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Monday Media Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/30/2019 2:22 pm
QB Daniel Jones -- December 30, 2019

Q: How did the firing of your head coach hit you?
A: Itís tough. Obviously, thatís I guess part of the business and part of being at this level. But itís tough on me, tough on all of us.

Q: What are you feeling right now?
A: Just disappointed. Coach (Pat Shurmur) obviously believed in me, Coach believed in all of us, and itís disappointing. Iím grateful to him for the opportunity. I think heís an excellent football coach and I really appreciate what heís done for us.

Q: When something like this happens, do the players feel a part of it, as though theyíre responsible as well?
A: Absolutely, no question. Itís a tough deal, but everyone is responsible. The players are very, very largely responsible for how this season has gone. I certainly feel responsible, and I think thatís the tough part. Thatís the way we should feel and thatís the way it is. Everyone on this team feels that way. We have to use that to motivate us going into the offseason and make sure that weíre not in this position next year.

Q: He addressed you guys. Can you give us a little bit of insight into what that was like? He addressed you guys as a team?
A: He did, yeah. He let us know of the situation and told us that he appreciated us, our effort. Coachís class and just who he is as a man was always apparent. It was apparent in that meeting also. I think the world of him. I have the ultimate amount of respect for him as a coach and as a person.

Q: Is it important to you that the next head coach be a quarterback guy, have a quarterback background?
A: Thatís not necessarily up to me and well above my pay grade. My job is to work as hard as I can to improve, to learn the system and work with the next coach.

Q: In that vein, obviously, youíre not making the decision, but what kind of general characteristics would you be hoping for that the new head coach would have?
A: I donít know. Just an energy and excitement for this team. I think the next head coach will do that. I trust the people making that decision. Like I said, my job is to work as hard as I can to learn the system and to continue to improve as a player.

Q: Going into the future, youíre the franchise quarterback. How do you accept the responsibility of being the quarterback of the New York Giants?
A: Just work hard every day to improve. Where we are right now as a team, where I am right now as a player, is not where we need to be. I feel that, I think this team feels that. If we want to get where we want to go, weíre going to have to use this, to learn from this. Otherwise, the season would have been pointless. We need to use it to motivate us, use it to improve going into the offseason.

Q: There are going to be several head coaching positions open in the NFL. What do you think makes the Giantsí opening so attractive?
A: I think, one, itís a historic franchise with a lot of tradition. This team has a chance to, like I said, continue to improve. We have guys who can build a special team, be a part of a special team, and thatís our goal. Weíre excited about this team. We know we have an opportunity to be special and weíre determined to do that. I think just the opportunity to be a part of this organization, this historic organization, is something anyone would be excited about.

Q: Eliís (Manning) tenure here is basically over. Can you just encapsulate what his influence has been like for your growth this year?
A: Eliís done a ton for me. Since the day I got drafted, he welcomed me and did everything he could for me to help me grow, help me develop. I canít say enough about what I think about him as a person. Iím just grateful to have spent the time Iíve gotten to with him and learned as much as I have.

Q: What does your offseason look like? Will you be mostly up here, mostly in the Charlotte area, mostly in Alabama training? Where will you be?
A: I think Iíll be mostly up here. Back and forth some. I plan on being at Duke a little bit, and like you said, in Mobile some. Iíll spend most of my time up here though.
Lets hope Rhule  
giants_10_88 : 12/30/2019 2:37 pm : link
likes Jones. I think he is the real deal.
Well handled, Daniel  
cosmicj : 12/30/2019 2:39 pm : link
RE: Lets hope Rhule  
alb345Tx : 12/30/2019 3:00 pm : link
In comment 14745270 giants_10_88 said:
likes Jones. I think he is the real deal.

Ruhle has seen Jones up close with Baylor. Jones faced Baylor as a RS soph in 2017...came out on top 34-20. DJ only passed for 184 yds and no TD's but his runners had a field day, going for 260+ yds.
So happy we have another class act at QB  
Rjanyg : 12/30/2019 3:48 pm : link
Thanks DG
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