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Thursday Media Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/26/2019 5:08 pm
QB Daniel Jones -- December 26, 2019

Q: How was your Christmas?
A: It was good, had a good time. How was yours?

Q: Very good, thank you. What did you get us? (Laughter)
A: Hopefully another win, thatís what weíre working on.

Q: When you look at the Eagles, they are a team that itís going to be the first time youíre seeing them. What impresses you about them?
A: I think their front. Theyíve got a good front. A couple guys, really the whole front, they are experienced guys, guys who can make plays. Then, guys in the backend, too, who are physical and make a lot of plays. So, they are a good defense. But I thought in the first game, we played well, we did a lot of good things. Weíll hopefully be able to do a lot of those things again and improve on them.

Q: As you guys were able to go over that Redskins win, what worked well for you that was different than any other game that allowed you to have a career day?
A: I think it was a combination of a lot of things. I think when you look at it overall, we were able to run the ball really well, we were able to throw the ball, and I think itís a large credit to the guys up front and how well they played. Obviously Saquon had a huge game and played really well, but he had holes to run through and we had a lot of time to throw the ball. A lot of credit to them for how well they played and how well theyíve played this whole season.

Q: When you look back to Week 3 at your first start, how different of a quarterback are you now in the final game this season?
A: Hopefully, a lot different. I think Iíve learned a lot and Iím hopefully a lot better player now. Iím continuing to learn. Thereís still a lot of things to work on, but I feel like Iíve come a long way from that first start.

Q: Saquon and a couple guys have said that youíve kind of stepped up as a vocal leader, as well, as the season has gone on. Does that just come with experience, being around the guys more? Whatís kind of brought that part of your personality out?
A: Yeah, I think just being around more and getting to know everyone better, people getting to know me better. I understand Iím still a younger player and like I said, thereís a lot to learn, a lot to learn from the older guys. But, being able to communicate, being able to talk through things and get on the same page, I think, is important, particularly for a quarterback. So, I try to do that when I can.

Q: Is there extra incentive knowing that you can knock the Eagles out of the playoff spot by beating them?
A: Any division game like this, the last game of the season, we have a chance to end it on a high note. Yeah, itís a big game for a lot of reasons, but an opportunity for us to finish strong and put a few wins together here at the end of the season. So, weíre excited and I think weíre looking forward to getting out there Sunday.

Q: How much would just the final win of the season, two in a row for you, impact you in the offseason?
A: Yeah, I think itíd mean a lot, I think, for this whole team going forward and building on into next year. I think we have a young team, a lot of players coming back, so I think going into next season this one would be big for us.

Q: Is there anything you see going on in the last couple of weeks that makes you more optimistic about next year and about the future?
A: I mean, I think weíve been optimistic. I think through the season weíve played well at times. I think, overall, weíve been inconsistent, but I think we have the pieces. We certainly have the ability to put together a game like we did Sunday and to play even better than that. I think weíre very optimistic going forward. The challenge is to continue to improve and I think a win Sunday would help us keep going in that direction.

Q: How beneficial has it been for you to work with Pat Shurmur as a coach and as a technician for your position?
A: Itís been huge for me since Iíve gotten here. I think heís a great coach. I think, particularly for a young quarterback, an opportunity to work with him, as heís kind of installed his offense and how he sees it and how heís coached me has been very important to my development, as well as Coach Shula. Iím very grateful to have the opportunity to work with him.

Q: Not that you would make this decision, but are you in favor of him remaining the Giants Head Coach in the future?
A: Yeah, I think obviously thatís a little above my pay grade, but Iíve really enjoyed working with Coach Shurmur and I think heís done a whole lot for my development and my growth. Yeah, heís been great for me.

Q: This could be the last week you work with Elió based on his contract situation, he might be heading elsewhere or retiring. What has it meant to you to be teammates with him for a year, has he been your friend, has he been your mentor, whatís he been like?
A: I think heís been all of that. To have a guy like that to work with everyday and to learn football, learn how the NFL works, has beenÖIíve been fortunate to be in that position. Heís a fun guy to hang out with, heís a fun guy to come to work with, you learn a lot just hanging around him. Iíve been lucky to be around him.

Q: Obviously, youíve played flip cup with him.
A: (Laughter) That was a one-shot deal there. Itís fun. Like I said, heís a fun guy to be around, heís a fun guy to hang out with, and Iíve really enjoyed being with him.
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