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continued list of "upside" players in the 2020 draft

shocktheworld : 1/23/2020 1:16 pm
Wanted to finish my initial list of some relatively unknown or lesser talked about players to watch for in the draft...feel free to throw some of your favs out there too...I love the off-season, and this draft is SO loaded with talent that 2020 has a chance to bring us some really nice pieces for JJ to work with.

Michael Pittman Jr. WR, USC 6'3 217lbs

He is the son of a Super Bowl champ, and has the genetic makeup to excel at the next level. He blew up his senior year, and I believe his best football is ahead of him.
Fast, physical, long strider that needs some help in technique and full route tree precision, which is exactly what he'll get at the next level. Nice upside, outside #1 type receiver who can be had at a huge discount due to the ridiculous amount of WR talent in the draft.

Michael Pittman Jr.

Michael Pittman Jr.#2

Trevis Gipson EDGE, Tulsa 6'3

Later round lotto ticket, but this kid has talent and was the leader of Tulsa's defense and team. He is extremely hard working, is terrific against the run, and can get after the QB. He's going to be a nice upside player that can contribute to special teams instantly. Also, the kind of kid you want in your locker room...he is loved by teammates and coaches. He is a leader and has the work ethic to become a nice player over time.

Trevis Gipson

Trevis Gipson#2

Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB/Hybrid Appalachian St. 6'2 215lbs

I compare this player to a poor man's Isaiah Simmons haha...ok, that's a very poor man, but this kid is almost as versatile... He lined up all over the field but isn't as big as Simmons (who is just a rare blend of talent)and that could be his downfall in the league. But worst case he is a ST ace and can come in on passing downs and cover TE's (imagine?) and RB's, because he consistently did that in college. Oh and he is not afraid to stick his head in there and bang. This guy craves contact and always gives max effort. These are the type of guys winning teams need to have a high number of...let's add one to the good guys

Akeem Davis-Gaither

Oluwole Betiku Jr. Illinois, EDGE 6'3 250lbs

Just a really cool story about how he came to the USA and became one of the highest rated recruits in the nation his senior year. Then...he was a giant bust at USC...but he got his redemption this past year at Illinois, and showed everyone what he can really do...which is be an impact player from the EDGE... Later round prospect, but one that could really payoff with proper coaching etc. He has all the physical tools, and is a great person, so he would def be worth a shot in day 3 of the draft. We need to build a defense with depth, and worst case he can be rotated in to keep others fresh, but I really think he can be a starter one day.

Oluwole Betiku Jr.

Oluwole Betiku Jr.#2

Darnay Holmes CB, UCLA 5'10 200lbs

Really interesting prospect here...he can cover like a wet blanket...but tackles like a wet paper bag...He has the size to stick his nose in there but just hasn't really proved its something he WANTS to do . But that said, if he doesn't let his guy catch the ball, then I can live with some shitty tackling occasionally...but that part of his game must be improved. We know Judge will make sure he knows how to tackle, or he won't see the field... He's been impressive at practice in the Senior Bowl, he talks a lot and confidence oozes out of him. He reminds me of Jackrabbit as a player, but isn't such a dumb ass. Good kid that needs to understand that bad/lack of tackling isn't an option at the next level, but his has innate instincts for the position and is a really good cover corner.

Darnay Holmes

Darnay Holmes #2

Adam Trautman TE, Dayton 6'5 251 lbs

Really nice story for Adam. He is living the dream right now, and is flying UP draft boards after never being on ANY! Very athletic player and was a QB, so he is smart and understands how to help his own QB. I wouldn't pick him until after the 4th round, and he may go sooner, but if he's available on day 3...he can be a really nice upside player.

Adam Trautman

That's all I have time for now, I'll do another 6 pack after the Senior Bowl week..have a good day out there
AcidTest : 1/23/2020 1:31 pm : link
Great information.
Thanks for posting  
mavric : 1/23/2020 1:41 pm : link
I have my own little list of late round picks or sleepers. Trautman is already on my list. He's going to be a really good TE

One that I have tucked away in the back of my mind is a RB from Boston College, AJ Dillon a 6-0, 250lb bruiser considered a punisher if you try to bring him down. He's a bulldozer and has carried the load for the Eagles. A little under the radar, but I suspect most scouts are well aware of him. Giants seem to keep track of all players from Boston College, Syracuse and UConn so I'm sure they will look him over
AJ Dillon - ( New Window )
So many good receivers in this draft  
Justlurking : 1/23/2020 1:45 pm : link
Pittman definitely the type of guy to target. Big, physical true outside WR is sorely needed.
Some of the guys I was a fan of  
ghost718 : 1/23/2020 1:52 pm : link
Who are at the Senior Bowl

Logan Wilson,LB,Wyoming
Jared Pinkney,TE,Vanderbilt
Antonio Gandy Golden,WR,Liberty
Van Jefferson,WR,Florida
Bradlee Anae,OLB,Utah...little bit of a wackadoo,but with this years pass rushers,I'd give him a look

Danny Pinter - ORT - Ball State 6-4 300  
KeoweeFan : 1/23/2020 2:27 pm : link
A sentimental favorite because he's the grandson of a good friend. But there is a lot to like:

3rd highest OL grade by "PFF Draft":
Josh Jones Houston - 92.7
Andrew Thomas Georgia - 91.3
Danny Pinter Ball state - 90.9
Tristan Wirfs Iowa- 90.2

Many awards including Leadership, Scholarship (already graduated; 3.9 GPA in grad school), Strength, Community Service, and All-MAC. Considered one of the most athletic players on the Ball State squad.

Former standout TE who switched to RT for the good of the team, is projected to guard, where he started in the NFL PA Bowl last week. He was the first (and about the only) OL mentioned in the telecast by the announcers who included former NYG exec Marc Ross.

Based on the feedback from scouts on his performance that week he was told by his agent to expect an invite to the combine.

If JJ were to draw up a profile of a lower round OL to teach and develop, it would describe Pinter.
Thanks for putting this all together!  
TC : 1/23/2020 3:23 pm : link
Great job!

I don't really follow college ball, and look forward to reviewing this in more detail.
RE: Thanks for putting this all together!  
shocktheworld : 1/23/2020 7:55 pm : link
In comment 14791169 TC said:
Great job!

I don't really follow college ball, and look forward to reviewing this in more detail.

My pleasure!
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