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Transcript: Defensive Line Coach Gary Emanuel

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/7/2019 12:18 pm
Defensive Line Coach Gary Emanuel -- December 7, 2019

Q: Whatís it been like working with Leonard (Williams)?
A: Leonard is a great young man, number one. He works hard, he likes football, he brings a great attitude and a lot of spirit to the team. He brings versatility to the group, so I like him a lot.

Q: What do you see from him? What are you trying to work with him to try and get his game to that next level?
A: Just like working with everybody, youíre trying to improve in all aspects of the game. Working against the run and working to finish to get to the quarterback. Heís working hard in those areas. Heís a great young man, like I said.

Q: What do you make of the idea that people say heís still not making those splash plays. He did get a tackle for loss, it was his first of the year. Heís not getting the sacks, those tackles for losses.
A: Well, you canít look at players always as numbers. He has been disruptive. Heís doing some things against the run and the pass, heís affecting the quarterback, heís making him move off of his spot. Heís just missing the sack plays and things like that. But heís having an impact on defense.

Q: How do you think other guys like B.J. Hill have handled that rotation since he came on?
A: B.J., like the rest of the group, itís a great group of guys, number one. They all handle their roles or whateverís asked of them in the best way they can. B.J.ís doing a good job. Heís improving, heís getting better.

Q: Has Markus (Golden) surprised you at all with the way heís been able to get after the quarterback and be so consistent?
A: Thatís why Markus is here. Markus came in, had a great year a couple years ago prior to his injury, so we anticipated Markus having the kind of year heís having.

Q: When you have a rookie like Dexter (Lawrence), when you get to this point of the season, is there anything you as a coach have to do? Usually rookies say it starts to wear on them. Theyíre not used to seasons this long at this level. Theyíre not playing against the same kind of competition in college as consistently. Do you as a coach have to handle them differently?
A: No. Dexterís a fine young man. He comes from a great program. Clemson does a hell of a job. Theyíve been one of the top programs in the country for the last few years. Dexter is well prepared for this. He works extremely hard, heís a fun-loving guy. Heís continuing to improve. The big thing with all of the guys, not just Dex, is working on being consistent.

Q: Iím talking about from a physicality standpoint. Does it start to wear on rookies at this point, especially on the interior?
A: Dex is a fully grown man. Dex is 6-5, whatever he is, 350 pounds, so heís a fully grown man. No, itís not wearing on him.

Q: Last week against the Packers, you guys didnít record a sack. What do you have to do differently on Monday night to get pressure on (Carson) Wentz?
A: Sacks are hard to come by. Neither team had a sack in the game. Sacks are hard to come by. We just have to improve on the technique, we have to do a better job upfront, we have to have tighter coverage. It all works together. Itís like stopping the run. It all works together, the run and the pass.
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