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Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/16/2020 7:50 pm
QB Daniel Jones

September 16, 2020

Q: How hard did the coaches coach you on mistakes or plays that needed to get better? What was the process like reviewing it with this new staff with really your first game, and kind of going over the good and the bad?
A: It was certainly very clear to us as players when mistakes that we made were things we need to correct, and we did that. We did that together. I thought the communication was clear. Going out to practice today, I thought guys were on the same page and understood the urgency and the importance of each of those corrections. There were certainly good things from the game that we also discussed and obviously want to grow with and build on. But yeah, as far as corrections and fixing mistakes, the communication was clear. I know the guys understand the urgency to which it needs to be corrected.

Q: Quick follow-up. When you guys get to the line of scrimmage and you have a play call, if a protection needs to be shifted, is that your job? Do you have the freedom to do that? Is that on Nick Gates the center? Is that on the coaches? What is your process like at the line?
A: That’s certainly my responsibility. Through all the protections, me and Gates will work together as far as how we want to ID it. It’s my responsibility to make sure we’re in the right protection and identified the right way.

Q: As I’m sure you’re aware, tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of you being named starting quarterback of the Giants. I’m just kidding, I’m sure you’re not aware of it. What have you learned in the last 365 days about being a franchise quarterback and a starting quarterback?
A: Certainly, a lot. I’ve learned a lot on the field playing football, scheme, understanding the game, a lot in how to prepare and get ready to play, and I think a lot of stuff in between. Ultimately, the importance of learning, the importance of improving every day, the importance of not repeating mistakes, continuing to build and constantly grow as a player, as a member of the team. I think that’s ultimately what’s most important, and I’ve certainly realized that in the last year. Most players know that. I think it’s extremely important at this level.

Q: What about in terms of the outside expectations and the scrutiny that the position is under? Anything there caught you by surprise?
A: I understand the expectation and responsibility of playing quarterback and representing the New York Giants. I take that very seriously. I take that responsibility seriously. It’s something I’m constantly learning and constantly understanding how to best do that.

Q: Joe Judge was saying the other day and again today that he wants you to stay aggressive and that he’s most concerned about you maintaining your aggressiveness than worrying about turnovers or you playing timid. I’m just curious as a quarterback, how do you do that while also working on protecting the football? What do you need to do differently to maintain that aggressiveness but also be mindful of not turning it over?
A: At this level, you must be able to do that. You must be able to play aggressive and take care of the football. That’s the job and the expectation. Continuing to understand what the defense is doing to take what they give you, and when the look’s not there, get rid of the ball or find a back or do something to get it out of your hands. Just continuing to work on that. At this level, you’re expected to be able to do both, and that’s something I certainly expect of myself.

Q: How much of that is being able to replicate game speed in practice and maybe situations that you might see on the field, and how much of it is just kind of retention from film study and all that stuff to kind of get it in your mind, ‘Ok, I need to get rid of the ball quicker here. I need to avoid putting the ball into harm’s way there’? What’s that process like?
A: You’re constantly learning, whether it’s on the field or watching film and studying an opponent, or certainly watching your own film. However, you can learn, you have to use a variety of different ways. It’s something you’re always working on.

Q: I want to ask you about a specific play on that 19-play drive. The play right before you had to throw the ball across your body to Saquon (Barkley) on fourth down, it was a third down scramble where you ran out of bounds with a guy chasing you. You came up a yard short. I’m wondering if you didn’t stretch the ball out there after a wariness of not fumbling it? Holding the ball out obviously is a dangerous thing to do. I’m wondering if that’s why… All the work you did on not fumbling it, if that was in your mind there?
A: Yeah, that’s something we talk about as a team and something Coach Judge has emphasized. We’re not going to stretch the ball out in those situations unless it’s fourth down or kind of a two point situation or something where it’s absolutely necessary to get the yard and the risk is worth it. But in those situations, protecting the ball is certainly the most important thing.

Q: What’s the conversation like when you go over the second interception? What’s the feedback on that? Also, what makes Darius Slayton special and that connection with you really work?
A: The second interception was a situation where I just needed to get the ball out of my hands sooner. Ultimately, I was trying to throw it away, but I needed to make that decision sooner. That was that. Darius showed up and played a great game Monday night. I think he’s someone who you can really trust and rely on to be in the right spot and finds a way to get open a lot. He’s a really good football player, someone you can count on. I’ve enjoyed working with him, I’ve enjoyed playing with him so far.

Q: Following up on the Darius question. Is that comfort with him something because you came in as rookies together? Or is the game plan… is he a target more because of your comfort?
A: We certainly plan for guys to get the ball on certain plays against certain looks. It’s my job to understand who is supposed to get the ball in which look. We design plays for everyone, and it’s dictated by the defense where the ball goes. He’s certainly a big-time playmaker for us. He did a good job Monday night.

Q: I’m curious, I know you’re a big film guy, game prep. When you’re off yesterday, how much do you go back to what you worked on the Bears last year, knowing that it’s an opponent you faced the second time? The only other one last year may have been Washington, at least by my count off the top of my head. I’m curious what you see? Do you see and familiarity or similarities in how you may be able to go after them?
A: Yeah, I took a look at that game yesterday. There are possibly some similarities here and there. It’s the same system on defense. Certainly, we’re in a different system. I think you can take little pieces from it, but I expect they’ll defend us and have a little bit of a different game plan this year with the new system. It’s helpful to some extent, but we have to prepare for this week and use what they did this week, and then certainly other games from their season last year.

Q: I know it was a little later in the season last year, it wasn’t obviously right in the beginning, but when you see yourself when you’re watching them, do you see a different quarterback?
A: Yeah, I certainly feel like I’ve improved a lot since then. I would hope I would have and hope to continue to improve.
Engram overuses "definitely" a lot  
jnoble : 9/16/2020 8:26 pm : link
...and Jones apparently has a verbal crutch with "certainly"
Reminds of Curley  
XBRONX : 9/16/2020 8:52 pm : link
says certainly.
Pretty interesting that DJ is calling protection schemes  
montanagiant : 9/16/2020 8:55 pm : link
In his second year
RE: Pretty interesting that DJ is calling protection schemes  
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 9/17/2020 8:43 am : link
In comment 14974997 montanagiant said:
In his second year

would it be less of a problem if Gates who is new at the center position called the protection schemes? Jones is just going to have to learn quickly.
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