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what Giants receiver had the best hands you've seen

CMicks3110 : 5/25/2020 10:42 pm
who did you trust the most not to drop a big pass
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Ed Mcaffery was up there  
1st and 10 : 5/26/2020 9:56 am : link
Short career but I was pissed when Reeves cut him.
Nicks from the recent bunch...  
GA5 : 5/26/2020 9:58 am : link
but I'd go with Bob Tucker, Del Shofner and Joe Morrison.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/26/2020 10:00 am : link
trying to remember guys who didn't drop the ball a lot... and my memory may be hazy here...

But Bobby Johnson, Lionel Manuel, Phil McConkey were pretty reliable. So was Johnny Perkins.

I've already mentioned Chris Calloway.

Steve Smith is a good candidate... he was money.

If you're talking running backs, Rodney Hampton had really good hands (even better than Dave Meggett). So does Saquon Barkley.

Circus catches are obvious... Beckham and Burress.
Best hands  
Scott in Seattle : 5/26/2020 10:12 am : link
Nothing to write home about athletically, but John Mistler never dropped anything. Madden even referred to him as "PolyGrip."
I say Amani Toomer  
jsuds : 5/26/2020 10:14 am : link
Not only can I not remember him dropping one, the toe drag sideline catches he made are too numerous to count, and they regularly came at clutch moments in key drives.
Best hands in my era of watching Giants football (1981+)  
eric2425ny : 5/26/2020 10:18 am : link
would be Nicks. Toomer and Smith would be right behind him. Toomer had amazing body control along the sidelines, one of the better WR’s in the league during his time in terms of the sideline toe catches.

I’m not putting Beckham at the top because while I think talent wise he’s the best WR we have ever had, he was always looking for the home run and often dropped easy passes because his eyes were already upfield. High risk, high reward type of mentality in that regard. And the question is who had the best hands, not big play ability.
V.I.G. : 5/26/2020 10:27 am : link
Nicks: Best pure soft hands
OBJ: hands / body control / snatch
Best hands  
Jerry K : 5/26/2020 10:39 am : link
Hakeem Nicks
Bob Tucker
John Mistler
Mike Friede
Johnny Perkins
totowa_gman : 5/26/2020 10:44 am : link
I like Ike  
BCD : 5/26/2020 10:46 am : link
Hillard tons of big catches in big games....he was no Jackie Smith....poor fellow
Before the injury Ike was so fun to watch.  
jsuds : 5/26/2020 11:03 am : link
The first defender he faced after the catch NEVER got him. He just had a knack of making the first guy miss.
RE: And these are really 2 different questions.  
Johnny5 : 5/26/2020 11:21 am : link
In comment 14910637 robbieballs2003 said:
Best hands? Imo, it isn't even close. Beckham had the most unbelievable hands I have ever seen. What he was able to do was remarkable.

With that said, I am not putting him up there in the top anything when it comes to making a clutch catch in an important moment just based off that GB game. It was too easy for people to get in his head and mess up his concentration. But in terms of pure hands he is at the top of the list.

I still think Nicks in terms of hands and clutch moments.

I agree with Mr. Balls2003.
If it is an impossible catch  
Amtoft : 5/26/2020 11:30 am : link
OBJ... if it is a routine catch no reason to drop it then easily should be Nicks. He didn't drop the simple passes that OBJ does.
RE: If it is an impossible catch  
Amtoft : 5/26/2020 11:47 am : link
In comment 14910895 Amtoft said:
OBJ... if it is a routine catch no reason to drop it then easily should be Nicks. He didn't drop the simple passes that OBJ does.

Oh and let me throw in... if it is a sideline pass give me two feet in Amani Toomer!
Bob Tucker yes  
Poktown Pete : 5/26/2020 12:02 pm : link
I also thought of Nicks, but he had some head scratching misses, almost like he was nearsighted. It also seemed like after he got hurt, both his wheels AND hands were gone. To make matters worse, he developed alligator arms at that point too. Was sad and frustrating to see.
Don Maynard  
DCOrange : 5/26/2020 12:42 pm : link
Hands down.
RE: OBJ in a landslide  
Dr. D : 5/26/2020 1:00 pm : link
In comment 14910647 mattlawson said:
Nicks had big hands, not sure about great hands.

