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NFT: Prayers needed

superspynyg : 3/24/2020 3:12 pm
This morning my father was admitted to the hospital. At this time it is believed he might have pneumonia. He is 83 and has COPD. The hospital is going to test him for a Covid-19. Even if it is just pneumonia, due to his bad health he is at high risk.

Last week my first child was born. Since he lives in Virginia and can’t travel due to the pandemic. The thought that he may never meet his new grandson is killing me.

My father is a very good man and my best friend. So regardless of what you may think of me, I am asking for prayers. I don’t like to put my business out like this but I need all the help I can get.

Thank you.
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Best of luck to your dad....  
Britt in VA : 3/24/2020 3:57 pm : link
where in Virginia is he located?
AcidTest : 3/24/2020 4:03 pm : link
to your father, you, and the rest of your family. God bless.
#1 you are a great Yankees  
section125 : 3/24/2020 4:05 pm : link
poster. We (our Yankees group) have good discussions

#2 - He is in my prayers.
I hope he gets well soon, thoughts and prayers  
Joe in CT : 3/24/2020 4:10 pm : link
to you and your family!
OMG, You and your family are in my prayers!  
GiantBlue : 3/24/2020 4:13 pm : link
I hope you have the very best outcome!

My Dad had COPD and when they came in and said he had to go on Hospice and it would be a matter of weeks, my heart broke. And it broke every day I would go visit and spend time with him until he passed 11 days later.

I know how I felt and I am sorry you have to feel the same.

God, I hope for the best. You are in my prayers and thoughts!
Prayers sent. Wishing your Dad well.  
Blue21 : 3/24/2020 4:16 pm : link
Hoping for a big comeback  
dune69 : 3/24/2020 4:18 pm : link
Prayers to your Dad and your family.
Wishing all good things.  
yatqb : 3/24/2020 4:19 pm : link
I hope that he lives a long time and gets to enjoy that sweet baby!
Prayers set  
mdthedream : 3/24/2020 4:25 pm : link
My father never met my kids and to this day I think about that now and then.
mdthedream : 3/24/2020 4:26 pm : link
is Prayers sent.
Earl the goat : 3/24/2020 4:32 pm : link
And prayers
Hang in there!  
Fred-in-Florida : 3/24/2020 4:32 pm : link
Prayers and thoughts are with you and your father!
Thoughts and prayers to you and your family...  
May God Bless your father and keep him safe!
All the best to you, and your family.  
smshmth8690 : 3/24/2020 4:40 pm : link
Thoughts, and prayers are with you.
Tell your Dad  
Poktown Pete : 3/24/2020 4:56 pm : link
There are a lot of people today he doesn't even know wishing him the best. Count me as one of them.
Best of luck and speedy recovery to full health for your dad  
Ira : 3/24/2020 5:01 pm : link
God bless  
PaulN : 3/24/2020 5:05 pm : link
To the entire family.
Wishing you and family all the best  
MetsAreBack : 3/24/2020 5:20 pm : link
RE: Tell your Dad  
Russ in Queens, NYC : 3/24/2020 5:24 pm : link
In comment 14848676 Poktown Pete said:
There are a lot of people today he doesn't even know wishing him the best. Count me as one of them.

^^^^^ This ^^^^^
prayers for your Dad  
uconngiant : 3/24/2020 5:26 pm : link
I hope he heals soon and can be back with his loved ones very soon.
Re: NFT: Prayers needed  
zxasqw12 : 3/24/2020 5:30 pm : link
I don’t like to put my business out like this but I need all the help I can get.

Nothing but respect for a man who seeks prayer in a time of need. You have my prayers for God's blessing and a full recovery for your father.
Thoughts & prayers for him  
twostepgiants : 3/24/2020 5:32 pm : link
And you.

