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Post-Game Transcript: WR Darius Slayton

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/15/2019 6:20 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Dolphins) Transcripts: WR Darius Slayton -- December 15, 2019

Öon the right note. Iím happy for him. Iím happy for our team.

Q: Speaking of Eli [Manning], you know you guys [inaudible] the ball was spread around a lotóSaquon [Barkley] had two, [Golden] Tate [III] had one, [Javorius-]Buck Allen ran it in. Talk about how versatile this offense was today.
A: It was really versatile. I think it was the first time we got to see all of our playmakers make plays, you know, all on the same day. Like you said, everybody about had a touchdown, [Sterling] Shep[ard] probably should have had a touchdownóthat one right there, but it was a lot of fun.

Q: As youíve seen your role expanding in your rookie season, youíve kind of become an integral part of this offense. How is that feeling and how do you describe the way your role has evolved?
A: Itís a great feeling. Obviously I want to go out there and help my team win every Sunday and I just go out there and do what Iím asked every week.

Q: Obviously even a win has moments you want to grow from. What are you looking from today that will kind of bounce and move forward and finish the season strong as you head into next week against Washington?
A: Just continuing to execute. I think today we did a really good job, we got Saquon [Barkley] going, which is huge. Like I said, the receivers made plays when the ball came our way, but like I said, thereís no perfect game so Iím sure thereís some plays we could have executed better. Weíll get to that Wednesday or whenever.

Q: Have you talked about being spoilers at all?
A: No. We donít really look at it that way. We just look at it as every week weíre trying to go out there and get a win. You know, so itís not to spoil anybody elseís season, but just, you know, because weíre competitive guys and want to go out there and win every time we hit the field.

Q: That connection with Eli [Manning]óit seemed like youíre getting more comfortable and comfortableótalk about that.
A: Yeah, itís been a pretty easy transition. You know, Eli is a great Hall of Fame quarterback. You just saw he came out and played really well today, so itís been really smooth.

Q: What was the scene like at the end of the game to see him come off and the crowd really give him that ovation?
A: I got goose bumps. It was legendary. You know, heís a legend. Heís going to go down as a Hall of Famer. Iím happy for him.

Q: What did it mean to you to catch a touchdown from him in what might have been his final game?
A: Itís probably something I wonít be able to appreciate until I get older and look back fully, but itís definitely a special thing for me. Just being a young guy, a rookie at that, playing with a Hall of Fame quarterback, getting to see something like that, it was a lot of fun.

Q: What happened to that ball? I know that you kept the other passes that you caught from him. What happened to that one?
A: It will be kept as well.

Q: Are you keeping that one or is he going to get it?
A: Well, if he wants it, he can have it, but if he doesnít ask for it, it will go home with me.

Q: Could you sense that this game meant anything more to him knowing that it probably was going to be his last home start here?
A: Umm, definitely. I mean I knew, we knew coming out this game that we wanted to send him out the right way. Right when we were out of the tunnel, Russell Shepard, one of our guys, he just was saying you want to send your quarterback out the right way. Just fight hard for him. Obviously we go out there and fight for our brothers everyday, but especially someone like him thatís put in all the work and time and effort, we wanted to have a special day for him.

Q: You got your day off, too. Thatís kind of a parting gift, huh? You guys are off tomorrow?
A: Yeah, shoot, I hope so. I hope it stays that way. [Laughs].

Q: I donít think you can fight that one.
A: [Laughs] No, I wonít argue that one at all.
I love  
Photoguy : 12/15/2019 6:38 pm : link
this kid. We have a good one.
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