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Giants 'Cohabitation Index'

Jay in Toronto : 3/24/2020 11:13 am
interesting discussion by Rosenblatt at NJ Com of something we have all noted: FA signings based on familiarity:

Giants Plan - ( New Window )
Worked well?  
Reale01 : 3/24/2020 11:42 am : link
He says it worked well with Betcher?

He cites Golden. He is the ONLY one that worked out well. Bethea and the other Cardinals were disasters.
How about Stewart, and the o-line we got as ex-panthers?

The "possible" future pick-up list he provides is very uninspiring. The Giants need to improve the pro-scouting department if they are going to be successful in FA.
seems like common sense  
giants#1 : 3/24/2020 12:31 pm : link
whoever in the organization has a history with that player can speak on their experiences with that player before a move is ultimately made. This smartly has the organization ensuring that it is learning all the relevant information before making a move.

With a fancy name attached to it.

And how is DG "adapting" if he's been doing this since he got here?

Off the top of my head:
Remmers - played for Shurmur
Stewart, Mayo - Panthers
Mauro, Martin, Golden, Bethea - Bettcher

Golden was a HR. Mayo a good pickup. Mauro/Remmers OK.

Bethea and Stewart were awful and Martin bad.
Bethea should have been playing strong safety. Never should have been  
Ivan15 : 3/24/2020 5:09 pm : link
Free safety. Okay for year 1 but not for year 2. After they got Peppers who couldn’t play free safety either, they were screwed.
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