I would take Nicks (in his prime) and his hands in a big game over OBJ any day.
RE: I like Ike  
eric2425ny : 5/26/2020 1:00 pm : link
In comment 14910841 BCD said:
Hillard tons of big catches in big games....he was no Jackie Smith....poor fellow

Hilliard was solid, you are right he wasn’t the same post injury. We really have had bad luck with keeping WR’s healthy the last several years: Hilliard (neck?), Cruz (knee), Plax (granted it was self inflicted), Nicks (knee) Steve Smith (knee), OBJ (leg/ankle, doesn’t seem to have the same burst anymore), Manningham (knee), Shepard (concussions). Toomer even tore an ACL here in his rookie or second year if I remember correctly.
Plax and Nicks were Big in big games  
larryflower37 : 5/26/2020 1:41 pm : link
Toomer, Cruz, and Steve Smith were also big in big spots.
OBJ dropped too many passes in big spots, also there was a much smaller window of opportunity since he only had 1 season of winning football.

John Mistler  
PEEJ : 5/26/2020 2:33 pm : link
couldn't run much, but sure could catch
In picking receivers, I'd always want the guy with the highest floor  
CT Charlie : 5/26/2020 2:42 pm : link
in terms of hands. I don't know who that is among the Giants, but we might have to go back decades. Although OBJ had the highest ceiling in terms of getting open with his quickness off the line, acceleration after the catch, and some of his dives behind defenders at the back of the end zone, his hands simply weren't as reliable as those of many top-drawer receivers.
Lines of Scrimmage : 5/26/2020 3:06 pm : link
had great hands on the sideline. Nicks to me was the best Giants receiver of all time...sad what happened to him.
Ray McKigney  
Pete in MD : 5/26/2020 3:08 pm : link
OBJ had the best hands and its not even close.  
Brown Recluse : 5/26/2020 3:09 pm : link
Case closed.

Now ask me which receiver I trust in catching the ball the most and my answer will be different.
Forgot just how good Nicks was...  
SMitch-56 : 5/26/2020 3:22 pm : link
Nicks highlights - ( New Window )
RE: OBJ had the best hands and its not even close.  
Victor in CT : 5/26/2020 3:30 pm : link
In comment 14911078 Brown Recluse said:
Case closed.

Now ask me which receiver I trust in catching the ball the most and my answer will be different.

huh? best hands by far, but you don't trust him to catch the ball? then he doesn't have the best hands. Sorry. the occasional spectacular catch doesn't offset the easy drops that kill drives.
Bavaro was pretty damn sure handed. Made his share of spectacular  
Damon : 5/26/2020 3:32 pm : link
Grabs too.... can’t believe he’s not in the conversation.
RE: Ray McKigney  
eric2425ny : 5/26/2020 4:12 pm : link
In comment 14911077 Pete in MD said:

Ha ha. He had the most exquisite hands you have ever seen.
RE: RE: Ray McKigney  
LBH15 : 5/26/2020 4:15 pm : link
In comment 14911110 eric2425ny said:
In comment 14911077 Pete in MD said:



Ha ha. He had the most exquisite hands you have ever seen.

But they became deformed from overuse as he was not master of his domain.
It’s not your favorite receiver  
Dave on the UWS : 5/26/2020 4:30 pm : link
the question was “ who had the best hands”? Toomer was a body catcher. Cruz dropped too many. Nicks was known for his hands in college. Beckham nonchalanted too many balls. Older guys like Shofner, Fredrickson and Tucker has great hands. Steve Smith gets my vote though
The Giants have had a number of WR and TE with excellent hands  
Torrag : 5/26/2020 4:30 pm : link
Chronologically Bavaro, McCaffrey, Amani, Tiki, Plax, Nicks, Steve Smith and OBJ are probably the cream of the crop during my tenure as a fan. I expect Saquon will distinguish himself in this regard over the duration of his career projecting forward as well.
For a short period there around 93-94  
ZGiants98 : 5/26/2020 4:46 pm : link
I thought Mike Sherrard caught almost everything that came his way. That poor guy's career was absolutely destroyed by injuries.
Steve Smith  
jeff57 : 5/26/2020 5:08 pm : link
Nicks was good too. OBJ dropped too many. Can’t recall Plaxico’s drop frequency. So maybe he should be with them.
Any thoughts on Sterling Shepard?  
CMicks3110 : 5/26/2020 5:28 pm : link
Or David Tyree
RE: Any thoughts on Sterling Shepard?  
eric2425ny : 5/26/2020 5:41 pm : link
In comment 14911180 CMicks3110 said:
Or David Tyree

