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What you think will be the most common offensive formation

CMicks3110 : 5/19/2020 9:48 pm
this year.

I kind of like the idea of the 3 TE set. Forces the defenses to load up in the box, Engram and Smith can either block our run their routes and they slow down the pass rush with chips. Barkley can slip out the backfield too, and he and Engram will almost always beat a linebacker one on one.

With Slayton as the outside receiver, which on most weeks will require at least a safety over the top.

Or we can just pound it, especially outside runs where you can use Toilolo, Solder (yes he's been bad on pass protection but he's an athletic guy) and Thomas can pull and create huge running lanes for Barkley.

might not be big play  
CMicks3110 : 5/19/2020 9:50 pm : link
but will move the chains, eat up the clock, and tire out the defense.

It reminds me of the 2nd quarter drive in the Dallas/NYG playoff game in 2007, Dallas slowly and meticulously ran the giants down.

Thank god the Giants scored in like 90 seconds after that drive before halftime.
formation? No idea.  
robbieballs2003 : 5/19/2020 9:58 pm : link
Personnel grouping? Probably 11 or 12 personnel. I think 11 wins because that is what most teams play but I believe we will be in 12 personnel more than most teams.
Dallas was in 11 personnel 49% of the time last year.  
robbieballs2003 : 5/19/2020 10:01 pm : link
They were in 12 personnel 30% of the time last year.
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This seems more accurate for Dallas  
robbieballs2003 : 5/19/2020 10:07 pm : link
67% - 11 personnel
18.5% - 12 personnel
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We did play 12 in the Super Bowl against the Pats  
Chip : 5/19/2020 10:45 pm : link
and I would guess that was on purpose.
Will be interesting  
mittenedman : 5/19/2020 11:08 pm : link
to see if they come up with an offense that utilizes a Pro Bowl-quality H-back. You have to use the resources you have.
What you think will be the most common offensive formation  
Spider43 : 5/19/2020 11:34 pm : link
Whatever leads to 'three yards and a could of dust' the most.
My guess is that the most common personnel package...  
Klaatu : 5/20/2020 6:23 am : link
Will be 12 personnel, but with a TE like Evan Engram (if he's healthy, which is a big if), it's almost like playing 11 personnel.

I figure we're going to see a lot of Levine Toilolo, joined at the hip to one of our OT's. But Toilolo doesn't offer much as a receiver, while Engram does, so it makes sense to me to keep both of them on the field as often as possible. I expect to see a lot of Kaden Smith, too, either subbing for Toilolo or Engram, or when they go with 3 TE's.

Dallas has the luxury of a stellar offensive line, which makes it a lot easier to go with 1 TE and 3 WR's. The Giants don't have that luxury, but they do have the hybrid TE/WR in Engram, which is why the Giants' 12 would be similar to the Cowboys' 11.

Field position and down and distance should determine which two WR's will be on the field in 12, but it's a safe bet that Darius Slayton will be one of them, no matter where they are and what the situation is.
11 personnel most often, but 12 more frequently than most teams  
Ira : 5/20/2020 6:51 am : link
Gman11 : 5/20/2020 8:21 am : link
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