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Center, Receiver, Edge Rusher, Safety

giantsfanforlife : 5/22/2020 1:34 am
How's everyone doing?

People acting like we don't have a center, but we still have Spencer Pulley. I am sure Gate and Shane will also compete for the job as well and may the best man win; We wonder why draft a guard when we can draft a center; I am sure the scout, Gettleman, and the team know that Shane might be better to them than the other centers in the draft. His coach I believe said he been practicing center and I do believe Shane took snaps before the draft; I am sure if Pulley starts, maybe sometimes into the season Shane or Gates can come in; Gates played well at guard and tackle. I think we will be ok with the offensive line and give Saquon holes to run and give Jones more time.

Regarding receiver, we already know our top 3 (Slayton, Tate, and Shepard); the question is who's after that. Core and Coleman are special team so I expect them on the team unless that undrafted running back or Dillon steps up. If Coleman is healthy, he can be a good wide receiver. Even if he isn't, the 3 undrafted receiver we got plus Sills can make the team as depth (maybe 1 or 2 of the undrafted makes it and the rest go to practice squad, plus I am sure we are a run-first offense which mean we won't go into a lot of 4 receiver). I think they are good depth and as long as they stay healthy, we will be ok at Wide Receiver.

Markus Golden is still out there and we did a UFA on him; if a team give more than $5 million to Golden, then we will get a pick for 2021 draft. Markus Golden wants to come back and Judge is interested in signing him (I think if a offer is made, they will try to work it out with the money they have, even though the Giants are tight) I believe he will come back and even if he doesn't, we got Coughlin that we drafted and I believe we drafted a undrafted edge rusher. Like Gettleman said, it not 1 guy, it a committee of people who will get sacks (like the patriots). I believe Ximines and Carter will step up.

Safety: We drafted Xavier McKinney and with Peppers and Love, they will be good (maybe sometime 3 safety look). I think we could use some depth, but what are your thought on the guys behind them? Should we get a safety before week 1 or do you believe our depth is good enough? I believe Peppers is coming out from an injury so we don't want to rush him back.

Do you think Golden will come back? I believe our defense will be better, but getting Golden back would help.
The Giants signed too many no comp pick coming back.  
George from PA : 5/22/2020 3:36 am : link
But any team signing Markus might lose a comp. as he will count against them.....seems more and more likely he is coming back....I expect good things from Xmen.

Engram should be counted as another WR as that will be his main function, but the key remain health...being availableis a must.....also with 37 WRs is fair to assume several decent wrs will shake loose.

With an improved OL, we should expect better from all the skill players.....remember, Barkely is a great pass catcher.

They should be set at safety for a long time.

Watching recent videos of LT.....the defense needs a monster. That one man wrecking the last piece.
Keep an eye on...  
No Where Man : 5/22/2020 3:39 am : link
UDFA Tyler Haycraft OL out of Louisville. He very well may be in the mix at C.

Depth at S? Our 7th round pick Chris Williamson from Minnesota
People acting like we have a center, b/c we still have Spencer Pulley.  
Leg of Theismann : 5/22/2020 4:32 am : link
People these days.

(just messin' with ya ;) )
I think you're delirious.  
Klaatu : 5/22/2020 5:55 am : link
The offensive line is still in a state of flux. The only Center on the roster with any pro experience is Spencer Pulley, the presumptive starter as of now. In a normal offseason, someone else might have had a shot to supplant him, but this isn't a normal offseason. In addition, we don't know which OT's are going to start and where. We do have two serviceable OG's, but they're hardly Pro Bowl-caliber. Maybe they'll improve with better coaching - maybe not. Time will tell.

We're very thin at WR. Shepard is one good hit away from calling it a career, and it's not like he was all that great to begin with. Tate is getting up there in age. Slayton was a pleasant surprise, but he's still got a lot of room for improvement. The rest are a bunch of unheralded hopefuls.

