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NGT: wonder if the NFL is paying attention to XFL kickoffs

Giantsfan79 : 2/8/2020 6:35 pm
if you didn't watch the XFL, you should check out their kickoff rules/formation. The kickoff team stands at the 35, the receiving team is only 5 yards away at the 30. None of them can move until the kick returner catches the kick.

This really seemed to cut down on the collisions which should greatly reduce concussions. Remember the NFL concedes the vast majority of the concussions come on special team plays. The NFL has already said it was looking at changing the kickoff. Wondering if they'll move to adopt the XFL policy.

I like it  
Eli owns all : 2/8/2020 6:52 pm : link
I think the reviews are a lot quicker too.
I also like it.  
Wiggy : 2/8/2020 7:19 pm : link
How do  
myquealer : 2/8/2020 8:51 pm : link
onside kicks work?
I really liked it too  
GiantTuff1 : 2/8/2020 8:52 pm : link
It keeps the kickoff, a staple of the game, actually in the game in way that is just as safe as just about every other play started from scrimmage.

AcidTest : 2/8/2020 9:02 pm : link
Very intriguing. It certainly seems a lot safer than NFL kickoffs.
BigBill : 2/8/2020 9:08 pm : link
Darn cool! I agree, seems much safer! Go Kevin Gilbride tomorrow!
How far was a typical return ?  
Eli Wilson : 2/8/2020 9:12 pm : link
They definitely are.  
Default : 2/8/2020 9:26 pm : link
As silly as the original XFL was the NFL took a bunch of ideas from it, including the skycam shot from behind the offense that is used all the time.
Interesting experiments  
KeoweeFan : 2/8/2020 9:30 pm : link
I found the several rule changes very appealing.

The on-field interview immediately after plays were a put off for me. "How do you feel about missing a field goal 20 seconds ago" or an interview with someone gasping for breath about the last play.

How long can broadcast of plays to QBs and WRs last without abuse?

Pressely and Cardale looked good; future backups?
(What was Pressely's problem with the Giants?)
BleedBlue : 2/9/2020 2:27 am : link
I enjoyed the games

Thought it was cool to hear the play question is isn't this set up to steal calls and stuff? Seemed odd but I enjoyed as a viewer and fan
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