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Transcript: Inside Linebackers Coach Bill McGovern

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/13/2019 3:38 pm
Inside Linebackers Coach Bill McGovern -- December 13, 2019

Q: Could there be better recognition from the middle linebackers as far as filling gaps?
A: There are always things that we could be better at. As you go through the season, there is always stuff youíre trying to work on, always things youíre trying to get better at. Whether it be in run responsibilities or pass drops, there are always things we need to get better at.

Q: What happened on that last play, the Zach Ertz touchdown? It looked like guys were just out of position there.
A: We just didnít execute on that play. We need to coach it up a little bit better. Itís one of those situations where the scheme was something that we had practiced. But did we have their exact play? Did we have their exact formation, everything else during the week? That was something that we had not seen yet. Itís just one of those things that we have to be able to execute better and we have to be able to coach it better.

Q: Do you sense teams are targeting (Alec) Ogletree in your pass defense, their pass offense? Heís allowed something like 80% completions.
A: No, I donít think theyíre targeting him. I think the ball is being thrown all over the place. Quarterbacks are making their reads and taking what is given to them.

Q: How do you feel (David) Mayo has played?
A: I like David. Davidís done a heck of a job. He brings a lot of energy. He brings physicality. Heís been a real pleasure to have.

Q: Some of the young guys who arenít playing on defense right now, like (Josiah) Tauaefa, Devante (Downs), what do you like out of those guys?
A: Those guys are young professionals. Theyíre still learning it in the meeting rooms and on the practice field and everything else. Theyíre working hard. Theyíre working on special teams and doing it all. Theyíre kind of growing. Thatís what you want to see. You see growth in them and youíre excited to continue to work with them.
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