Tyree made the greatest catch in history. I’m not sure what to make of Shepard to be honest. I think he’s a decent player but I’m not wowed by him as he doesn’t do a ton after the catch.
RE: John Mistler  
Paulie Walnuts : 5/26/2020 5:45 pm : link
In comment 14910648 Mike in Prescott said:
Slow as hell. Hands of glue. Also, I’m not sure I saw Tony Galbreath drop a pass out of the backfield.
Galbreath never dropped one
Steve Smith no doubt  
USCtoNYG : 5/26/2020 5:54 pm : link
This isnt really close to me. He was the most reliable player on the giants until his injury. The biggest reason why the answer is "third and smith" over OBJ is bc Odell would still drop big plays (thinking back to the giants first drive against Carolina when Odell dropped a deep pass that would have changed the whole game when the ball went right through his hands before he used his helmet as a weapon against Josh Norman).
Q v2.0 : 5/26/2020 6:15 pm : link
With gloves on.
You’re welcome - ( New Window )
Beckham was a terrific player here but it’s very true  
eric2425ny : 5/26/2020 6:20 pm : link
he didn’t show up in big games. And not just the Packers playoff game. I remember a Monday night game against the Vikings when he just got shut down by Xavier Rhodes. He was totally invisible that game.

He was also famous for making a huge 20-30 yard catch to get them down the field and then drop the 3rd and 4 gimme a few plays later to keep the drive alive.
remember now a key factor in all of this maybe these new type  
BCD : 5/26/2020 7:11 pm : link
sticky gloves...there has been a lot of balls caught that should have been dropped 10 yrs ago (see OBJ catch) should see a real pair of those things, my son showed me a 300$ pair, hell I could get 35 balls a year. They make a average player good ( Darius Slayton) and a very good player great (OBJ).....just my point.
I suspect if you asked a QB...  
skifaster : 5/26/2020 9:00 pm : link
...he would say Toomer is the one he would rely on to come down with the ball.
Steve Smith also had great hands.  
Anakim : 5/26/2020 9:28 pm : link
What about Homer Jones?
Believe it or not Mike Freide 1980-81  
PatersonPlank : 5/26/2020 11:08 pm : link
So-so WR, couldn't get separation, but he did catch everything
I know I'm LATE to this thread but after reading the WR  
Dinger : 5/27/2020 12:37 pm : link
Positional breakdown I headed here. And there are some great points here(especially the ones I agree with;)). While Beckham had some amazing grabs, that GB game just removes him for me. And I NEVER considered Toomer to have great hands. Just longevity. My recollections of the '80's glory years are Stacy Robinson and later Ike Hilliard. Not exactly 'Allstate worthy'. I think I'd take Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith. And to add on, I'm not overly concerned about our lack of 'OBJ' talent at receiver. I think we have talent at TE, RB and enough at WR to get us some good YAC. Question at all three positions is health. Need guys to stay healthy.
RE: If it is an impossible catch  
One Man Thrill Ride : 5/27/2020 1:43 pm : link
In comment 14910895 Amtoft said:
OBJ... if it is a routine catch no reason to drop it then easily should be Nicks. He didn't drop the simple passes that OBJ does.

Hakeem dropped quite a few himself.

Lesson is: over a big sample, even the best WR will have a few concentration drops.
Link - ( New Window )
I think “Thrill” nails it.  
Big Blue '56 : 5/27/2020 2:09 pm : link
I recall being frustrated with the amount of drops Nicks had, esp. his rookie season. Overall, he was a terrific receiver for us and made some huge plays during his brief, injured career, but best hands? I don’t think so.
I agree with you about Ed Mcaffery  
bigfish703 : 5/27/2020 4:05 pm : link
I was also pissed when Reeves cut him. It was not as if the Giants had a wonderful team and there was no place for him. He was not fast but had a wonderful way of finding the soft spots in the defensive backfield.
Spike13 : 5/28/2020 1:05 am : link
Meg get
If I had  
giantblue1 : 5/28/2020 3:21 pm : link
to pick one guy.......It would be LIONEL MANUEL
For the McCaffrey guys,  
Big Blue '56 : 5/28/2020 3:24 pm : link
You may not remember all that well, but Ed dropped a ton of passes while with us. It was torture watching him and was elated when he left. Of course, who knew how great he’d become in Denver?
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