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NFT: Career help - business development

DC Gmen Fan : 7/30/2020 9:30 pm
BBI- I have the opportunity to join a drone startup with a colleague of mine doing business development. I don't have much experience with sales or BD, and was hoping the brain trust here might be able to recommend a good course/book/podcast/starting point so that I can hit the ground running?

Thanks in advance guys.
Check out a guy called Kevin Dorsey  
Ben in Tampa : 7/30/2020 9:34 pm : link
He markets around inside sales, but you can put his stuff translates into the field as well

Plus he’s a cool dude
I modeled a lot of Tom Hopkins when I started  
Jim in Forest Hills : 7/31/2020 9:24 am : link
Good guy to get fundamentally sound with.

I like the book "Question Based Selling"

Good luck.
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