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NFT: Barrett totally dominant last night in rising stars.

manh george : 2/15/2020 3:12 pm
27 points on 11-17 shooting (0-4 from beyond the arc, so thereís still some work to be done), 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals.

And the dunk on the tape is awesome--showed more athleticism than he does sometimes--height, quickness, power.

Reminding that this is a 19 1/2 year old kid June Birthday), who will get even stronger and dominate physically, and who has a nice stroke on the 3 pt./foul shot when he isn't too tight, even if his aim currently sucks.

Didn't get the MVP because his team (World) got beat bad, so Bridges got it on much weaker stats, but he was apparently the best player.

We got lucky for a change, picking third when there really were 3 superior players and then a gap. Morant is having a terrific year (17.6 pts, 7 asst), and Zion is Zion--but one has to wonder if Zion can stay healthy when that monster body takes a pounding. I am voting "no"--leaping the way he does at 284 pounds.

In any event, Barrett clearly has wondrous upside--if he develops an outside shot, which I expect he will.
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the thing Barret has is that legit pro body  
Torrag : 2/15/2020 3:13 pm : link
He's strong and only going to get better and stronger.
He'll still be slower than molasses  
Greg from LI : 2/15/2020 3:18 pm : link
He must be in heaven right now.  
bceagle05 : 2/15/2020 3:51 pm : link
A pleasant weekend away from this garbage franchise.
Idiot ESPN writer gave him a F grade for the game  
Eli Wilson : 2/15/2020 4:28 pm : link
Simply because he fouled Zion on a dunk attempt and prevented the dunk.
It was an exhibition game  
Nine-Tails : 2/15/2020 4:46 pm : link
Doesnít mean much in the grand scheme of things. Also, heís not on the same tier as Ja and Zion. Those guys are franchise changers. Now Barrett does have potential to be a good player, but he has to improve in certain areas.
One of RJís problems is  
PhilSimms15 : 2/15/2020 6:17 pm : link
He plays on a team with horrible spacing and with horrible shooting. RJ would operate a lot better if he had more room to attack the rim and kick.

Also, he will have his third coach in his second season.

However, the talent is there. He is tough and tough minded; smart; very strong for a 19 year old and very serious about his game. I would be very surprised if he does not improve his shooting.

Kidd was a horrible shooter when he got into the league but turned himself into a threat from three. Even the legend himself, LBJ was a below average shooter when he came into the league and he made himself into a good shooter through hard work.

I think RJ will also turn himself into a shooter.
I donít see it  
JoeyBigBlue : 2/15/2020 7:27 pm : link
To me heís a second option on a good team at best. Heís not a franchise superstar like Zion or Ja.
Pleas stop  
djm : 2/16/2020 12:22 am : link
With this madness that the Knicks are better off with RJ over Zion. I get the coping mechanism but cmon. Zion is an insane talent and assuming injury simply because heís bigger, stronger and more athletic than everyone is crazy.

Could have been worse but it should have been better. If any team deserved and needed the first or second pick it was the Knicks but we know how that goes. Pray that RJ progresses and grows and matures because he needs to. As is heís ordinary.
MookGiants : 2/16/2020 1:27 am : link
I respect your opinion but we did anything but get lucky.

We would have gotten lucky if we got the 2nd pick. The gap between Morant and Barrett is enormous. Barrett will be a good olayer, but never a true star. The gap between him and Morant is a lot bigger than the gap between Barrett and the #4 pick.

Knicks needed a superstar and Barrett does not have the athleticism or shot to be a star.
I think his shot  
MookGiants : 2/16/2020 1:41 am : link
will improve but with his limited athleticism for the position he plays he would need to be a lights out shooter from mid range and very good 3 point shooter to be a star. And I dont see any way he ever becomes a lights out shooter.

Heís not going to be a bust but heís not likely to ever be good enough to be even the 2nd best option on a contending team.

Zionís question mark is health but if he stays healthy he obviously is a superstar. The only thing that could stop Morant is a freak injury. Hes amazing.

Total kick to the nuts to pick 3rd
Agree with Mook.  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 2/16/2020 9:14 am : link
Like usual, the stars didn't align & we got the 3rd pick in what appears to a 2 person draft. Morant is already insane & if Zion can stay healthy, he's going to be a force.
Zion already  
Ron Johnson : 2/16/2020 9:31 am : link
Had a torn meniscus. He wonít last 10 years
RE: Zion already  
djm : 2/16/2020 1:47 pm : link
In comment 14812007 Ron Johnson said:
Had a torn meniscus. He wonít last 10 years

He careful with this take. Michael Jordan had season ending knee surgery back in the 80s when that shit was far a certainty to fix things. Iím done assuming guys will continue to get hurt or wonít ever get hurt. No one knows. Itís a crap shoot and thereís zero data to go on that predicts success or failure here.
I think the OP is still waiting for Frank to blossom, itís  
Jim in Hoboken : 2/16/2020 2:54 pm : link
okay, we are terrible and unlucky, no shame in admitting that.

If dominating means doing a safe dunk while others are attempting between the legs, 360, dunk from the free throw line, then I guess.

The league owes us a top two pick. NO had no business getting Zion and GSW has no business sniffing Wiseman, but of course they will get him. I hope the league goes down the toilet.
We hoped RJ would be THE guy  
Dave on the UWS : 2/16/2020 3:15 pm : link
because, obviously, that's what the organization needed. But they ALSO needed a #2 guy to build a championship team. I believe he CAN be that player. He is a piece that they can build with. Mitch may be another. If they keep putting pieces together and improve, then they have a better chance of attracting THE guy in FA. There are many ways to build a top tier team. Getting lucky in the draft helps, but its not the only way.
Barrett is not a star.  
Ten Ton Hammer : 2/16/2020 3:18 pm : link
But he will probably end up playing in the NBA for 10 years.

I think they got a solid professional, not a franchise player.
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