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Does Quinn still has pictures?

Reale01 : 1/17/2020 11:11 pm
He (TMac) and (assistant former coordinator) Tom Quinn do an outstanding job of working together, coaching the players in techniques and coming up with schemes for game plans that allow them to apply pressure on the opponents."

Sounds like Quinn may have dodged another bullet. I know that will make a lot of people on BBI happy.
Tom Quinn = Under Cover Boss.  
Shepherdsam : 1/17/2020 11:37 pm : link
His wife’s family is from the area - give him a break  
V.I.G. : 1/18/2020 3:37 am : link
He’s the guy behind the guy
Quinn is effectively  
Big Blue '56 : 1/18/2020 6:20 am : link
a non-factor. Our specials are rather solid
It could be that  
Giantimistic : 1/18/2020 7:27 am : link
He is better as an assistant coach than the coordinator. I am for not messing with what was working.
It's the Irish last name  
Eli Wilson : 1/18/2020 7:37 am : link
If he was Tom Smith he'd have been gone by now.
RE: It's the Irish last name  
jeff57 : 1/18/2020 8:03 am : link
In comment 14784429 Eli Wilson said:
If he was Tom Smith he'd have been gone by now.

And he still has pictures. Although theyre not quite as effective as they used to be.
Lets just hope and pray he hasnt shared them with  
Spider56 : 1/18/2020 8:59 am : link
Hal Hunter.
Quinn is the Pat Shurmur of Special Teams Coaches  
Ben in Tampa : 1/18/2020 9:51 am : link
He is terrible as the Coordinator, appears to be excellent as the Assistant
Special teams was great last year  
jpkmets : 1/18/2020 10:01 am : link
Aside from Rosas and DeOssies issues. But coverage was excellent.

Dont think he needs to use the pictures this time. Whatever he did in the past, last year he was part of something excellent and its telling that a ST maven like Judge is bringing back that unit.
some of you with this obsession of hate toward  
Rory : 1/18/2020 11:31 am : link
Tom Quinn is pretty pathetic. I'm pretty sure nobody on this site knows a thing about him

Obviously the organization see's his value, just because you dont doesn't mean he should just be removed.

We are fans, we dont see the inside details and have all the knowledge, alot of you need to accept that and move on.

I'm very excited about this staff thus far. Just need to get A. Pierce in at LB coach.
I had heard that Quinn's main focus this past year on ST  
Jimmy Googs : 1/18/2020 11:34 am : link
was mostly coaching our FG Unit team.
Quinn Stuff Is Getting Old,  
clatterbuck : 1/18/2020 12:09 pm : link
The HC and the Special Teams coordinator want him in the building. He filled in well when McGaughey was out. Maybe they know a little more that the conventional wisdom here.
Who own  
pjcas18 : 1/18/2020 12:22 pm : link
da chiefs?
Special teams were good  
Steve in ATL : 1/18/2020 12:34 pm : link
don't see any reason to get rid of either of those coaches.
To be clear  
Reale01 : 1/18/2020 5:49 pm : link
I have no problem with him in his current role. Its just funny how he has gone from TC to McAdoo, to Shurmur, and now to Judge. He is the GLUE!
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