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QBs in this Draft; Hindu Theory

NYG22 : 3/25/2020 1:39 pm
Tapping into George Young's Hindu Theory(reincarnation), this is always a fun game. For you people that like to react harshly behind your keyboards, please realize that I am not Sy'56; I'm just a guy that enjoys watching a ton of football and this site is a great outlet to share opinions.

Joe Burrow - HT: Daniel Jones.

Comment: His numbers last year dwarfed anything Daniel Jones did at Duke, but comparing a Duke offense to the greatest offense of all time is silly. I'm comparing attributes. Similarities include: Size although DJ a little taller and I suspect both will fill out a bit, athleticism - both are "next tier" athletes after the obvious top tier group and both have basketball backgrounds which is evident in their games and always a plus, intangibles - both very bright/competitive/well-liked young guys, arm - both have "enough arm" but not cannons, accuracy. I'll stop short of the pocket presence comparison because JB has had the ideal situation (has always had top tier talent as it relates to blocking, weapons etc) whereas DJ had nothing at Duke then a subpar OL to go along within subpar coaching in his rookie season -- so the context cannot be ignored.

Tua - HT: Baker Mayfield.

Comment: This may be a forced comparison. First off, there are no real lefties even if I went back in time, Tua is nothing like Mike Vick, Steve Young or Mark Brunnell who were superb athletes (in declining order). He's certainly not reminiscent of throwbacks Zorn, Stabler, Mitchell etc. So my starting point was slightly subpar size. While a bit bigger than Mayfield, he does has similar athleticism which is a tad above average. Both have very active feet when surveying the field; almost as if they've been studying Drew Brees footwork. Both like throw with as much velocity as they can muster (high effort throwers, unlike Burrow/Jones who like to throw with anticipation and feather balls in). By all accounts, Tua has one major advantage: personality/leadership and disadvantage: durability relative to Baker.

Justin Herbert - HT: Josh Allen

Comment: In the same ballpark in terms of ideal size, athleticism, arm strength, but inaccuracy concerns. Both very intelligent, good intangibles. Herbert seems to be less of a risk taker.

Jacob Eason - HT: Kerry Collins

Comment: Will be top 5 in terms of size and arm strength in the league. Not a runner per se, but a fairly fluid athlete. Intangibles and perhaps intelligence are in question. Is he that guy that has it all but can't seem to consistently play at a high level? Full disclosure I liked Collins (because he ended a terrible QB tenure for NYG) and he did accumulate some nice career stats. I'd bet Eason would sign up for that career.

Jordan Love - HT: A more mobile Matt Stafford.

Comment: Great size/arm. Very fluid and can pick up 10 yards on a straight dash (Stafford can't really do this anymore though). I haven't read anything about his personality. The 2019 down year must factor loss of any decent talent on that Nevada team. I've heard

Jalen Hurts - HT: ______

Comment: Similar size, arm, athleticism and perhaps most importantly WILL as Mark Brunell. He won't be the player Brunnell was. Isn't lefty. There is certainly a better comp, I'm just not thinking of it now.

Jake Fromm - HT: Colt McKoy

Comment: Tons of respect for what he did in college, but I see this guys as nothing more than a 5th rounder who peaks as a solid backup. Arm I thought was concerning towards the back half of his college career and notably bad in the combine. Strikes me as a multiple year backup with coaching in his future.

Regarding Fromm  
montanagiant : 3/25/2020 1:48 pm : link
it's wild to think that when he was a freshman he was regarded as the next great future NFL QB
NYG22 : 3/25/2020 1:52 pm : link
his (perceived) prospect status slipped badly in the last 2 years
So the Giants have 2 of the top QBs in this years draft?  
George from PA : 3/25/2020 2:01 pm : link
I don't consider  
NYG22 : 3/25/2020 2:07 pm : link
this a good QB draft. Tua (durability), Herbert (inaccuracy), Love (have to look past 2019), Hurts (isn't the purest thrower), Fromm (noodle arm) all have major ?s.

Even Burrow (one year wonder?) isn't a consensus top prospect.
James Morgan from FIU  
NYG22 : 3/26/2020 8:20 am : link
was pretty impressive at the combine too
Just so we're clear  
Gatorade Dunk : 3/26/2020 8:45 am : link
The only QB's name that you couldn't manage to spell correctly was the one the Giants just signed, and one that has a fairly simple and common last name.
RE: Just so we're clear  
NYG22 : 3/26/2020 9:38 am : link
In comment 14850083 Gatorade Dunk said:
The only QB's name that you couldn't manage to spell correctly was the one the Giants just signed, and one that has a fairly simple and common last name.

McCoy....there you go.
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