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Transcript: Offensive Coordinator Mike Shula

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/26/2019 5:03 pm
Offensive Coordinator Mike Shula -- December 26, 2019

Q: What did you see from Daniel (Jones) last week that you think seemed to really sort of click?
A: Well, it was good, number one, to see him start fast after having some time off. Sometimes, you can kind of get, youíre on a roll and you can kind of get a little bit rusty. It takes you time to get into it. But right from the starting gate, he was on point, making quick decisions and accurate. I think he benefited really from our offensive line doing a great job in pass protection. The pocket was really clean. He had time to step up. His timing was good, so that was impressive. He took advantage of that.

Q: Does he have an ability to kind of quickly see, know and pass where the coverage dictates maybe more than most?
A: I donít know if itís more than most. I think at times, heís really good at it, especially for a young guy. I think itíll get better. Then there are other times where I think he kind of will see things and maybe not quite pull the trigger, whether or not itís just not quite trusting it because heís young. He had those kind of show up actually a couple times last week. But because of our protection, he kind of got away with it and we still had some positive plays out of it. But yeah, I think he has that in him. We just need to continue working on improving it and having it be more consistent.

Q: Saquon (Barkley) has been in a groove the last couple of games, but the Eagles have a defense which doesnít give up a lot. How do you approach that?
A: Yeah, I think we just need to keep on keeping on with what weíre doing. Theyíre really good upfront for a lot of reasons. They have a lot of guys up there that can win one-on-one battles and get off a block and make a play. Most of the time, theyíre going to have an extra guy up in there. But I think Saquon, weíve all seen it, he just looks fresher, and I said that a couple weeks ago. The number one thing for him and for our offensive line is understand there are going to be some runs that we just have to kind of grind it out on. Be patient. We want to try to stay ahead of the chains where weíre not playing in long yardage situations. That helps with more carries and, hopefully, anytime you get 26 the ball more, the production will be there. But again, itíll be tough sledding because these guys are really good against the run. Not just because of their ability, but theyíre well-coached and they have a good scheme.

Q: This will probably be the last time we talk to you this season. Iím just curious what do you think about Danielís overall progress? How much have you seen him progress?
A: Yeah, I think heís done a really good job. Unfortunately though, we donít have the wins to show for it. But just going back from day one of the offseason to training camp, his knowledge of what heís being asked to do and then the speed at which he does it has been impressive for a young guy. I think that like anybody else, he needs to continue to make strides in that area. Heís very talented, but there are a lot of things that come with the position. The ups and the downs and the highs and the lows, and handling all of the Ďwhat ifsí, as we say. Things that maybe show up that you hadnít quite talked about, whether or not itís on the field or off the field. All the things that youíre going to go through as a first-year player, and then you move into the second year. But right now, weíre just kind of locked in on this week. He had a good practice today, so hopefully weíll have success early. But again, itís just kind of, as we talk to all of our players, just dial in on one play. Donít worry about anything else. Just worry about the things you can control and what youíre asked to do.

Q: I would imagine if I were to ask you what number do you like least from Daniel, it would be the fumbles. What number do you like the best? When you look at all the stats, what do you like best?
A: Just in general, statistically on paper, you look at the completion percentage. But then the things that we look at are the decision-making. How many times is he making good decisions? It might not be a completion, but it was a good decision. Like I said, there have been a lot of times where heís done that. Even in some of the games that we didnít win or maybe there were some negative plays, a turnover or an interception, a fumble or an interception, there have been a lot of good things. And they know better than anybody, we talk about it, those things are hidden because of a negative play like that. You kind of have to sort through those things and build on those good things, and kind of just eliminate the turnovers. I think weíll see the production go up and the wins go up.

Q: Does having twice as many touchdown passes as interceptions resonate inÖ
A: Yeah, I think thatís probably a good barometer. The last several years, people have talked about that two-to-one ratio. Really your goal on paper, if youíre a three-to-one in that ratio, youíre probably playing really good football and your team is winning a lot of games. Yeah, thatís a good number to look at, whether or not itís a high number of each or a low number of each.

Q: Your relationship with Daniel, we saw you at the pro day and it looked like you were pretty close with him. Do you have any other relationships with the quarterbacks that youíve coached that you can compare to this one? Is there a satisfaction to see Daniel finish out the season?
A: You probably have to ask those guys youíre talking about. But yeah, I think thereís a bond that you share with the guys that you coach, especially at that position where youíre right in the middle of everything, which is why I love coaching that position. The highs and the lows, right in the middle of the big decisions being made. First of all, as a coach, when the guy youíre responsible for does well, youíre on top of the world because you know how hard heís worked. If he doesnít do well, then youíre as low as you can possibly be because you feel like itís your fault, and how youíre going to find out a way to help him. You have to have a good mix of, obviously, getting things done right on the field, but then also kind of having a little downtime, just sharing some things where you can kind of let guys talk a little bit, open up, a little philosophy and try to solve some of the other worldís problems.

Q: Keeping on the quarterback vein, this might be the last time Eli (Manning) walks on the field in a Giants uniform. In two years, what has it been like working with him?
A: I feel really lucky. I feel really lucky to be here for a lot of reasons, with our ownership, with Coach Shurmur, with Dave (Gettleman), but especially coaching a guy like Eli. Iíve coached a lot of really good players. Iíve been really fortunate to be around, and he is really special for a lot of the reasons that wonít ever go down on a stat sheet, in my opinion. The kind of guy he is, the way he handles things, watching him how he is with you all, with his teammates, with coaches, handling the situation earlier this year. Itís just unbelievable. Iíll never forget it. Iíve learned a lot from him in all areas of my life.
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