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Big Ben

CMicks3110 : 9/15/2020 12:21 am
yes he's 38, but is it just me or did he look like a very old 38. His arm strength seemed way down, and his mobility was at Eli level, if not worse. Sure he is a tad more agile than Eli, but I wouldn't say he's faster at all. He also seems like he could be down for the count if he gets a big hit.

I could see him holding back the Steelers this year. Sure he played well tonight at times, but that was more on their talent than his, at this point.

I actually  
big_blue : 9/15/2020 12:24 am : link
Thought he looked really good.
He looks like Yukon Cornelius  
j_rud : 9/15/2020 12:24 am : link
No means no you pickaxe licking weirdo.
kennyd : 9/15/2020 12:28 am : link
I thought he looked OLD. Obviously he beat us but man, he looked like he was 60. As good as their D is and their offense was fine tonight, I wouldn't be going to Vegas and putting money on them to go all the way.
Yes, he looked old.  
81_Great_Dane : 9/15/2020 12:38 am : link
But he hasn't played in a football game in a year. Even a 28-year-old QB would have to shake off some rust. A 38-year-old whose fast-twitch response and reaction time is beginning to decline is bound to need some time to get back up to speed. He seemed better as the game went on.

What nobody can tell about him at this point is: How high is up? What's his ceiling? Once the rust is shaken off, how much is still there? He can get by to some extent on smarts and experience and whatever he physically has left. But if he hasn't got the arm strength or the mobility, teams are going to figure that out fast and adjust their game plans accordingly.
Big Ben can still play but he isn't the guy from 5 or more years ago  
SGMen : 9/15/2020 12:41 am : link
He is a complete statue. He doesn't seem to have the arm either. But this is but one game. The players take to him so they must think he can still play.

If this is the consensus on Ben  
Ned In Atlanta : 9/15/2020 12:51 am : link
Then our defense really stinks. Moved the ball at Will middle of the second quarter on for the most part. No pass rush and a weak secondary is a bad mix
Holding them back? Come on.  
robbieballs2003 : 9/15/2020 6:45 am : link
Did you see Rudolph last year? They were a great offense with him 2 years ago and will be a good defense again with him. Finding a legit long-term answer at QB for any team isn't easy. Can they do better? Maybe. Can they do worse? Hell yes.
Much more arm strength left  
RetroJint : 9/15/2020 6:53 am : link
Than Brady & Rivers and he can still slide in the pocket to buy time . He dropped the ball on his receivers in good spots . Ben had a very good night .
Double Standard  
Jim in Tampa : 9/15/2020 8:55 am : link
I get that fans "support" their own QB and downplay the other team's QB, but come on.

If Eli was still the Giants QB and he played as well as Big Ben did last night (21 of 32 for 229 yds, 3 TDs, 0 INT) there would be multiple threads started about what a great game Eli had.

But everybody hates Roethlisberger (and with good reason) so Ben looked bad, had a weak arm, appeared old, slow, etc.

Fans make every excuse in the world for their own QB's failures and look for any reason to tear down the other QB.
Simms : 9/15/2020 9:03 am : link
I never realized the depth of his surgery. Having recently torn my bicep and tendons CAN painfully relate to a tiny degree not being a pro qb, as I wear a robocop brace, carry ice packs and meds.

Its good to see him out there able to play and enjoy the game.
I agree OP  
Jim in Forest Hills : 9/15/2020 9:06 am : link
he did not look like Ben of old. He had a lot of rust, but beyond that he looked slower and weaker. No agenda against him, but I dont think he will be the savior they are looking for.
He looked extremely rusty to start...  
BillKo : 9/15/2020 9:06 am : link
....arm velocity looked good, but appeared to be "slinging" it to me. They'll have to see how the arm feels going forward, and as he continues to take hits to that area.

The one thing missing from BR's game to me was the mobility. He looked like he could barely move. Now I know he's never been a scrambler in the true sense, but he had escapability and the ability to shrug off defenders. That part of his game looks completely gone.

I can see him really wearing down as the season goes.

Yea, he was rusty.......  
Simms11 : 9/15/2020 9:20 am : link
He hasn’t played in over a year. He still can make the throws however. He’ll be fine for them and he gets the ball into his playmakers hands.
He is going downhill fast - I thought he was poor  
PatersonPlank : 9/15/2020 9:24 am : link
He only got decent when our D ran out of gas and they started to run the ball. Pittsburgh is crazy if they don't get his replacement fast (and I don't believe its Rudolph}.
He looked pretty good last night  
Dinger : 9/15/2020 10:09 am : link
HE's a big man and seems like he could take more punishment than Eli, but has been more injured throughout his career. I don't think he'll last the season though. What I can't stand is the gushing over him by the announcers. The guy is a rapist, drunk douche bag. Yes he's talented but please, especially in this atmosphere of PC and wokeness, lets not hold him up there as one for the ages.
I thought he looked very good  
KDavies : 9/15/2020 11:08 am : link
early in the game he looked really rusty, but he hadn't played in a year with no preseason.

He was very good in the second half, and I would attribute the sloppy play early to the rust.
Producer : 9/15/2020 11:34 am : link
looked like a QB that if you put an elite supporting cast around him he knows what to do with it. His tools are fading but his head is better than ever.
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