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Wide Receiver

giantsfanforlife : 5/21/2020 7:49 pm
I am assuming we go with 3 receiver with 1 tight end formation, but what do you think of the depth:

WR 1: Slayton
WR2: Tate
WR3: Shepard
WR4: a healthy Corey Coleman
WR5: Cody Core
WR6 and after: Victor, Dillon, Mack (I doubt all 3 will stay, maybe 2)

Team will cut players before the season and that receiver we get later might be the 4th receiver.

I think IF anyone stays healthy, we should be ok.
I am not sold on Corey Coleman,  
larryflower37 : 5/21/2020 7:55 pm : link
coming back from an ACL can be tricky.
4 through 6 on the depth chart are up for grabs and I could see them keeping 3 rookies.
New staff different expectations
Depth is light  
DavidinBMNY : 5/21/2020 7:57 pm : link
You have the top 3 right, and outside of that other players who play special teams are going to get priority. Cody Core to me is #4 as he excels in specials. Coleman, if he really is healthy, could jump him, but also has to beat out other viable returner candidates like Leake.

This isn't a deep position, however they have plenty of guys to compete and try and make the team. I like Sills and Mack. Sills offers size. Mack is a pretty solid wr. Healthy Coleman > Mack. Sills > Benjamin (at this point in his development). I am not sure Coleman will really be healthy, based on past history I'd call it unlikely.

My 6 are Sheppard,Tate,Slayton, Core, Sills, Mack. Hope Coleman proves me wrong is healthy and takes a spot.
Under the circumstances, I don’t think there will be a lot of pickups  
Ivan15 : 5/21/2020 8:23 pm : link
From final cuts unless the player is well known to the coaches AND very familiar with the system.

Also, not likely that draft picks destined for the practice squad will be poached by other teams.

Teams will have too much invested in compressed trading camp and preseason to be very willing to churn the bottom of the roster until they have more time to figure out what they have. Probably more active after weeks 2-4.
Dragon : 5/22/2020 5:36 am : link
I know we did not pick one early but in rounds five to seven we could have invested a pick on a slot guy with upside there were guys available. Most would ask why a slot guy since we have Shepard and Tate it’s really quite simple not one of them brings anything special to that position. I don’t see much coming from the UDFA WR’s they were bottom shelf even for UDFA and never really had even one year of excellence in the past.

Dillion could possibly replace one of our ST WR’s if he can play to his reported speed but is there really any upside to him at WR? You can’t teach speed but he has somehow kept his hidden on the playing field. The other two guys bring a bit more size but even less speed then our projected two slot guys. They came from a big program with loads of talent but when you compare them to the other guys playing ahead of them you can’t help but see the big difference in physical gifts.
The best thing we have going for us is bringing back Tyke Tolbert  
mfsd : 5/22/2020 6:17 am : link
as WR coach. Often lost among the overall shit coaching the Giants have had the last couple years, he’s been doing a fine job getting our younger guys ready to play.

Still don’t have a true number 1 WR, and short on depth. The top 3 are solid, but we all know Shep may not last much longer due to his concussion history.

I do think Tate is a lot better than some people here give him credit for.

I think we’re all surprised the Giants didn’t draft at least 1 guy from what was a deep WR draft with one of our later round picks.

Coleman coming back healthy and finding his form would be great. Still a big if.
The depth sucks, but it is what it is.  
Klaatu : 5/22/2020 7:14 am : link
As I said in Eric's thread, it seems to me that the Giants made a conscious decision to put WR on the back burner this year. Might they add a veteran WR later on? They might. I notice Chris Hogan is still a free agent. He had a few good years in New England when Joe Judge was there. If his knee checks out, he could be a possibility. Maybe someone else who gets cut loose. Otherwise, they'll go with what they've got and look to upgrade the position next year.
30 something receivers drafted  
ZogZerg : 5/22/2020 7:33 am : link
there will be plenty of WRs available at cut down to choose from.
I'm not assuming 3 WR, 1 TE. I think we're going to see more  
Victor in CT : 5/22/2020 8:18 am : link
2 WR, 2 TE. With Toilolo, Smith and Engram (who would be in a real position to succeed as an H-back type) why wouldn't they. And it helps the tackles
If you count Engram as an H-back slot type guy, you have 3 receivers  
Ivan15 : 5/22/2020 9:06 am : link
Whose best position is playing slot receiver, but after this year, none may be on the team. For this year, depth needs to be added outside. If not on the roster or among the UDFAs, the WRs will come from cutdown.

Engram may be the #2 offensive weapon and Garrett needs to figure out how to use him and keep him on the field. It isn’t about him being an in-line blocker except occasionally as a second tight end.

No matter what, at least one slot receiver must come from the draft next year.
RE: I am not sold on Corey Coleman,  
Coach Red Beaulieu : 5/22/2020 1:25 pm : link
In comment 14908462 larryflower37 said:
coming back from an ACL can be tricky.
4 through 6 on the depth chart are up for grabs and I could see them keeping 3 rookies.
New staff different expectations

Did he suffer from a real ACL or a stash a young guy with bruised pinky on the IR "injury"?
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