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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/11/2019 4:11 pm
QB Eli Manning -- December 11, 2019

Q: How do you handle the uncertainty this week? You may not know whether youíre playing or not until maybe Sunday.
A: Yeah, you still go about your practice, go about your preparation getting ready for Miami. Got a lot of work, kind of an unfamiliar team, we donít play them that often. So, just get in the film work, get the game plan and just see how it goes.

Q: What do you think the chances are that you could end up being the starter this week?
A: I donít know. I donít know, weíll kind of see how the week goes. Either way, you just prepare. Each day, I think weíll get a little bit more insight into whatís going on.

Q: Would it be meaningful to get another start at home?
A: Again, just depends on how everything is going. Weíll wait and see how Daniel (Jones) is feeling and see what the coaches want to do and go from there.

Q: When you go back and look at the tape, how would you rate your performance on Monday night?
A: You know, some good, some bad. There are always going to be playsó couldíve hung with the receiver a little longer here, made a certain throw there. So, some good stuff but also always plays that could be better.

Q: How do you feel coming off your first game in so long, physically?
A: I feel good. I didnít take too many shots or anything, so body feels fresh and feels good still.

Q: You mentioned you donít know if youíre going to play or when youíre going to play again. Does the possibility of it being your last start even go through your head? Do you have your whole family there, how do you handle that, knowing that you donít know if itís your last start, but it might beóin MetLife, at least?
A: Well, weíll figure it out as the week goes. Again, nothing is being decided today. All I can worry about is just getting prepared to play. Either way, whether Iím the starter or not, Iím going to be prepared. Just go about my business getting myself ready and getting the team ready to play.

Q: Youíve had to deal with some disappointment this year, obviously, earlier in the year. Now that you got a little taste of playing again, wanting Daniel to be better of course, will you be disappointed if you donít get to play?
A: Yeah, weíll see. A lot of uncertainty still, so I guess Iíll know when, if that happens.

Q: What will it mean to you if you do get that reaction from the crowd? They do recognize that this could be your last game and they honor you in some way, shape, or form.
A: Well, again. Still too many what-ifs. My focus is just getting ready to play.

Q: Did you at all take a step back and say, Ďhey, I still can playí?
A: I still feel like I can play. I donít think that ever crossed through my mind. I obviously had a good first half, made some plays. We didnít do enough in the second half. See the things I can improve on and work on them this week, and make sure that Iím just ready for all of the circumstances and the looks that Miami gives.

Q: Would you be comfortable running a lot of first team reps in practice but not playing? That would be a little bit unusual.
A: Again, weíll see how it goes. Iíll do whatever Iím asked to do, and whatever the team needs. Whatever the situation is, do whatever is needed.

Q: You hadnít really thrown to (Darius) Slayton and then you come out, a guy youíre unfamiliar withówell in practice you are, certainlyÖ but then he makes those catches and has such a big second quarter. Did he remind you of anyone from the old days, or anyone you used to throw to?
A: He does a good job of getting separation, a great job on the slant getting a lot of separation. I think one go ball was a busted coverage, but the other was just man and off coverage, and ran right by him. I think heís got good speed, tracks the ball well and has some playmaking abilities. Heís an easy target, a big target, to throw to.

Q: He turned something into a touchdown by spinning around...
A: Yeah, making a guy miss. He did a good job making a corner miss and outrunning the safeties. We kind of saw route running and then saw speed to run by the safety.

Q: You were in Danielís shoes 15-16 years ago. When you look back, how much did it benefit you to get that playing time as a rookie?
A: Yeah, I think itís very beneficial just to have that experience the first year, just to go through the ups and downs. Have the good plays and have the bad plays to learn from. I think it just helps you so much into the offseason knowing how you had to prepare and know coverages and know defenses and know protections. How to prepare for each week and each scheme, every defense is different. Similar coverage, played differently. I think itís just important to learn all of those things and start getting a base for what you need to improve on and what youíve got to work on in the offseason.

Q: At the same time, you were here with a veteran in Kurt Warner. How much did being around him help you with that in the rookie year?
A: Yeah, being around Kurt was huge. Just a guy who had great success. I think you see how he worked, how he prepared, how he got ready for each and every week, drawing up plays and asking questions. Just the attention to detail that he had I think was great for me to see firsthand how itís supposed to be done.
These reporters  
BBelle21 : 12/11/2019 5:24 pm : link
are trying so hard to trip Eli up one last time. Bless them. I know a ton of people who are already planning to go to this game if Eli starts. We all know the significance of it.
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