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NFT: Golf Course recommendations for Bethany Beach, DE area?

Tom in NY : 7/6/2020 7:13 pm
Guys, could use some help.
I'm headed to Bethany Beach in a couple of weeks and have not been there before. I play to a 10.5 handicap and would like to find a reasonably priced course to play a round or two.

Any suggestions and feedback on area courses would be appreciated.
Baywood Greens  
He's Not Here : 7/6/2020 7:16 pm : link
Would be my first choice. Bayside after that.

If you want to venture down to OC, you have Lighthouse Sound.
2nd that...Baywood greens  
George from PA : 7/6/2020 7:21 pm : link
Otherwise....either get closer to Ocean City....or take ferry to NJ.
RE: Baywood Greens  
barens : 7/6/2020 9:47 pm : link
In comment 14929569 He's Not Here said:
Would be my first choice. Bayside after that.

If you want to venture down to OC, you have Lighthouse Sound.

I second all three of those.
Thank you...that looks like exactly where I want to play!  
Tom in NY : 7/7/2020 1:06 am : link
Much appreciated!
I've played golf down there a bunch of times  
Dnew15 : 7/7/2020 8:28 am : link
there's a ton of great courses.

Baywood in DE is a must.
Lighthouse sound in MD is a must.
Both are really pricey.

If you're looking to play some more affordable places down there - there's a bunch in Belin MD which isn't too far from you that are good, solid courses that won't break the bank.

Rum Pointe is my fav of those mid-range priced courses. Man O' War is cool because it's on an old horse racing training facility so there's some history there. Eagle's Landing is a poor man's Lighthouse Sound - solid course.

Bayside and Bear Trap (unless your a Nicklaus course guy)-both in DE- are expensive, and in my opinion, not worth it.
I've played a few already mention  
Eli Wilson : 7/7/2020 9:05 am : link
Bear trap
Lighthouse sound
Rum Pointe

Of all of those, Rum Pointe was my favorite.

Lighthouse Sound probably would have been a much more enjoyable time had it not been extremely windy that day.

Bear trap was a nice solid course, but not really worth it for the price.
All the top tourist attractions have been named  
mako J : 7/7/2020 9:57 am : link
Not knowing what you consider mid range in pricing, I'd say Rum Pointe (Pete Dye course) should be at the top of your list. If you're considering heading that far south, you should also consider OC Golf & Yacht's Newport Bay course. Will be much cheaper but offers great value and scenery.

Lighthouse Sound should be a course you play once to see if you love it. If you do, and it's worth what you pay, then great.

Bayside is a course I like but refuse to pay what they charge. It's intimidating on the tee boxes (Nicklaus) and will usually beat you up the first time you play it. Once you get on the fairway and look back, you realize you had a lot more room than you thought.

I feel the same way about Baywood Greens. Beautiful course but pricey. Again, if you're willing to venture on Rt 24 (nightmare) and spend $, you should also look into Peninsula (Nicklaus).

Bear Trap (closest to Bethany) is a 27 hole course full of dunes and traps and houses. I think it's overpriced but it has some fun holes and is convenient.

A new course in Millsboro (25 min from Bethany) named Plantation Lakes just opened it's back 9. I played it on Sunday for the first time. Very interesting design with some almost comical greens (undulations). It was priced at $79. They have a great practice facility.

Lastly, I'm not sure if they'll let you out due to Covid, but Cripple Creek CC just west of Bethany is a place you should call. Best greens and fairways down here and is a really good challenge. I play to an 11 there so I think you'd love it. They have a blended (Tips and one ups) that plays about 6400 yards that is perfect for me.

Have a great time in Bethany! Best town down here.
Delaware just got added to the quarantine list if you’re in NY.  
RicFlair : 7/7/2020 11:06 am : link
Just so you know.

RE: Delaware just got added to the quarantine list if you’re in NY.  
Dnew15 : 7/7/2020 1:27 pm : link
In comment 14929764 RicFlair said:
Just so you know.

True - and the current COVID hotspot in DE is definitely at the beaches.
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