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If not Alex Tanney, will be the backup QB next season?

Defenderdawg : 2/7/2020 9:49 am
Free Agents (X - not likely)

Brett Hundley AZ 27
Matt Simms ATL 32 RFA
Chase Daniel CHI 33
Drew Stanton CLE 36
Cooper Rush DAL 26 RFA
X Dak Prescott DAL 27 (Starter)
Brandon Allen DEN 27 RFA
Jeff Driskell DET 27
A.J. McCarron HOU 29
Joe Webb HOU 33
Chad Henne KC 35
Matt Moore KC 36
X Philip Rivers LAC 38 (Starter)
Blake Bortles LAR 28
Sean Mannion MIN 28
X Tom Brady NE 43 Void (Starter)
X Drew Brees NO 41 Void (Starter)
X Taysom Hill NO 30 (Starter)
X Teddy Bridgewater NO 27 Void (Starter)
David Fales NYJ 29
Trevor Siemian NYJ 28
Mike Glennon OAK 30
Josh McCown PHI 41
Nate Suffeld PHI 26
Geno Smith SEA 29
Blaine Gabbert TB 30
X Jameis Winston TB 26 (Starter)
Marcus Mariota TEN 26 (Probably wants to be a starting QB)
X Ryan Tannehill TEN 32 (Starter)
Case Keenum WAS 32
Colt McCoy WAS 33

Possible Veteran cuts:

Andy Dalton CIN 32
Ryan Fitzpatrick MIA 37
Josh Rosen MIA 23

Draft Choice:


Have always liked Glennon  
Big Blue '56 : 2/7/2020 9:52 am : link
as backup material
Well, Tanney is still under contract...  
Klaatu : 2/7/2020 9:55 am : link
But if they want to go with a younger version, I'd sign A.J. McCarron.
A lot of good options that should come at a reasonable price...  
KDavies : 2/7/2020 10:00 am : link
no idea, why they would keep Tanney, especially with a new head coach and OC
I would prefer someone with a similar skill set to Jones  
Jay on the Island : 2/7/2020 10:07 am : link
Mariota would be my top choice but he will likely be looking for a starting job and more than likely will be too expensive.

Case Keenum is the likeliest option.
Miami reportedly is keeping Fitzpatrick  
Jay on the Island : 2/7/2020 10:07 am : link
If he were available he would be my top choice.
I don't know who, but my guess is that they sign a vet who's ready  
Ira : 2/7/2020 10:09 am : link
and draft a rookie late.
I know he is a bit older  
figgy2989 : 2/7/2020 10:17 am : link
But if the cost is right, I wouldn't mind seeing Colt McCoy come in as a back up. Been in the league a long time and could certainly assist Jones with his development.

In the event Jones were to miss a game, McCoy is capable of filing in for spot starts.
NYG legend  
mac attack : 2/7/2020 10:20 am : link
That makes me think  
lugnut : 2/7/2020 10:33 am : link
I just realized we have NO ONE at backup QB (Tanney hardly counts). I bet we get a vet, too, but I bet this means we're drafting a "developmental" QB. 4th round maybe??
I know some will scoff  
Jay on the Island : 2/7/2020 10:37 am : link
But Blake Bortles is worth a look. He is not at the top of my list but he with a solid coaching staff he could contribute if needed to step in for Jones.

Matt Moore is a good short term option if he is willing to play for another year. Iíve wanted the Giants to sign him for years. He has always played well when forced onto the field and did well for KC last season.

Many options probably available for a team friendly deal.  
Ivan15 : 2/7/2020 11:01 am : link
I would look for a guy with a similar skill set to Jones a day scheme fit, whatever that is.

On a side note, someone is going to get a QB who can get them to the playoffs if they sign Dalton. On a team with more character - not characters - he could go further in the playoffs. Panthers, Titans, Bucs?
Bring back Gino!  
RobCrossRiver56 : 2/7/2020 11:17 am : link
Can you replace an Alex Tanney?  
Mad Mike : 2/7/2020 11:24 am : link
That's big shoes for someone to fill, not sure you could even find someone willing to try, let alone succeed.
RE: That makes me think  
Klaatu : 2/7/2020 11:31 am : link
In comment 14805868 lugnut said:
I just realized we have NO ONE at backup QB (Tanney hardly counts). I bet we get a vet, too, but I bet this means we're drafting a "developmental" QB. 4th round maybe??

How about maybe not? Take a flyer in the 6th or 7th, but no earlier than that. 4th round isn't a premium round, but it's a good spot to grab a player who, for whatever, reason, fell out of the first three, at a position where you could use better quality depth.

Another thing to consider is that we don't even know if the Giants will keep three QB's on the roster this year. So, if they can upgrade from Tanney in free agency, they might just stick with two, and maybe a late-day-three pick or UDFA on the practice squad.
BIG FRED 1973 : 2/7/2020 11:56 am : link
Is a guy I would take a look at for sure ,can play in a pinch if Jones get hurt and has won a playoff game .But $$$ may be the issue with him
Chase or Case  
JerryNicklebag : 2/7/2020 11:57 am : link
Either of them has good experience and could step in for a few games if needed.

RE: Chase or Case  
japanhead : 2/7/2020 8:40 pm : link
In comment 14805995 JerryNicklebag said:
Either of them has good experience and could step in for a few games if needed.

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