at Seahawks

blueberry : 12/2/2019 8:31 pm
Looks like real pro football so far
god those Seahawks unis are the worst  
Greg from LI : 12/2/2019 8:32 pm : link
Teams playing at a different speed  
Jimmy Googs : 12/2/2019 8:34 pm : link
they are referred to as playoff teams...
good game...  
trueblueinpw : 12/2/2019 9:11 pm : link
big game for captain kirk.
RE: god those Seahawks unis are the worst  
Justlurking : 12/2/2019 9:12 pm : link
In comment 14700529 Greg from LI said:

i'll trade uniforms with them if we can also trade players and coaches and GM
Del Shofner : 12/2/2019 9:13 pm : link
Wild INT returned for a TD  
montanagiant : 12/2/2019 9:14 pm : link
Is Booger the worst MNF commentator ever?  
Ben in Tampa : 12/2/2019 9:29 pm : link
Maybe Kornheiser? Dennis Miller?

At lease those two were sharp witted and occasionally irreverent.
Cookís a nice RB...  
trueblueinpw : 12/2/2019 9:33 pm : link
2nd rounder
Second straight MNF where I see we're lightyears behind  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 12/2/2019 9:35 pm : link
The rest of the NFL.
There are 2 absolutes when on a night game thread  
Rory : 12/2/2019 9:40 pm : link
there will always be someone who bitches about the commentators.

there will always be someone who complains about uniforms.

It's depressing  
nygfaninorlando : 12/2/2019 10:07 pm : link
to watch the offensive creativity and see the speed all over the field in this game compared to what the Giants are putting on the field.
RE: Second straight MNF where I see we're lightyears behind  
trueblueinpw : 12/2/2019 10:07 pm : link
In comment 14700608 SFGFNCGiantsFan said:
The rest of the NFL.

Yup, Giants arenít even playing the same game.
He's the target of much derision  
Overseer : 12/2/2019 10:13 pm : link
former Redskin, fairly douchey personality ("you like that?!"), losing record vs the awful since '12 NYG...but Cousins is putting together a pretty excellent season. Tier 2 as an MVP behind the heavy hitters. I can't imagine he'll ever get Minnesota to the promised land, but he's not the joke he was as a Redskin (more about that franchise than him...)

For some reason I find the Vikings rather unhateable: good defensive team/running game and a counterweight to annoying & multi-decade spoiled Packers fans, so rooting for them to close atop the NFC North.
Pete Carroll  
Raultney : 12/2/2019 10:32 pm : link
must have the strongest jaw on planet Earth. He works that gum like it's nobody's business.
Gosh look at the personnel  
Rjanyg : 12/2/2019 10:39 pm : link
Minnesota has Griffin and Hunter at DE, Seattle has Clowney and Ansah. Both O Lines are built to run the ball. Linebackers are excellent.

Diggs and Harrison are both top safetyís.

Just good players everywhere.
Rashaad Penny touchdown?  
Greg from LI : 12/2/2019 10:42 pm : link
Oh that's just too funny
You wont see Shurmur run the fake punt  
BigBlueinChicago : 12/2/2019 10:53 pm : link
its being practiced behind the scenes though.
That's definitely a completed pass and fumble  
montanagiant : 12/2/2019 11:05 pm : link
Should be overturned
What a catch by Rudolph  
montanagiant : 12/2/2019 11:13 pm : link
This game is pretty damn good. If the Vikes come back from 17 down in the 4th qtr vs the Seahawks they are for real and a serious threat for the playoffs
Is there a more overrated defense...  
bw in dc : 12/2/2019 11:32 pm : link
year after year than a Mike Zimmer coached one?

Every time there is a big game it seems like his D gets schooled...
Looking at these two teams...  
M.S. : 12/3/2019 7:03 am : link a nasty reminder how far the Giants are from just being mediocre, let alone a top tier team.

Giants have years of work ahead before they put on the field a respectable team.
Even more sure after this game  
UConn4523 : 12/3/2019 7:15 am : link
that my SB preference is Seattle vs Baltimore. One because itís the 2 best QBs this year (they will finish 1-2 in MVP race). Two because of their play style and how much more fun they are to watch than everyone else. And three because it will hopefully open up our FOís eyes to getting a new regime that will run a more modern offense.
Baltimore is playing lights out but Russell Wilson  
Jimmy Googs : 12/3/2019 7:18 am : link
is my favorite player to watch in the NFL...
Even if he's only successful because of a good running game  
Jimmy Googs : 12/3/2019 7:20 am : link
and defense his whole career...
I had almost forgotten  
Bubba : 12/3/2019 7:29 am : link
what competitive football looks like until last night.
Russell Wilson  
NikkiMac : 12/3/2019 8:47 am : link
Puts the best arch on the football Iíve ever seen !
RE: Is there a more overrated defense...  
NINEster : 12/3/2019 12:40 pm : link
In comment 14700718 bw in dc said:
year after year than a Mike Zimmer coached one?

Every time there is a big game it seems like his D gets schooled...

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