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Post-Scrimmage Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/28/2020 11:23 pm
QB Daniel Jones

August 28, 2020

Q: How would you assess how you performed tonight? I know you probably want to see the film to give a detailed assessment, but just at first glance, what are your feelings about how you played? What are your thoughts also about a little bit of pressure there, what was that kind of like for you there?
A: Yeah, like you said, I’d like to look at the film to see a lot of the details and see some of those plays. But overall as a group, as an offense, we did some good things and moved the ball at times. I don’t think we were consistent enough through the course of the scrimmage and we left some plays out there. I certainly did, and need to look at a few things. Like I said, overall we did some good things and some encouraging things. But I think in any situation like this, there are going to be things that you have to clean up, there are going to be things we’ll work on and look to improve here going forward.

Q: What about the pressure that you faced?
A: Yeah, I have to make sure I’m conscious of my depth in the pocket and step up in the pocket, and making sure I’m getting the ball out on time consistently. I’ll continue to work on those things. Like I said, we’ll get to work this week and make sure we’re moving forward.

Q: Just wanted to ask you about the pregame ceremony and everything you guys put out there today. Just curious how much went into that? How would you describe the emotions over the last couple of days? What were your feelings out there when you guys were watching that video?
A: Obviously, it’s been a tough week really. We’ve had a lot of conversations as a team, as players and certainly, a lot went into the planning of that and deciding to do that as a team, to stand together as a team and to make a statement. That was kind of the goal. We started back in the summer kind of coming together as a team and looking for a way to take action, a way to kind of come together as a group, as a team, and hopefully drive some change, drive awareness and eventually action. That was kind of a piece of the program that we’ve had going really since this summer. We’re going to continue to do that, continue to work through our groups in our teams, and hopefully make a difference. But it’s been a tough week. Certainly a lot of emotions, certainly a lot on everyone’s mind. We have a unique opportunity as athletes in this generation to help lead change and help lead this movement. That’s something that as a team we’re taking very seriously and hope to help make a difference.

Q: Do you internalize maybe any frustration from only scoring three points in a half in this type of setting the way you might in a regular season game? Similarly to that also, putting the ball on the ground late there, obviously, that’s not something just you control, but you’ve worked on that a lot. I’m just curious your reaction to both of those things?
A: Each of those plays, each of those situations in the first half are something we’re going to look at specifically and individually. To kind of look broadly at a half overall and come to a sweeping, generalized statement about that, I don’t think that’s going to be helpful for our progress moving forward. As a team, as an offense, we’ll look to narrow in on certain situations and look to improve those. Also, we do the same thing in my evaluation of my play tonight.

Q: We saw you break down the team before the game after the warmups. I don’t think that’s something we saw you do last year. Certainly not something we’ve seen a starting quarterback do for a number of years around here. Just how important was it to do that? What was said? What was the message you were conveying to the guys?
A: It was just an opportunity to get the guys together. Getting everybody fired up and ready to go. It was the first opportunity to be here in the stadium. We had uniforms on and the simulation of a game, so I think guys were excited and just wanted to kind of continue that excitement and add to it if I could. But I think guys were focused, guys were locked in. It was fun to get back out there on the field.

Q: You probably didn’t want to get the defense too excited.
A: Yeah, it was a weird dynamic there with you’re also hyping up your opponent. But like I said, it was fun to get back out there on the field.

Q: How ready do you think this offense is? The regular season is pretty much two weeks or so away. What do you think you still need to accomplish in order to be ready for that Monday night opener?
A: There are certainly things that we’ll continue to work on. I think we’ve made a lot of progress here in these first few weeks of camp. I feel good about that progress. But like you said, I think there are opportunities to improve and we’ll take advantage of that going into next week and the week after. I feel good about where we are. Probably like most teams in the league, there are things to work on, things to improve.

Q: Do you feel comfortable enough that if the game was coming up, you guys could go out there and function the way you want as a unit?
A: Like I said, we’ve made a lot of progress. I think we’re in a good spot for where we are in camp. We’ll continue to try to improve, continue to straighten out some of the things we’re working on. We’ll be ready come Week One.

Q: I know you only have one year to compare this to, but in the preseason games when you’re playing other teams and they’re on television, the offense is kind of vanilla. You don’t want to show everybody what you’re doing. Does a scrimmage like this let you open up the playbook a little more? Did you guys dig deeper into Jason’s (Garrett) playbook than you would if you were like playing the Packers tonight?
A: Yeah, I didn’t really think about that a whole lot. We were running our stuff, we were running the stuff we’ve been working on all camp. We weren’t really limited in that respect. I felt like we were able to execute it. We were able to get out there and guys knew what they were doing. Guys knew how to execute it. We ran our stuff.

Q: You’ve played in this stadium before, obviously, when there’s 80,000 people here. This is as close to a game as you’re going to get before the real thing. What did it look and sound like to you? Was the crowd noise different? Was it ever hard to hear communication with Jason Garrett? Also, just at some points when you’re going down the field and you look around and it’s empty, I mean this is not anything you’ve ever done before.
A: Yeah, it wasn’t super loud tonight, so it didn’t really come into play much. Whatever the circumstances are and however it feels on game day, I think we’ll be ready to go. It’s certainly different, like you said. Different than last year, but I think we’ll be ready to go.

Q: In two weeks, you’ll be playing the Steelers and it will look virtually the same. This was a practice, this was a scrimmage. That a real game on Monday Night Football will look like this with nobody here?
A: Yeah, I think guys will understand… guys will be ready to go. It’ll be a big opportunity to get out and play. Guys will be excited and ready to go. I know we’ll be ready going into it.
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