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Wednesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/11/2019 4:12 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- December 11, 2019

Opening Statement: Teach tempo today because weíre so close from the end of the game. Weíre within a couple of days. Tomorrow weíll go back to full speed. But we were able to get a full day in. We had some new faces out there competing, and a couple of guys that didnít make it out. Jackrabbit (Janoris Jenkins) and (Kevin) Zeitler didnít even make it out. With that, Iíll take your questions.

Q: Was he in the building? Was Janoris here today?
A: Yeah, heís here.

Q: Because he put some tweets out that kind of attacked fans. I donít know if youíre aware of that.
A: I was just made aware of it as I was going through the injury report. He shouldnít be tweeting during practice.

Q: You said there were some new faces out here today?
A: Practicing, like (Daniel) Jones was out here. Back from injury.

Q: How is Daniel looking to you?
A: Good. Heís moving around a little bit. We just have to see how he does by the end of the week. Heís out here. Heís out of the boot, heís into his regular shoes and heís out here practicing. Again, we didnít do much today. Weíll just have to see how he feels by the end of the week to see if he fits into the equation here.

Q: Would you dress him as the backup, or if heís healthy enough to dress, heíll start?
A: You know what, weíll have to see. We have a couple days here. I think we need to be smart coming back from any injury. In the case of a quarterback, aside from going out and throwing, they certainly need to be able to protect themselves, and part of his game is moving around. I just want to make sure heís healthy enough and fit enough to do that.

Q: Heís a big part of the future here going forward. Do you have to handle it differently with him, whether or not you bring him back at this point or not?
A: No. I think if heís ready to play, he should play. Part of whatís going on this year for him is helping us win games. Heís out there, every time he plays, heís trying to help us win games. Then along the way here, thereís a lot of great development that happens for a young quarterback. Guys that are healthy and able, in our estimation, should be out there playing.

Q: Is this part of the learning process? You donít want a guy to get hurt, but they do. Now he has to sit, he has to wait, he has to rehab, he has to be frustrated. Of all the things, is this part of it also?
A: I think so. Thereís a lot that goes into becoming an experienced player. A lot of these guys come here having kind of played through charmed lives. I think part of it for himÖ the good thing about Daniel is he faced adversity when he was at Duke. There were many games where they were not favored. There were probably many games when Dexter Lawrence hit him pretty hard. You develop mechanisms for handling adversity. Part of that is learning how to come back from these types of injuries and the urgency you feel inside, doing everything you can to get back. Certainly, thereís something to be learned from that.

Q: At what point does the team need to know who the quarterback is going to be on Sunday?
A: When the time is right. In terms of the skill players, the skill players have been interchanged so much that theyíve had a chance to work with both quarterbacks. Itís going to be the same type of game plan regardless of whoís playing. The sooner, the better. But all the way up to game time.

Q: Is it your call exclusively who the quarterback is on Sunday?
A: Yes.

Q: In the hypothetical that Jones is healthy enough but might dress as the backup, why would he dress as the backup?
A: Weíll just have to see. Again, I said thatís something weíll figure out as we go. More or less, if heís not healthy enough to start, he probably wonít be the backup. More or less, but I canít tell you exactly whatís going to happen yet because weíre not close enough and I havenít seen him run around yet.

Q: How do you plan to handle first team reps for the quarterbacks this week?
A: Well, Eli (Manning) took them today. Then he will until we feel like Jones is ready.

Q: You said itís your decision. But thereís a medicalÖ
A: Yeah, my decision if heís healthy enough to play, then heíll play. Itís always medical. If heís cleared, heís cleared.

Q: Just to be clear, heís not cleared yet, right?
A: Not yet, no. Heís cleared to practice, but again, we have to see it, evaluate it and look at it.

Q: What are Zeitlerís chances of getting out there?
A: I donít know that. I donít know that. He wasnít able to be out here today, and heís a tough son of a gun. Weíll just have to see how today goes, evaluate it this afternoon and see what he can do tomorrow.

