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Transcript: DB Julian Love

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/21/2020 5:19 pm
DB Julian Love -- August 21, 2020

Q: I know obviously it’s never a good thing when a guy gets hurt. But last year, when Jabrill Peppers got hurt, you’re playing time went way up. How much did that impact your growth? Those last five games, it seemed like you were a totally different player than earlier in your rookie year.
A: Yeah, it was crucial. I just tried to stay ready whenever my time was going to come. Obviously, it came in Chicago. I just tried to step up to the plate for our team to help us succeed, help guys grow and move forward. I think my whole mindset was to stay ready, and it always is. Stay ready, stay aware, and be ready to go.

Q: If you could just take me back to this year’s draft, when they draft (Xavier) McKinney in the second round, what’s going through your mind? Are you thinking, ‘my role just changed, I might have to play some corner now’? What’s going through your mind when the Giants pick McKinney in the second round at your position?
A: I’ve gotten to know Xavier a little bit. As a person, I’m excited to have him as somebody who’s next to me. Next to me in terms of being a friend, being a brother on the team. When he was drafted, I just thought, ‘Wow, that’s great firepower for us.’ I had heard about him, I know how he is as a person, as a player, how he prepares. I think that’s what we needed around here. I was excited when he got that call.

Q: What do you attribute to you guys as the first team defense having such a strong day today? How was it getting in and out of the calls? Just overall, why do you think you guys performed so well in your first thing closest to live football?
A: I thought our energy today was pretty spot on. I think we kind of set the tone last night even to ‘let’s all prepare, come in today like it’s a game.’ We’re not getting those preseason game reps, so we tried to really take it seriously today and try to get out there, play with high energy, high focus and just play with each other. We wanted to fly around, run to the ball, and for the most part, I thought we did a good job today. That was kind of our mindset. It’s all trying to get those game-like reps going for us.

Q: When you were talking last night about treating it like a game, does that go all the way down to even trying to do your routine leading up to practice the way it would be like a 1:00 o’clock start type deal?
A: Yeah, for me it was. I got up early, got here earlier, was with the trainers just getting stretched, getting my body ready and hopped up a little bit. Yeah, I listened to the music that I listen to before games, getting my headphones going, play a little Sudoku, which I like to play before games, and just getting into my routine. That’s why I did it, because I really took today seriously. A lot of us did, which is what we want.

Q: Joe (Judge) has talked about everyone having multiple roles. When you finished the year at safety, are you sitting there saying good, I will do whatever they want, I’ll play corner, I’ll play safety, I’ll play in the box, whatever.
A: My mindset at all times is wherever they want me, I’m going to play. I’ve bounced around positions my whole life in the defensive backfield. It’s no different now. No matter where I’m at or how old I am, I’m always ready to play whatever. I’m excited to do that. I just want to be a ball player, that’s what it comes down to.

Q: How exciting is it for you to be in a defense where you have bounced around position to position your whole life? It actually seems to be the scheme here. That’s not something that you have to do out of necessity, that’s sort of by design.
A: I think it’s a special thing. I think we have very intelligent players who are capable of doing whatever is asked of them. That’s what we’re pushing, to really be there for each other. When adversity strikes we just want to make sure everyone is ready. I think it’s been exciting for all of us to take on this challenge.

Q: Can you go through the play in the end zone against Golden (Tate)?
A: He initially had the ball. He went up to get it and I just tried to finish it to the ground. We were really getting after it today finishing to the ground. That’s all it was, playing through the hands and really being aggressive trying to rip that thing out. That was a good finish, I wanted to be in a better position to start, it was a good finish.

Q: Darnay Holmes made a really nice play today. I’m curious on what you think he’s adding to your group?
A: In terms of on the field, you have to talk to Joe about that one. As a person, he’s very intelligent, a very kind person. A person who really is focused on his craft. I love to see that, we all feed off of his energy. Everybody is learning who he is more. As a person, it’s great to have him next to me, next to us in that DB room. He brings the energy each day and the focus. As a person, he’s a great dude.
I enjoy a little Sudoku as well  
LBH15 : 8/21/2020 10:37 pm : link
from time to time.
Watched the video  
Peter from NH (formerly CT) : 8/22/2020 7:50 am : link
What a great kid
More and more  
Boatie Warrant : 8/22/2020 8:58 am : link
I get the feeling we are going to have 3 safety's on the field a lot.

Love looks and sounds ready for the challenge
Agreed RE: 3 Safeties  
mittenedman : 8/22/2020 9:19 am : link
I think Graham likes that package anyways, but with the situation at CB, the 3 S package becomes even more important.

Love looked very good finishing the year. He is a SS in the Malcolm Jenkins mold. The Giants have 3 good young Safeties.

McKinney is a very important addition that will improve the team beyond his individual talents. Last year the Giants had 4 SS's and no FS. That caused a domino effect in the secondary that contributed to the poor D. McKinney reminds me of Kenny Phillips - they can let him patrol deep with a swagger. And he will free up Peppers & Love to take away the underneath. Due to Peppers ability to play LB/CB/S the 3 S package can be very dynamic. I'd expect heavy usage.
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