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Giants UFA List

Dragon : 9/19/2020 4:27 am
This team is in need of young talent for now and the future.

WR Gary Jennings 6-1, 216, 4.42 (40), can play inside or out fourth round pick by the Seahawks in 2019, cut (Seahawks loaded at WR), claimed by the Dolphins. He unfortunately broke his collar bone his rookie year celebrating after a team touchdown. Not much done in the Dolphins camp this year but the kid has tools to work with. At present he’s not even on an NFL PS but I don’t know why is he not better than some of our PS or roster WR? We need speed and size at WR why not see if he can’t provide something to our offense as I said he can line up anywhere. I’m sure he’s not the only talented player out there that could easily be added to our roster. Let’s get some young players that really have NFL ability to display on Sundays.

Dragon being Dragon  
robbieballs2003 : 9/19/2020 4:36 am : link
Look up youngest rosters in the NFL. It isn't like we are some ancient team that needs an injection of youth. Yes, Jennings was an interesting prospect last year but lets not act like this is a move that we've been avoiding to call out management. This team has youth everywhere along the roster.
Dragon : 9/19/2020 6:23 am : link
Being Robbie is McCoy, Lewis, Tate, Board, Toilolo, Tomlinson, Pulley, Golden, Fackrell, B. Williams, Ryan, & Ebner really in the Giants future plans? That’s how many older players your going to have to replace next year instead of developing younger talent today. Do we need to be the youngest team in the league No but we don’t need to keep older guys with no team future.
Mdgiantsfan : 9/19/2020 7:21 am : link
broke his collarbone celebrating team touchdown?! I lost interest after that statement, never mind the fact that he's still on the street. Not to say that street free agents haven't in the past being valuable, but I'm not sure that's a pressing need.
Giants : 9/19/2020 8:49 am : link
find a better reason to post
Gman11 : 9/19/2020 3:11 pm : link
asleep at the wheel again.
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