Q: Is it a sprained ankle or is it something worse than that?
A: Ankle. Yeah, sprained. Itís not broken.

Q: Is the plan to ramp Daniel up over the next couple of days, or is it a status quo?
A: No, weíll try to get him back ready to play, just like any of our players that appear on this (injury) list. Heís the same.

Q: It seemed like there was a time back when Saquon (Barkley) was trying to rehab that you guys kind of kept it status quo for a little while to get back. Thatís why Iím asking about Daniel. Is that kind of the same plan or is it different?
A: Yeah, I think so. The demands on a running back with an ankle are different than the demands on a quarterback with an ankle. But I still think itís important to remember that a part of Danielís game is his ability to move around. We just need to look at it. I think each injury and each return from injury tends to be a little bit different. I think thatís safe to be said about the position they play as well.
Every question for PS is like  
jvm52106 : 12/11/2019 4:27 pm : link
seconds on a clock clicking down to zero and bye bye PS. I am so dissatisfied with everything about his tenure here that each and every word he says, no matter how innocuous just irritates the hell out of me.

This cannot end soon enough.
piling on Pat has become beyond cliche around here  
GiantNatty : 12/11/2019 4:49 pm : link
I don't think he's a bad coach. He had the worst QB in football last year and a rookie QB this year (who has shown that he could be good). Bad defenses too. He's been dealt a bad hand and he's losing - what did you expect?

I thought the flea-flicker on Monday was a really good microcosm of his tenure here. So many times you see a straight run in a third-and-long situation. He played off that tendency and it could have hit BIG. I've never seen that before and I thought it was a brilliant call. But it missed because his players suck, so he gets called an idiot and it's another example of how he should be run out of town.

The timeouts thing too - just because the other coach does something smart doesn't mean you got outcoached. That's like saying a defensive back got outplayed because he let a receiver catch a ball despite good coverage. Sometimes the other guy has the upper hand by virtue of positioning. But he's an easy target, so fire away!

I get that he's likely gone, but I do think that the mob of impatient Giants fans is a bigger reason than he is.
other than freddie kitchens,  
japanhead : 12/11/2019 5:49 pm : link
can you name another coach in the NFL who is worse than shurmur?
RE: Every question for PS is like  
rsjem1979 : 12/11/2019 5:51 pm : link
In comment 14714970 jvm52106 said:
seconds on a clock clicking down to zero and bye bye PS. I am so dissatisfied with everything about his tenure here that each and every word he says, no matter how innocuous just irritates the hell out of me.

This cannot end soon enough.

They should get him to sign their yearbook before it's too late.
They forgot to mention in the transcript  
phil in arizona : 12/11/2019 7:06 pm : link
that the session ended with the Curb Your Enthusiasm music.
the flea flicker wasnt some genius play  
Platos : 12/11/2019 11:24 pm : link
the pats and seahawks did it within the last few weeks and succeeded... it wasn't some eureka shit on shurmurs part.

its the fact that we still suck so bad we can't execute it after 2 years of playing together more or less.
blueblood'11 : 12/12/2019 8:11 am : link
For two years running the defense let's guys run free in the secondary. Guys don't get that wide open in college. The head coach has to fix that. He's not only head coach of the offense he's the head coach of the defense too.

For two years running his offenses stall in the second half of games. He is constantly out schemed and doesn't adjust. The offensive line is better all around then last year but is playing worse. He can't seem to figure out how to unleash Barkley.

For two years running the excuse has been they don't have the horses. Offensively that is not the case but they continue to lose. Sure the defense is putrid, and like I said they can"t cover in the secondary, but they have managed to keep things close in every game but continue to lose.

You can make all the excuses you want. Shurmur is not head coaching material. He is a terrible in game manager. And that has been evident from day one of his tenure.
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