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Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/2/2020 5:36 pm
TE Evan Engram

September 2, 2020

Q: Going back to the scrimmage last week, you obviously weren’t a part of it. In the pregame huddle we saw Daniel Jones break the team down, we have seen you do that in the past. What was that experience like? I don’t think Eli ever did that. What’s it like to have the quarterback of the team in the middle doing that?

A: I think it’s really good. DJ is definitely growing as a leader. Just for me seeing him come in the first day last year and just now. Especially in a new offense, a new system and everything he’s had to kind of learn. He’s definitely gaining confidence and I’m feeling good about the work he’s putting in and the work we’ve been putting in as a team. Just kind of seeing him take over that leadership role is a natural thing. DJ is a great leader by his actions and now he’s starting to figure it out vocally as well.

Q: How did you grade his pep talk?

A: The words were great. We have to work on his hand gestures and his body language. He did pretty good for his first one.

Q: Kind of along those lines not just with Daniel stepping up as a leader this summer, but on the field how good can this offense be with him in year two? What gives you the most confidence that Daniel is going to make that leap from year one to year two that you have seen a lot of young quarterbacks make?

A: I’m very confident in this offense by the work we have been putting in together. As far as DJ, I feel really confident in him because I have seen how hard he’s been working. We were together in the offseason before everything shut down in the facility, pushing each other in January, February and part of March. Seeing that and obviously keeping up with each other through the shutdown and obviously the work we’ve been putting in here, I feel one hundred percent confident about him and the momentum we’re going into the season with.

Q: How much do you think he’s progressed from when he first got to rookie minicamp last year to where you guys are now? On the field.

A: On the field, I definitely see a lot of improvements, literally all around. His accuracy, his ball placement, his communication, just the awareness he has on some of the things we’re working on as far as situational football and stuff. I’ve seen him really improve in a lot of things and obviously he’s still trying to find ways to get better and that’s the most important thing.

Q: In terms of your game, every time we talk to you, we talk to you about how healthy do you feel. Within this offense now that you guys are a week and a half away from taking the field, with your role and compared to the last couple of seasons, how comfortable do you feel in being to able to go out there and execute at the highest level?

A: I feel confident, I wouldn’t say comfortable, just because I am trying to find ways to get better each and every day. I’m definitely confident in the work we have been putting in as a tight end unit and our role in this offense. We’re asked to do a lot and I think we have a great opportunity to really make an impact for our offense and complement the other positions and come together as a unit. Me personally, I’m glad to be here working, I’m glad to be running around and having fun with my guys. I can’t wait to get out there against Pittsburgh.

Q: When you got hurt and went through everything you did in the rehab process, is it a finish line of thinking September 14? Were you kind of looking to clear that before that?

A: It was definitely, for me, just day by day, just getting better each and every day. Kind of controlling the things I could control in each moment and that was literally from day one of rehab to now. Like I said, just blessed to be back out there healthy and definitely still taking it day by day trying to get better and get ready for Week 1.

Q: You’ve had a great camp, but was it tough having to watch that scrimmage? How did you feel about being backed off for that?

A: I was just excited to run around in my uniform under the lights and the new turf. It was good to be out there, watch guys fly around, be a good support for the tight ends. It was a really good experience for us to kind of get a feel for the real thing that is going to be here soon.

Q: You’re good though?

A: Yes.
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