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NFT: Computer Help Needed

nygfaninorlando : 3/25/2020 4:10 pm
My son's HP Gaming computer stopped working today after he enabled 4 cores on the computer. He was hoping enabling 4 cores would help run the game faster, but now it's stuck in a boot loop (keep re-booting) and won't load up to Windows.

Does anyone have an idea on what happened? The computer is only a year old and out of warranty by 4 days so I'm hoping we can troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Any advice on how to disable the cores on Windows 10 in the HP utility setup or another fix would be appreciated.
do you have anything like this in your BIOS?  
SteelGiant : 3/25/2020 4:13 pm : link
see video
Link - ( New Window )
here is something from HP webite  
SteelGiant : 3/25/2020 4:16 pm : link
look for Advanced2
then Processors
there should be an option for Active Cores (1,2, or All Cores)—Selects a single core, or multiple cores per socket. (Not available on some configurations.)

maybe?? sorry Im flying blind
That's exactly where he's trying to get to  
nygfaninorlando : 3/25/2020 4:18 pm : link
but we can't get to that screen since we can't get into Windows. He needs to get to the CPU active core control and disable in Windows 10. Thanks!
that is not windows - that is Bios  
SteelGiant : 3/25/2020 4:22 pm : link
Press F10 when it is Booting up
Ok we will try  
nygfaninorlando : 3/25/2020 4:27 pm : link
the F10 to see if we can get BIOS. Thanks again.
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