And anyway you can get a live video like FaceTime or Skype or even a photo. Go for it.
Bradshaw's Decal : 3/24/2020 5:51 pm : link
A rosary for your father tonight... What is his name...
God Bless your Day  
Devour the Day : 3/24/2020 6:11 pm : link
Prayers coming your Dads way.
Hang in there and stay positive.
Hope your gets well!!!
My dad was my best friend  
joeinpa : 3/24/2020 6:11 pm : link
I understand your fear. I pray for your father to recover and continue to share in your life.
Your family and father are in my prayers..  
rnargi : 3/24/2020 6:27 pm : link
...bless you all
My thoughts are with you  
Jay in Toronto : 3/24/2020 6:31 pm : link
I trust his knowledge of the birth of a healthy grandchild is a source of comfort to him (and you) .
Prayers sent  
Daniel in Kentucky : 3/24/2020 6:43 pm : link
Prayers to you and your family  
eric2425ny : 3/24/2020 7:07 pm : link
Sorry to hear you are going through this.
God bless your father.  
Giant John : 3/24/2020 7:09 pm : link
Inhope he recovers. Had pneumonia myself in November. Is not fun. Good luck.
My best wishes  
Marty866b : 3/24/2020 7:12 pm : link
To your dad for a speedy recovery.
prayers for you and your whole family  
Payasdaddy : 3/24/2020 7:33 pm : link
Joey Capps : 3/24/2020 8:06 pm : link
for his full and complete recovery.
May God bless your father and all who love him.  
Crispino : 3/24/2020 8:40 pm : link
Prayers for his recovery.
Your dad is in my thoughts  
Hammer : 3/24/2020 8:46 pm : link
I hope he has a speedy recovery
Prayers for all of you.  
tony stg : 3/24/2020 9:11 pm : link
Wishing the best for your dad and family.  
GiantSteps : 3/24/2020 9:58 pm : link
Heartfelt prayers sent for real. I truly hope he pulls through, and I know how tough this must be for you. Good luck, and we're all pulling for you!
Sending prayers your way  
dpinzow : 3/24/2020 10:37 pm : link
I'm sorry  
VanillaVick : 3/24/2020 10:41 pm : link
May God comfort you and yours in this trying time
My prayers for you and your dad...  
trueblueinpw : 3/24/2020 11:03 pm : link
“Yet I am not alone, for the Father is with me. I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

John 16
I prayed  
Bones : 3/24/2020 11:17 pm : link
For healing and comfort for your Dad and peace for you.
Hey man, that's really sad to hear...  
sb from NYT Forum : 3/24/2020 11:23 pm : link
...I'm really pulling for you dad to come out of this and my thoughts are with you and your family. Be strong! If you're dad's like mine that's what he'd want most.
COPD already before this pneumonia  
BlueLou'sBack : 3/25/2020 1:29 am : link
and possible Covid-19 infection?

You should go visit him ASAP any way you can, and G-d be with you both through this time that he may revel in the birth of your son with you.

Prayers wished for you both.
God give him strength  
jimmypage : 3/25/2020 6:46 am : link
Prayer sent.
Thoughts and prayers  
JohnF : 3/25/2020 9:25 am : link
to your Dad, your family and you!
Thoughts and prayers to your father  
Matt G : 3/25/2020 9:31 am : link
and you and your family!
Treepeople : 3/25/2020 12:56 pm : link
prayers sent.
RE: Tell your Dad  
Optimus-NY : 3/25/2020 1:13 pm : link
In comment 14848676 Poktown Pete said:
There are a lot of people today he doesn't even know wishing him the best. Count me as one of them.

Well said. I'm pulling for him. My dad is 73 and is vulnerable too. He's STILL going into Manhattan everyday from Long Island. His immunity is shit and he gets bronchitis every year at this time of year like clock-work. My mom is 69 and diabetic too, so I know how you feel a little. God save him and everyone else that's ill.
My thoughts and prayers go out to your  
JCin332 : 3/25/2020 4:43 pm : link
prayers to him and you that he gets beyond  
ColHowPepper : 3/25/2020 5:56 pm : link
this so you can share lives together again
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