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Giants access blue mistakes

13ODB : 6/30/2020 9:17 pm
Yes mistakes happen but this is a bad one. The last few episodes they have been showing top moments against the opponents the giants are playing this season. Bob Papa who has been around the giants for 30 years said the Barber 87 yard screen pass against Arizona in 98 was 1988.He also said the Eagle home opener in 90 was a Monday night game but it was a Sunday night. They also put the giants redskin game in Washington during the 2014 Season as top moment lol. I can think of plenty of other giants skins games that were better moments then that game. What about 2007 in Washington 2000 in Washington 1989 in Washington or 1986. That show has so many flaws and bad mistakes I remember a few years back they showed a clip of Matt Bahr’s game winning kick against Phoenix in 90 and on the bottom
Of the screen said it was giants vs cardinals October 21st 1986
Have a drink  
montanagiant : 6/30/2020 9:59 pm : link
Smell some Roses
Play with kids
Hug your significant other
Stand outside in the rain
Play fetch with your dog
People watch
Go for a boat ride
Do yard work

Any of that will put things into perspective and make you realize that mistakes on a website during these wild and crazy times is going to happen.
13ODB : 7/1/2020 7:21 am : link
But the same clip was used before the cardinal game last year on that show
FatMan in Charlotte : 7/1/2020 7:31 am : link
Which one in the rambling diatribe was the "bad one"? Mistaking a year?

All of them seem like basic mistakes. Wouldn't a "bad one" be saying the wrong player or the wrong team?
What the heck?  
section125 : 7/1/2020 7:47 am : link
Just goes to prove that COVID-19 is as much a brain disease and lung disease...
And yet my mistake  
LBH15 : 7/1/2020 8:03 am : link
was opening and reading this original post.

Where is my coffee?
These errors clearly demonstrate a lack of qualified  
BlueLou'sBack : 7/1/2020 11:06 am : link
personnel on the Giants in the fields of statistical analysis and analytics, and computer science in general.

Blame it on DG and Jints Central.
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