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Transcript: Offensive Coordinator Mike Shula

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/6/2019 4:22 pm
Offensive Coordinator Mike Shula -- December 6, 2019

Q: How does your new quarterback (Eli Manning) look so far?
A: He looks good. Hes had a good week. He always has a good look in his eye. Hes been great for me as a coach, to be around. Ive learned a lot from him. I look forward to watching him on Monday night.

Q: Hes never had to do this before. After six, seven, eight weeks, 10 weeks I guess, of sitting around watching and getting ready. Whats the challenge for him to do that?
A: I dont really think there is one. Obviously, hes practiced every day. Hes gotten himself ready mentally and physically. Its just a matter of getting back out there. Were going to be on the road, obviously, and so just the communication probably. He hasnt done that in a while. But other than that

Q: How has Daniel (Jones) handled this week? He seems like a guy that doesnt want to be on the sideline.
A: Obviously, he wants to play. Hes upset that hes hurting and probably wont (play). We talked to him about, Hey, get healthy as fast as you can. In the meantime, prepare this week just like youre going to play. But hes been good. We have great guys in that room, like Ive said all year long.

Q: We saw him go into the tent during the game, so obviously we knew he was hurt then. Did he express to you how much pain he was in or did you know what he was playing through?
A: Well, we kind of watched like everyone else watched. Hes very quiet. The fact that hes quiet and hes new, its kind of hard to there are lot of things to get to know. We watched him in college play with some tough injuries and get back early. Hes a tough guy and hes a quick healer from what Ive seen.

Q: How close do you think he is to getting back on the field? Hes not in the boot.
A: I just listen to the trainers. We listen.

Q: What changes are there in the play calling from Daniel to Eli?
A: Just like Coach (Pat Shurmur) said, very few things. We might not have him running the ball like we did with Daniel on the one. But other than that, really nothing. Eli obviously knows our offense so well, and Daniel is really doing a good job of, even when he wasnt playing, just of Weve given him probably more than weve given any other rookie as far as volume, putting things on his shoulders more so than other rookie quarterbacks.

Q: Do you believe that time off could help a rookie quarterback, sitting and watching for a week or more?
A: I believe playing really is the best way to continue to learn. But I think you can learn in all areas, and hell take full advantage of that.

Q: What about for Eli, the sitting so to speak? What kind of effect do you think that will have on him, a guy whos never done that before?
A: Yeah, I dont really think so. I dont think it wont be, I just think its a matter of getting back out there, getting that first snap and going. Its kind of like, probably the same question you would ask me if we had taken a break from the end of OTAs to training camp, that type of thing. But like I said earlier, probably being on the road, the communication, making sure were really, really detailed, loud and clear and things like that.

Q: It looks like youre finally going to have all of your receivers with Golden (Tate) and even Evan (Engram) likely coming back. How do you see that playing out, and Darius Slayton sort of fitting in the mix with those guys?
A: Yeah, I think what it does is it allows us to not necessarily go and feature one guy. I think it presents, hopefully for the defense, it presents a personnel grouping of, Hey, we need to be careful here because if we focus our attention on this guy, then we have a one on one on that side, or If we try to go split safeties, two-deep shell, where were trying to umbrella coverage or were trying to help out in cover, now we have to be careful about Saquon (Barkley) running the ball. Hopefully, thats what it presents. Thats obviously why theyre here and what were trying to do offensively. But its a matter of us, more so than anything else, just executing what we have and guys making plays when its their turn. Were going to have some one on ones. We have to win the one on ones, just like every coach tells every player every week. Then take advantage of any kind of looks that they might give us.

Q: Does it cut into Slaytons plays or usage a little bit, his playing time because you have those three guys together?
A: I dont think so. Sometimes, it might happen during the natural course of a game. For the quarterbacks, I think its helpful that we have all our guys because now you dont worry about you just kind of go through your reads and find the one on one, or find the zone areas where guys arent favoring that side, things like that. You can try to keep balance across the field.

Q: What has Kaden Smith showed you?
A: Hes done a good job each week getting better. Hes still learning the offense. He knows the offense, hes a smart guy. But just all the kind of little adjustments that you make last minute or just coverage tweaks or things that the quarterbacks might be looking for. I think hes, from what weve seen, just going to continue to get better. Hes proven that he can make some plays and catch the ball, make contested catches and hold onto it. Hopefully hell stay on that trend.
Platos : 12/6/2019 4:24 pm : link
do they even ask this guy questions?

i strongly feel PShurm didn't want an OC at all and DG basically forced him to have Shula in case a scapegoat was needed down the line.
RE: why  
tb7117 : 12/6/2019 5:33 pm : link
In comment 14705528 Platos said:
do they even ask this guy questions?

i strongly feel PShurm didn't want an OC at all and DG basically forced him to have Shula in case a scapegoat was needed down the line.

Totally agree , what does Shula do? PS is so bullheaded and has proven not to be a capable HC.
Im reading these transcripts every week  
BBelle21 : 12/6/2019 6:02 pm : link
And realizing how much I truly despise all of these coaches. I think Lawrence Tynes would concur
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