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Monday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/30/2019 2:43 pm
QB Eli Manning -- December 30, 2019

Q: Whatís your reaction to the firing today?
A: Coach Shurmur and I had a great relationship. I think he is a great coach, I think he is a wonderful man and (Iím) just disappointed. I think you always feel responsible when a coach gets fired. Itís obviously because as players we didnít do our part. We didnít play well enough, we didnít win enough games. I feel for him and all the coaches. They worked hard and did a lot of hard work and a lot of good things. Obviously, just didnít win enough games for them to stay on and move forward, so (Iím) disappointed.

Q: Talk about your emotions coming into this locker room after what could have been your final game as a Giant?
A: Obviously, itís kind of tough to know how you are going to feel on this day. I think it takes a little time for it to truly sink in. I have so many fond memories and thatís the great thing about football. You can reflect on the good things and you can choose what to remember and what to forget. Iím going to choose to remember the wins and the fellowship here with my teammates and coaches. From the past season and from the 16 seasons prior. Too many great memories and laughs and wins and celebrations to worry about the tough parts.

Q: Have you made a decision officially on what you are going to do?
A: No, I havenít. I am going to think about it. Just dwell on it and talk to my family and figure out whatís best for me and us and what I want to do going forward.

Q: Do you have a time table on when you want to make that decision?
A: I donít. No plans, just sit on it and hopefully have that answer on what I want to do and what my next steps are. I donít want it to linger around, I want to try to make that as soon as possible. Iíll think upon it a bunch these next days and weeks and try to figure out what I want to do.

Q: How serious of an option is retirement? Is that one of the options?
A: Everything is an option. Thatís the first decision, whether I want to continue to play or not. Then go from there.

Q: Do you think you have some quality football left in you?
A: Thatís what Iíll decide and try to figure that out. I think I can still play but Iíll figure everything out.

Q: You have always said you canít see yourself in another uniform. If a team said you can compete for a starting job, is that something you would have to consider?
A: That will come into the consideration. Thatís what I will be thinking about these next couple of days.

Q: Whatís your message to Daniel Jones?
A: I thought Daniel did a lot of really good things this year. Itís hard coming in as a rookie and playing. I think he had some unbelievable games. Obviously he had some tough games. I think in the future it will be good for him. I remember after my rookie year it was terrible and it wasnít very good. Then the next year we go 11-5 and win the division. I think he will be so much more comfortable going into next season. I know there will be a new coach and maybe he will be learning new things. Heíll have that presence and have that experience and he will be better for it.

Q: I know you didnít enjoy being a backup but if the Giants wanted you to come back in that role, would you consider it?
A: I doubt it. Backing up is not real fun.

Q: After 16 seasons, what are you most proud of?
A: Itís easy to say the championships and I think those are special memories. I think just the work every day, came in committed to getting better and finding ways to win games and to improve myself and improve my teammates. Iím proud of the friendships and being a good teammate to all the guys that came in here. Trying to help out anybody who needed help and work. I think the commitment was there and sometimes you got the result, sometimes you didnít. I think I always gave myself, this team, and this organization everything I had.

Q: Would you every consider coaching?
A: I donít think so. I felt like I was kind of a coach this year and I didnít enjoy it that much. I guess I take it back, I am coaching my third-grade basketball team with my daughter. Iím the assistant but I take it pretty serious and Iím enjoying that. Iíll consider some coaching jobs.
I love Eli  
DavidinBMNY : 12/30/2019 2:59 pm : link
What a treat.
We didn't deserve you...  
islander1 : 12/30/2019 3:04 pm : link
Best wishes for the rest of your career/ life.
Damfino : 12/30/2019 3:06 pm : link
Miss you already
I predict  
Diver_Down : 12/30/2019 3:10 pm : link
record attendance at 3rd grade girls basketball games by fans of Eli.
One of Eliís best media sessions ever. ¬†
RDJR : 12/30/2019 3:16 pm : link
His guard was down and he was just being himself. Which is quite great. Thanks 10. You were a great Giant.
How lucky were we  
Beef Wellington : 12/30/2019 3:21 pm : link
Giant fans to have had Eli throughout his whole career. Iíve been a fan since 62 and to me heís the greatest Giant ever.
With the money, success, and fame  
dune69 : 12/30/2019 3:29 pm : link
Eli has not changed from day 1. He is genuine and humble. Incredible person.
All time NY Giant  
Rjanyg : 12/30/2019 3:43 pm : link
Mount Rushmore if Giants no doubt
What a terrific media session that was  
speedywheels : 12/30/2019 3:59 pm : link
He will be missed...
Eli and Jeter ... the best NY will see for a long time ...  
Spider56 : 12/30/2019 4:03 pm : link
Maybe the best ever.
RE: With the money, success, and fame  
Andrew in Austin : 12/30/2019 4:23 pm : link
In comment 14745444 dune69 said:
Eli has not changed from day 1. He is genuine and humble. Incredible person.

Spot on.

When you look at sports figures for kids to look up to, he is right there at the top.
skifaster : 12/30/2019 5:05 pm : link
Wish he consider becoming the Giants QB coach
Miss you Eli  
BBelle21 : 12/30/2019 5:17 pm : link
Hope Eli and Peyton do something together
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