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NYG Opt-Out Summary: Nate Solder, Sam Beal, Da'Mari Scott

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/7/2020 9:53 am
What say you about the overall potential impact?

CoughlinHandsonHips : 8/7/2020 9:57 am : link
Too bad for Beal, a real missed opportunity for him with whats going on with Baker.

Not to be callous  
pjcas18 : 8/7/2020 10:00 am : link
I don't hold it against any of them, but it's probably addition by subtraction
also not to be callous  
Giantsfan79 : 8/7/2020 10:06 am : link
but what are the odds Solder and Beal never play for the Giants again?
Solder I understand....  
HoustonGiant : 8/7/2020 10:08 am : link
but Beal's risk is minuscule.

I was most interested in Beal....  
BillKo : 8/7/2020 10:11 am : link
...just because he potentially has the most upside and help improve a unit that needs upgrades.

But overall, just having three guys is minimal.

In Solder's case, he's been an absolute disappointment and maybe this forces our 1st round pick to play LT and flourish.
Regarding Beal, a lot depends on how Baker's situation unfolds.  
Ira : 8/7/2020 10:23 am : link
Regarding Solder, it depends on who replaces him at right tackle. I think it will probably be Gates and he'll probably do well. Losing Scott won't have much effect.
Greg from LI : 8/7/2020 10:44 am : link
None of the three are anyone of any consequence.
If Baker comes back, the only real problem here is Solder  
PatersonPlank : 8/7/2020 10:48 am : link
Beal has never played, and frankly I'm not sure if he ever will at this rate. As for Solder ideally Peart can play RT. If not I guess we are back to Gates or Fleming, not ideal.
Da'Mari Scott - response - "meh" + shoulder shrug  
bc4life : 8/7/2020 10:49 am : link
Nate Solder - Depends. Could be that his struggles have been due more to a bad team, coaching. And, could new regime fix them? I suspect he would have played better, possibly much better - but, him opting out allows Thomas to begin his tenure at LT immediately. Big picture - probably a good thing. The ripple effect will be what happens at RT - I'm thinking Fleming will be functional there for a year, and we'll see what Peart can do. Gates is pencilled in at guard, but I think should Fleming get dinged up - Gates could be next man up at RT.

RE: Beal. I was excited about the glimpses of talent he has shown and his physical gifts. But, given his inability to stay healthy, I thought that if he stayed healthy it would be icing on the cake, an unexpected surprise. Baker's jackasserey has made Beal's opting out more of an issue, but that is based on the questionable assumption that Beal could stay on the field consistently.

Do not blame any player for making this decision. I will not be surprised at all if Beal and Solder's Giant's days are done...for good.
They're not ideal?  
Greg from LI : 8/7/2020 10:49 am : link
OK, but neither is Solder. In fact, he was wretched last season.
Putting aside their personal choices of course...  
LBH15 : 8/7/2020 10:50 am : link
Solder - while his play was unlikely going to be better, it would have been helpful to have him still compete for the LT job. He is a professional and would have likely been a positive influence on Thomas and the rest of the rookies. Now the pressure is on Thomas without question and it really just filters downhill from there on that line.

Beal - didn't like what we saw from his minimal time on field (nor really his minimal time on the field), but the secondary still needs to figure out who are the right pieces. And Beal would have been in the mix, so who knows but would have rather have seen him develop and compete.

Scott - no big deal
I hope Thomas is up to the challenge...  
George from PA : 8/7/2020 10:56 am : link
It was certainly debatable if Thomas should have played LT even if Solder was, he must step up. Hopefully....will be a longterm benefit. Giants has needed better OL play for 9 years now....lets hope it finally gets settled.

I doubt the WR would have made the Team.

Beal is the biggest head scratcher. Still wonder what is the entire story. This certainly puts a hit on his future as a Giant....they need someone to step up....or get cleared.
Solder's poor play the result of being on a bad team?  
WillieYoung : 8/7/2020 11:07 am : link
"I would have blocked him coach but the team's so bad I couldn't." I thought I had heard every excuse in the book, but that's a new one.
Overall Impact?  
M.S. : 8/7/2020 11:14 am : link

This season, nil.

Not a big impact  
Rudy5757 : 8/7/2020 11:14 am : link
Many wanted Solder Cut anyway. He has not played well and we can easily match his production.

Scott probably wasnt making the team so him opting out probably helped him.

Beal was a loss only because of Baker. It didn't seem as if he was considered a starter and we did draft some DBs. With Baker out it hurts a little but its not like we are losing a #1 CB.
Overall Impact?  
M.S. : 8/7/2020 11:17 am : link

This season, nil.

With Solder and Beal  
Ben in Tampa : 8/7/2020 11:20 am : link
their absence is more "shit, those guys were penciled in to start" and less "shit, we're losing top talent"

Thomas getting to play left tackle from the jump is the a net positive.
willie young  
bc4life : 8/7/2020 11:22 am : link
part of a bad performing unit, does that make it easier to understand?
Gman11 : 8/7/2020 12:39 pm : link
was probably going to be cut any way. So, why not opt out, collect $150,000 and do nothing?
RE: Solder I understand....  
Chris in Philly : 8/7/2020 2:10 pm : link
In comment 14945417 HoustonGiant said:
but Beal's risk is minuscule.

You have no idea what his risk is. Aren’t you the same one that that Eduardo Rodriguez would be playing in a week?
IMO this season is essentially a growing pains season for most of the  
mfsd : 8/7/2020 2:53 pm : link
team anyway. Therefore, at the risk of being callous, I’m the guys who may have been behind Solder and Beal on the depth chart will get to take their playing time so they can get better and our staff can see what they’ve got.

Again acknowledging this sounds callous...but from a pure roster/talent perspective, guys like Da’Mari Scott are a dime a dozen on the fringe of NFL rosters.

It is amazing how no matter how many guys we draft and sign, CB remains a need every single offseason.

Oh, and lest the virtue signaling crowd think I’m not showing them enough respect...thoughts and prayers for Solder, Beal and Scott!!!
Sneakers O'toole : 8/7/2020 2:59 pm : link
Beal had a great opportunity ahead of him to right a career that frankly is off to a horrible start. He has the potential. So do a lot of players who get washed out of the league.
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