Was anyone beating the door down to sign Markus Golden? Nope. Not even us. He could come back, but I'd rather say good-bye permanently if he's not in the Giants' long-term plans. I'd rather see them go with what they've got at ER this year, and if it's not enough, then make ER a priority next year.

Barring injuries, we should be good-to-go at Safety. Thank God for small favors.
I believe we drafted a undrafted edge rusher.  
Gman11 : 5/22/2020 7:25 am : link
Giants did themselves and Golden a favor by using the FA tender.  
Ivan15 : 5/22/2020 8:54 am : link
They used the rule to set a minimum price so Golden knew the least he would get. The Giants also staked their claim to him, without locking themselves out of matching another offer. Even if he doesn’t get a better offer, the Giants haven’t precluded going higher than the tender by adding incentives.

Golden accepted a “prove it” deal and went out and did exactly that. 10 sacks, no major injuries. Even at “their price”, the Giants should have, and may have, offered about $6 million for another year, but Golden wanted more. I still think that’s what he settles for, either incentivized for the Giants or elsewhere.
Giants don’t have an NFL caliber starting Center.  
LBH15 : 5/22/2020 9:04 am : link
They are okay for now at WR unless concussions hit Shep again.

They have no threat whatsoever on Edge.

They lack a Safety that has deep coverage skills.
If not this season, then next....  
anon837 : 5/22/2020 12:39 pm : link
They can only fill so many holes this year with their current resources. Those positions my not yield the best players on the roster now or even post June 1st. They'll have to make do this year and draft/sign/trade next off-season.
Here is how I see it: better coaching will help, as well as MOJO  
SGMen : 5/23/2020 5:18 pm : link
Yes, MOJO, that energy that comes from having staff that matters. I watch & listen to JUDGE and he comes across as a much better leader than Shurmur. Garrett has a ton of head coaching experience and my guess is he is just a one year tour guy with our team.

I think our OL, assuming health, will be:

Is this OL better than last year's unit? Perhaps if healthy as I think Zeitler played hurt. I'm assuming Thomas is the real deal and upgrades Remmers. Pulley is in his prime, experienced, and may start the season. Perhaps Solder rebounds a bit with his son healthier. But overall, this OL is still subpar unless we see a big "surprise" like GATES flashing OC in camp and solidifying the inside alongside a healthier Zeitler and improved Hernandez. The other potential surprise could be a trade or signed cut to play OC for us.

As for WR, I see us having just enough to compete if the main guys stay healthy. We were massacred last year with injuries to Engram, Shepard, TATE (suspension), and the like.

For EDGE, we really need to sign Golden to a 3 year deal at a good price. He has two years left in his body and he is a good character guy. Most importantly, we need Ximines to develop and be a force. He has the speed and flashed somewhat. Hopefully he can step up and be that "step above Golden" guy at least. Carter must also show us why we drafted him. Martinez is an upgrade but not a big upgrade.
I do believe Lawrence will be a force pushing the pocket and Williams will push it too. That may make things easier for blitzers and such.
I believe FS McKinney will be a big upgrade over Bethea but he won't be a stud FS or SS in this league. He lacks at least 1/2 a step of pure speed to be very good. He will make plays, be solid, start game 1, and have a career but stud? Maybe if his instincts are unreal.

If the "core" players stay healthy for the season this team has a good shot at 8-8. There is more talent than most think; however, the holes noted in this thread are big (potentially) and could cost us close games.

I believe the secondary will be much improved as will the DL and LB corps overall. Improving from "bottom 5" to middle of the pack overall ain't asking too much given the talented youth. We could be really good the last 1/3 of the year on defense if healthy.

I do believe a healthy Barkley can get a 300-1550-12 and 85-1000-7 type season if used enough. TE blocking should be improved even if the OL is only a shade better.

And of course, D. Jones needs to stop fumbling and just cut out the dumb interception. If he can be that low turnover guy who uses his legs for the easy first down Eli could never hope to get we will be OK with ball control.

Wish list: veteran OC first and foremost; veteran WR next; veteran FS; and, ER (hardest to find). Doubt any cuts or trades but at least OC is a possibility.
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