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Anyone remember the feeling of winning a game comfortably?

Bleedblue10 : 9/20/2020 1:00 pm
I know we should just worry about actually winning a game first but I can’t even remember when the last time that happened. Does anyone?
week 3 last year  
mpinmaine : 9/20/2020 1:01 pm : link
vs washington
Yeah, pre-Reese & Ross  
Red Dog : 9/20/2020 1:45 pm : link
They used to do it a lot.
I can't remember the last competitive  
halfback20 : 9/20/2020 2:29 pm : link
team that played good most weeks. Lol
I don’t remember  
CowboyHaters : 9/20/2020 2:58 pm : link
eli4life : 9/20/2020 3:10 pm : link
I don’t remember what it feels like to win period
RE: Yeah, pre-Reese & Ross  
adamg : 9/20/2020 3:36 pm : link
In comment 14977514 Red Dog said:
They used to do it a lot.

Daniel in MI : 9/21/2020 12:06 am : link
it cost us the best D player in last year's draft. He plays for the nameless team now.
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