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Post-Game Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/15/2019 5:52 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Dolphins) Transcripts: WR Sterling Shepard -- December 15, 2019

Q: How did it feel to get a win.
A: It felt good. Itís been a while to have that feeling in the locker room, thatís what we play the game for. It felt good to be in here, especially itís a special day for Eli. It feels good to get a win.

Q: What changed in the second half?
A: It was taking us a little bit to get rolling. We were able to get on a roll in the second half, we were able to connect.

Q: How conscious were you that this could be Eliís last home start?
A: I think we all knew that coming into the game. It was a special day and we wanted to send him out on the right note.

Q: How important was it for you guys to score at the start of the third quarter?
A: It was very important. We wanted to get the momentum started and we were able to do that. (Darius) Slayton ran a great route in the back of the end zone. Thatís something we had been running a couple times in practice and heís been running a great route all week. Eli came back to him and found him.

Q: How good was it to see Saquon have the game he had today?
A: Heís been itching for a big day. It was good to see him out there running around getting back to how he does things. Heís the best running back in the league and Iíll say that until Iím out of breath. He showed it today.

Q: Whatís your overall thought on Eli and what he has done for this organization?
A: Heís done so much. David Tyree and I were talking about it on the sideline. He was saying Eli has a piece of all of us and itís just a special day. We were able to get this win for him and send him out on the right note and itís a blessing.

Q: How important was it for you guys to make sure you send him out on the right note?
A: Yeah. Saquon and I looked at each other right when we were going out for the first series and we said letís send him out on the right note, do everything in our power. It was a little shaky in the first half, but we were able to click and get things rolling that second half.

Q: How tough was the catch you made to set up the touchdown? To get your feet down and make the catch?
A: Thatís something that coach Tyke (Tolbert) has us going over every week, trying to drag that back foot whenever you are making close catches to the sideline. Dragging that back foot and heel clicking, itís something that we practice over and over again, just bringing it to the field on gameday.

Q: How much is this a weight off this groupís back that you were able to finally get one?
A: It feels good. Iíve been encouraging the guys to remember this feeling for the next game. We want to keep having these feelings and carry this over into next season. It feels so good to get a W, especially after that long stretch. I think everybody needed it and we were able to do it.

Q: When Eli came out at the end of the game can you tell what that moment meant to him?
A: Yeah. You could see it all over his face. To have that standing ovation, it gave everybody chills. It definitely gave me chills. Iím just so happy for him, proud of him and how he has handled this season and how heís handled his career.

Q: What did you say to him at that point?
A: Just I love you, man. Heís taught me a lot. I came in here as a young pup and heís raised me right. I owe him a lot and Iím thankful to have him as my QB. Heís one of the smartest guys that I have ever been around on the field. Itís a blessing to be able to play with him.

Q: How was his postgame speech?
A: It was good. He tried to get us another day off, but I donít know if Coach Shurmur will go for it.

Q: Shurmur said it was successful.
A: Extra props to Eli, he never lets us down.

Q: I heard his pre-game speech was good, too?
A: Yeah, it was damn good. It got everybody fired up and ready to go out and play. Heís not one for the pre-game speeches but he gave us one today and it got everybody fired up.

Q: How did he end that one?
A: Lets go out there and get a W.

Q: Is a pre-game speech pretty unusual for him?
A: Heíll get in there from time to time, but he usually lets somebody else do it. Iím sure he has given a ton of pre-game speeches in his career.
It gave him chills  
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 12/15/2019 6:06 pm : link
It did the same for me in front of my television. And it seemed to do the same for the crowd at Met Life, but I wonder how the BBIers who call themselves fans but root for the team to lose every week felt.
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