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Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Thomas McGaughey

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/12/2019 3:09 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Thomas McGaughey -- December 12, 2019

Q: Is Riley (Dixon) going to buy dinner for the special teams this week?
A: He better (laughter). That kid, Im happy for him. I really am. He deserved everything that hes getting. Hes been working hard and hes got a bright future. He has a few dinners ahead of him, too.

Q: Have you seen him take a leap a little bit this year?
A: Definitely. Hes a lot more consistent in his ball striking. Its night and day from last year. Like I told you guys a couple weeks ago, hes just growing. You can see him maturing and just doing the things that he needs to do to take his game to the next level.

Q: Like what? How did he do it? Why do you think it just clicked for him?
A: It happens. I mean, as young players, it takes time. Everybody, we live in a freaking microwave society and everybody wants everything right now. It just doesnt happen like that. Most specialists get cut seven, eight times before they figure out who they are. But, he just worked at it, at his craft, this offseason and just studying himself and just watching other guys that are very similar to him and just trying to go through that process. And its just the mundane stuff, the drills, catching and molding the ball, the steps, and then looking at tape and just grinding over the tape, and just over, and over, and over stuff thats like watching paint dry to most of you guys. But, thats the kind of stuff that specialists, those are the things that you have to do to take that next step that hes done.

Q: Are you saying we dont like watching special teams?
A: No, you guys know you dont like it (laughter).

Q: Are the Dolphins taking more risks on special teams than anybody in the league right now?
A: I think theyre being aggressive. When you get a team like that in the position that theyre in, I guess theyre saying, Why not? If we can steal a possession, lets get it. Maybe it can help us score more points and win a game.

Q: Are you guys in that position?
A: Right now, were in the position that were in. Weve got to be aggressive and try to win games also.

Q: What did you think when you saw the kicker passing to the punter?
A: It was a unique play. The play design was pretty unique. Swinging gate, out of the swinging gate, good gracious, you could chase ghosts all day long with that thing. Youve just got to be prepared and sound and just react when they come out and they do it. Being in college, you see it all the time. I was a high school coach, you see it all the time. So, youve just got to plan and prepare for it.

Q: Do you ever think about something like that? The holder actually caught the pass, right? Has something like that ever crossed your mind really?
A: Were special teams coaches, we think of everything. So, I promise you, if I go back and take you into looks in some of my notebooks and some of the stuff Ive drawn up over the years, its crazy. And were all built the same way, so weve all got a bunch of tricks up our sleeves.

Q: Did you almost, being a special teams coach, tip your hat to him that he had the guts to call it?
A: Hey, congratulations to Brian Flores because he makes the call. Sometimes youve got to get creative.

Q: Is there any advantage to bringing in a left-footed punter for the week?
A: Yeah, absolutely. Any time you can get the spin off the foot, its definitely an advantage. And any time our guys can get that live look, youd like to get it.

Q: Hows Colin (Holba) doing?
A: Hes doing good, hes doing well. Hes in here working at it, and there are some things that he needs to work at and were working on those things. Hes doing a good job. Hes fit in really well, hes a good kid, he works hard, and we look forward for him getting better every single week.

Q: Is that a bit of a new trend in the league do you think, guys coming in as dedicated long snappers, not linebackers or tight ends who can snap?
A: Yeah, its been like that for a minute. Those guys, the time that they spend together is valuable. That process, that operation, I think a lot of times the normal person, they take it for granted, Oh, its just a snap. No, its a lot of things that go into it. The more time those three spend together, the better they get.

Q: Your coverage units, you look at whomever is putting together the rankings, the coverage units are right up there at the top of the league. Is it the growth that youve had or the continuation that youve had from last year? Is it in part the trend in the league where were not seeing the returns the way they used to be five years ago? How do you assess it when you take a step back?
A: I think its a little bit of both. Normally, during the course of a year, I know kind of back in the day, especially here, you returned everyI mean, you covered every kick. Thats just the way it was. The ball was kicked from the 30-yard line, its cold, and the ball wouldnt fly out of the back of the end zone as often, so all the balls were in the field of play. But now its not like that, you get a lot more touchbacks. But as far as punts are concerned, its the same stuff. Its just guys playing fast, being physical, being disciplined, and just playing aggressive.

Q: Whos your punt returner for Sunday?
A: Well have two punt returners, same two guys that were back there last week, DaMari (Scott) and Golden (Tate III). Those two guys will play.
Thank you coach ...  
Spider56 : 12/12/2019 3:32 pm : link
Youre the only one on this staff that truly earned your salary this year. Hopefully youre retained by the next regime.
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