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NFT: Music Thread - New Songs from Jersey City Band

JeffJersey212 : 7/31/2020 11:03 am
Happy Friday all!

I posted on here about a month ago with my band from Jersey City's first ever song/music video and received much more in depth, constructive feedback than I did from anywhere else. So I figured why not share again since a decent amount of you seemed to enjoy the first song.

We released two songs on Spotify today (Nothing for Me and Creaky Stairs) and would love to know what you guys think. Don't worry, we won't have any new songs for another 4-5 months so this will maybe be an semi-annual post going forward if anything while I go back to my daily lurking on this site haha.

Have a good wknd guys and enjoy whatever sports are available for the time being!
Supermutt - Creaky Stairs - ( New Window )
Seriously enjoyed Creaky Stairs  
rnargi : 7/31/2020 6:57 pm : link
You guys have a solid sound. Good luck!
RE: Seriously enjoyed Creaky Stairs  
JeffJersey212 : 8/1/2020 9:18 am : link
In comment 14941697 rnargi said:
You guys have a solid sound. Good luck!

thanks so much man! really appreciate the feedback!
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