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What happens with contracts for players who opt out..

Milton : 7/12/2020 6:28 am
...of the 2020 season for covid reasons?
--Do they simply not get paid their salary for 2020 and then resume as normal in 2021 with their 2021 salary or is the season tolled (so that each year of their current contract is pushed up a year)?
--What about the 2020 pro-rated portion of their signing bonus? Do they have to give the team a refund on that?
--And what about former 1st round picks still playing on their rookie contracts? Especially those whose 5th year option was recently picked up? If Engram and/or Peppers decide not to assume the health risk in 2020 and take the year off, do they still get credit for the season or is it tolled?

I don't expect many players to opt out, but I do expect there will be at least a few. And for those who do, will it be for contract-related reasons or for health concerns? The league will likely argue that those who opt out should have the season tolled (for good reason!), but I don't expect the NFLPA to agree to that (for good reason!). This is one of those cases where each side has very legitimate reasons for taking opposing positions.
Good question.  
Matt M. : 7/12/2020 3:17 pm : link
I was thinking the same thing, also re: baseball and team control/arbitration eligibility. For veterans, does it add a year at the end of the contract?
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